The Ultimate Roundup of 45 Awesome Bokeh Textures

Bokeh backgrounds had become a huge trend from 2009 and shows no sign of stopping anytime in 2010 too. For those who don’t know what Bokeh is, it is originally “boke” and pronounced as bo as in “bore” and ke as in “Kennedy”. It basically means the “out of focus” parts of a photograph.Photographers sometimes deliberately use a shallow focus technique to create images with prominent out-of-focus regions. It has definitely caught on and is a very sought after effect amongst photographers and designers who especially love the textured quality of the out of focus bits. Enjoy this Ultimate collection of Bokeh textures, Please read the artist’s terms of conditions and copyright advice before using them in your projects.

1.Bokeh Dreamscene

2.Bokeh pack by dirtyboyalf

3.Bokeh Light Textures

4.Bloody texture

5.Bokeh life texture pack

6.Bokeh abstract vector backgrounds

7.Graphic bokeh textures

8.Free fresh bokeh textures pack

9.Bokeh and lights texture set

10.Digital bokeh effect flowers

11.Dreamy bokeh texture

12.Heart bokeh textures

13.Warm bokeh

14.Bokeh pack by Joannastar

15.Grungy abstract bokeh textures

16.High resolution grunge bokeh textures

17.Bokeh and lights stock pack

18.Glitter bokeh texture pack

19.Colorful shapes bokeh pack

20.Bokeh Texture high resolution

21.Bokeh texture by photoshop stock

22.Christmas light bokeh

23.Pink and silver bokeh pack

24.Red bokeh texture

25.Bokeh texture pack by regularjane

26.Chic bokeh texture pack

27.Hearts bokeh Texture pack by Joannastar

28.Raining light bokeh pack

29.Red bokeh textures

30.Night time bokeh texture

31.Pollywaffle bokeh textures

32.Texture set bokeh and lights

33.Neon bokeh pack

34.Winter bokeh collection

35.Bokeh bubbles icon textures

36.Nature bokeh

37.Bokeh textures

38.Flower bokeh pack

39.Bokeh paper premade textures

40.Ultimate bokeh backgrounds set

41.Large texture

42.Rainbow sparkles texture pack

43.Light texture

44.Golden texture

45.Bokeh texture pack by regularjane

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  1. Glen says

    These would be great for gift cards, wedding invitations. Very nice collection. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Stefan Drakulich says

    Thanks so much for the feature on my Bokeh Life Texture pack.

    Thanks again!

  3. Joe C says

    Lovely :-) also, whats that nice transition effect that the images only load as you scroll down the page? Is that just for aesthetic purposes or does it stagger the bandwidth usage from the server?

    • Dave says

      I saw it too, it’s a great feature

      It’s my first comment on this website and I discover the enlarge comment textArea button … another great idea