20 Must Have Android Apps for Developers and Designers

Android is an operating system for mobile devices and uses modified version of Linux Kernel. The mobile operating system was developed by Android Inc, the firm was purchased by Google later on. The main competition of Android is Apple iPhone.  iPhone became very much successful in short period of time because of its handy and useful applications but android owners don’t need to worry because now  the applications for android are in very large number and have almost same features of the applications of iPhone. But we don’t want to start arguing which one is better. Both have their own pros and cons, it depends on your taste and choice which 1 is better. Well our today’s focus is best Android applications for web developers and graphic designers. In this article we cover 20 best applications which can make life of developers and graphic designers easy.

1. Magic Color Picker

The Magic Color Picker make you able to browse different colors through color-wheel. This application provides you the value of colors in different formats like RGB, HSV, YUV, HSL and hexadecimal. This also provide different choices for the display of web palette, you can use palette or sliders, choice is yours! This application is FREE!

2. AndFTP

AndFTP is a JAVA application which enable you to access your web servers via your mobile. It supports FTP, SFTP and FTPS. Using AndFTP you can upload and download files with resume capability, rename, delete, create files and folders. It has very easy to navigate interface and, yeah, it is FREE

3. Camera Illusion

Camera Illusion is a camera application that enables you to take and preview pictures with filters, effects and masks in real-time. Version 1.5.1 also have debug mode. It is free , pretty basic but  full of fun.

4. Iromihon Color Palette

Iromihon Color Palette is a very basic application to adjust and see colors. It has RGB, HSB and HSL models. It also work as color light or flash light in full screen mode, This application provide the ability to add “User Color Names” which make handy quick references while working with specific palettes.

5. CSS Cheat Sheet

CSS Cheat Sheet is a quick course refresher of CSS properties and values for every CSS developers. By using this application you can revise or learn many aspects of CSS language. It costs 0.99$ but worth paying.

6. Flickr uploader pro

Every graphic designer has a deep relation with flick so i have selected this application. Flickr Uploader Pro backup you pictures to your flickr account automatically. It runs in background but it can back up files only when WIFI is available. It costs $1.99.

7. Flubble

Flubble is a ActionScript 3 (AS3) stub creator. It allows you to create shell classes or outlines to work in your flash of flex applications. The interface is as simple as possible. You can save and load a class or you can email it as an ActionScript file or in an XML format. This application is FREE.

8. Freelancer Ex12131

If you are working as a freelancer and feeling lazy, then this application can help you. Freelancer Ex12131 is a free handy tool to generate excuses which forces your client or boss to back off. It includes 200 funny excuses which you can use to have 1 more free day. Specially designed for lazy freelancers.

9. Google Analytics for Android

Every web developer and blogger know the importance to Google Analytics. By using Google Analytics for Android you can keep an eye on you summary statistics while you are not home or office. This application is secure, fast ,light weight and supports Date range comparison, Graphs and charts for each report, Custom date ranges, Favorites, Geo-location reports, Regex-enabled searches. It is not free you can buy it by visiting Android Marketplace from your mobile phone!

10. HTML Cheat Sheet

Even web developers need a quick refresher in HTML details from time to time. Easy to use interface makes it simple to quickly find what you need. Includes examples and quick reference for Tags, Attributes, Events, Colors, Symbols, ASCII, Encoding, Languages, Statuses, and more. This application also works offline! It costs $0.99

11. Merchant for Android

If you are working online then you have to rely on unverified and slow sources of payment. But using Merchant for Android application you can get instant credit card authorization without credit card terminal or cash register. You can enter customer card information and get immediate authorization and credit card information is not stored on the device you are using.

12. Photo Workshop

Photo Workshop is a very easy-to-use and powerful photo editing application for Android which offers many features of photo manipulation like Crop, Rotate, Drawing Pad, Stamp, Text Overlay, Effects, Frames, Edges, Re-size and Tuning. It costs 2.99$ and supports 320×480 devices.

13. Photobucket Mobile

Every graphic designer and web developer needs access to his photobucket account so here is an application by using which you can take photobucket everywhere with you on your mobile device. You can download, capture and upload photos. Browse and search in different categories, manage your photobucket albums and copy image URL links to post on web. This application is free for use.

14. Photoshop for android

Everybody is familiar with the PHOTOSHOP and its feature. It is ultimate photo editing software. Now it is in your reach when you are out of your home or office, away from your computer, by using Photoshop for android application. You can crop, rotate, color-correct, and many more basic features for photo editing. You can upload and share your photos using your free photoshop.com account.

15. PRO Zoom Camera 5X

PRO Zoom Camera 5X replaces the default camera with 5X ZOOM, 8 filters and sharing. This has editing functions such as draw, paint, brightness, contrast. It also contains 18 fonts, 18 photo effects and 53 clip-arts! This application is worth $2.99 .

16. View Web Source

Very simple application to view page source of any website. You will also be able to select text, search for text as well as copy and paste the HTML. You can use the share feature from the menu and select View Web Source. This application is FREE.

17. WordPress

Nowadays most of the blogs uses WordPress. So this application is designed to facilitate the bloggers who want to remain update with their website. By using this application you can write new posts, edit content, and manage comments with built-in notifications. This application is open source and free.

18. Bloo – Facebook

Facebook is very important for every web-site owner, every website has its own fan page or group which is to be updated regularly. Using Bloo you can use facebook from your mobile devices easily.

19. Twitter for Android

After twitter’s release, it is being used like hell for marketing purpose. Every website can keep their readers updated via twitter. So looking at the importance we are featuring Twitter for Android. You can use it freely and it has all functions because it is official release of twitter.Apart from this application you can visit on your phone to use Twitter.

20. YapYap! for Twitter

Yap Yap is another android application of twitter and it is FREE for use.

In the end I would like to hear your response about the application we featured here. Tell us about these application after using or if you are already using then tell us which one is better. If you have better replacement for these application for android then do mention in comments!

Taimur Asghar

Professional design writer and SEO expert. Trying to change my life with hard work.

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  1. vlad says

    QR code is a great invention people made. I’m making mobile apps currently and find it really cool to implement QR codes into them. I’m amazed at QR code coupons Snappii app builder allows to create. They are really helpful for small businesses.

  2. Javier Romero says

    Never would have figured to look for a color picker but an awesome additional to my arsenal.

  3. Daniel Szasz says


    This a really great list..
    As a developer you sometimes you need to uninstall the application you are just developing again and again…to test the installation (initialization) process..Now you can set the widget and uninstall it again and again every time with just one click .

    • Javier Romero says

      Why are all those permissions required? I would like to install it but I would need a reason as to why it needs each one of them…


  4. Nick says

    Sorry but I’m not getting why any of these would be useful in the context of your phone. Most developers I know dont do any coding or design from their phones. I’m struggling to understand why any of these might be useful.

    I love Android, BTW.

    • Saad Bassi says

      Just because no one in your circle don’t use these apps, it doesn’t mean that they are not useful. I use plenty of apps on my HTCDesire like Photoshop, WordPress, Twitter, Analytics, FTP uploader when I am on the go and edit articles. I will also suggest you to check the users of each app on android appstore.

      I hope you got your answer. Thanks for your comment.

  5. JC Johnston says

    Great list. I am about to make the switch to Android and I will need to take advantage of these design apps, once I get the phone. Thanks for sharing.

  6. DoNotAgree says

    I own the HTC Desire, and it is the best mobile phone I have ever owned. I am also a programmer. I do not agree with your list at all. Most of those applications are better used on a larger screen (i.e. PC or Mac or Linux). And there are free (as in free beer) versions on the Internet.

  7. foebea says

    Bloo? I didn’t realize they have updated anything in the past year. I have been using Babbler and the stock facebook. Thanks for the listing, I will check Bloo out again right now.

  8. Christopher says

    I had no clue some of these apps existed… great list. I also use DropBox quite extensively. (I am not sure if it is out of Beta yet.)

    • Saad Bassi says

      yeah. Dropbox is also my favorite. Stay tuned for an awesome how-to coming soon on 1wd.:)

  9. Kyle Little says


    I also use AndChat for IRC, to keep logged into my favorite programming channels.

    Connectbot to connect by SSH to my home linux box, and some of the different VPS’s that I have.

    Astrid Task Manager for a Todo List. It syncs with Rememberthemilk too so its a plus.


  10. says

    I’m a huge fan of the Android operating system and believe that it’s going to continue growing at an exponential rate. That’s interesting about it being built on the Linux kernel.

    Anyway, I’ve used Google analytics on it but really like the idea of a color picker. There are a lot of times I’m working on a project or talking to a client and it would be great to pull out the color picker for some values. If nothing else just the conversion for use in different applications. Thanks!