30 Auto Completion Scripts for Better User Experience

20+ Auto Completion ScriptsWhen developing web applications and you need to allow users of your application to choose some data like countries, currencies or even tags from a drop down, list or even from a text box, and the data is very large. You need to use an auto completion or suggestion script to make this task easier for the end user. You can always implement your own script if you have the knowledge and the time to do this, but if you can’t then you can use a ready to use script. In this article I compiled a list of 30 Auto Completion Scripts to use in you projects.

1. Spry Auto Suggest Widget, Demo

2. AutoSuggest: An AJAX auto-complete text field, Demo

3. Ajax-driven JavaScript ComboBox with Autocomplete

4. AutoCompleter, Demo

5. AutoComplete 1.2 Scriptaculous

6. YUI 2: AutoComplete, Demo

7. jqac

8. ASP.NET AJAX AutoComplete Control

9. Google Suggest Style Filter with the Ajax ASP.net AutoComplete Control, Demo

10. jQuery Tag Suggestion, Demo

11. Facebook Style Autosuggest with jQuery, Demo

12. Search AutoComplete with ASP.NET AJAX Extensions

13. jQuery Plugin: Tokenizing Autocomplete Text Entry, Demo

14. TextboxList meets Autocompletion, Demo

15. Proto! TextboxList meets Autocompletion, Demo

16. A fancy Apple.com-style search suggestion, Demo

17. AutoSuggest jQuery Plugin

18. Auto-complete Control

19. Autocompletion with Scriptaculous and Ajax, Demo

20. FlexBox, Demo

21. jQuery Autocomplete Plugin, Demo

22. Autocomplete edit control for Javascript

23. AJAX AutoComplete/AutoSuggest TextBox

24. Auto-suggest Control

25. Ajax Autocomplete Script using jQuery

26. Ajax AutoComplete for jQuery

27. Yet Another AutoComplete Script (YAACS)

28. New component (auto_complete) in prototype UI

29. Ajax autocomplete with jquery and php, Demo

30. jQuery autocomplete

Let us know if we have missed some thing awesome and we will be happy to update the article.

Ahmad Hania

Ahmad Hania is a professional designer and developer with a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering. He is interested in freelancing and blogging. He is a cofounder of Wateen Technologies an application development and hosting company. He loves video games and sports. Read more articles by Ahmad Hania at his blog Follow Ahmad Hania at Twitter and Facebook.

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    Hey, funny to see this pop up as I was just researching them. I use jQuery, but I want to have a generic select element, and use the options as the data. I think that way is better than using a text box. Any idea on how to adapt one to do that?