The Ultimate Roundup of Blog Design Tutorials

Creativity has no end to it and especially designing has seen and is seeing a continuous growth in its field. To be creative we need to be updated with the latest updations, and WordPress the most popular blogging platform has seen a rapid development in a quick span of time. Mastering this can become quite a tedious and time consuming process in this case keeping the growing developments in mind.Designing may be quite fun to work with but learning those procedures and technical aspects may give you a tough time. Even the finest details are to be learn and mastered which is not an easy task with developments happening every minute. Tutorials help you in this case where all the help about any task is given in quite an illustrative manner as under the guidance of an expert.

So we present you with some of the tutorials which make make this tedious process easy for you to learn and master in wordpress blog designs.

1.Grunge webdesign


3.Clean grunge

4.Design grunge

5.Building custom wordpress theme

6.Build wordpress themes

7.Create a wordpress theme from scratch

8.Dark wordpress theme

9.Designing for wordpress

10.Design reviver premium theme

11.Elegant wordpress theme


13.Magic night themed webdesign

14.Myblues wordpress

15.Nature inspired painted background

16.Sleek textured Layout

17.Ultimate grunge design

18.Video Blog Web Page

19.Watercolored design

20.Web Layouts

21.Winter wordpress theme

22.wordpress theme

23.Wordpress theme webdesign

24.Old paper layout

25.Photography portfolio

26.Tutzor web 20 style design

27.Vibrant modern blog design in photoshop

28.Black design

29.Unique grunge design

30.Platinum web design

31.Sound system studio weblayout

32.Professional magazine web layout

33.Design agency layout

34.Website design studio

35.Make a green sleek web layout

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  1. says

    Making your own theme is nice, yes, but time consuming. Honestly, spend the $30 and buy a theme if you want it to look professional, unless, of course, you have expertise and experience. And lots of time, lots of it.

  2. Shrikrishna Meena says

    Some the site looks useful, Will try wordpress design from scratch… Thanks.

  3. says

    I am good in CSS and I want to learn wordpress theme creation from css and html. I hope some of these tutorials will help me with this.

  4. says

    Sorry to see no blog designs from our site were listed but still a great roundup although Ive seen many of these tutorials listed around. My favorite above is chris coyiers wordpress theme one. That was great :)