40 Really Stunning HDR Car Photos, Resources And Tutorials

title-hdr HDR stands for  High Dynamic Range or HDRI – High Dynamic Range Imaging. This method was developed to produce a high dynamic range image from several different photographs ( usually three – with high exposure, low exposure and standard exposure) and  usually merging them in Adobe Photoshop or any other image processing software for tone-mapping. HDR is becoming more and more popular with its stunning magical and surreal effects.

I chose car HDR photos because cars are very detailed naturally, so adding HDR effect gives amazing results – just check out this collection. However I know it’s not so complete, just small chunk of inspiration, click on the images to lead You to the pages from which they’ve been originally taken. 31 Stunning HDR Car Photographs subaru-race subaru_HDR_3_by_exxx2005 Car_Park_HDR_by_PhilFWWL Car_by_O_nay HDR_by_mandrdurman 9-cars 2925217019_6fa59902b0_b HDR___Audi_TT_by_avrin1 CityScape_HDR_by_vazagothic 01ee5337676eab16 __65_Fastback_HDR_by_metro supra ford-mustang-gt audi-r8 mk5_golf_HDR Beach_Buggy BAC_in_HDR hill-car-hdr hdr-two-cars Car_Ghosts ford-galaxie-hdr black-smart-car-hdr puma-hdr vintage-beetle-hdr ferrari-f430-spyder-hdr Drink-coca-cola toy-cars red-car-hdr blue-retro-car-hdr z-car-hdr red-hiney Further reading

If You are more interested in HDR photos and how to create this kind of effect, I found more great resource, portfolio and tutorials. See the great detail and anime effects of images below. HDR don’t stop to amaze.

Dave Hill is great photographer especially specialized in HDR photo creation. Check out his portfolio works – these are really amazing! dave-hill-black-hdr barber-shop-dave-hdr

Even more 35 amazing HDR photographs and many resources for further reading from smashingmagazine. old-house

One more great collection from abduzeedo website. abduzeedo 5 Tutorials To Help You Create HDR Effect

Learn how to create fake HDR effect from a single image. tutorial-house

  • HDR Tutorial: How to create ‘High Dynamic Range’ images using Photomatix

Possibly one of the best HDR creation guides, showing step by step how to get this amazing effect, very detailed. vanilla-hdr-tutorial

One more tutorial showing very detailed how to create HDR effect from a single image and getting maximal fake HDR effect possible. hdr-high-dynamic-range-final

Very good tutorial showing whole creation process – helping You to choose best camera for this work, setting exposures and merging them through Photomatix or Photoshop. city-hdr-tutorial

This tutorial will explain one of the hottest new trends in Photography. HDR! Learn how to shoot, merge and tone-map photos to extend the dynamic range and produce those painted looking results with Photoshop CS3. alt

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    Dave Hill’s work stays my number one in HDR category, especially his music series (50 cent and etc.). Love the effect!

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    Wow… I am truly loving the template/style for the site. It’s simple, yet effective. Very often it’s very hard to obtain this balance involving usability plus visual appeal. I must say you’ve carried out a great site. In addition, your blog site loads very quick personally on Internet explorer. Superb Weblog! Incidentally Lindsey Lohan is in the news again!

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    I’m an automotive photgrapher. There is a lot of editing and post production but some of those pic are great!

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    I love the style that HDR creates. I’m also a car nut so a post can’t get much better than this. The way HDR makes almost any car look like a classic work of art is great. I’d bet a lot of car enthusiasts would pay to have something like this done for their classic and collector type cars.

  5. Ford Fan says

    I have been in to photography for a while, just bought an EOS 50D. I’ve also been working with enhancing photos in photoshop. I didnt know this sort of stuff was possible. Wow, I have got to learn how to do this. Thanks, you have opened my eyes.

  6. Stop Dreaming Start Action says

    Great article. The tutorials look great, and the images also. thank you

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    Wow Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing.

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    @fractalfrog huh, didn’t know how everything was while ago, but it’s interesting to listen..:) In our days this effect is becoming quite popular – everything is moving on..

  9. fractalfrog says

    Bah! When I was younger, we didn’t need any fancy smancy Photoshop or Photomatix to get great colors. Instead we just dropped some acid and BLAM!, instant vivid colors. ;-)

    Seriously though, some amazing images there. Overdone? Sure, but so what? Art is Art is Art.

  10. Max | Design Shard says

    Really visually stunning. Thanks

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    This is the perfect article. A few of the pictures seem a bit “overdone” but for the most part, visually stunning. Thanks for posting this. Stumbled and delicious tagged.