Client Tactics: Freelance Contract Basics Part 3

As said in part one of this article, contracts are one of the most vital and misunderstood tools of the freelancers arsenal.  In part two of this article we looked at schedules, and I asked if the awesome readers of 1WD would like to see a downloadable sample contract and you all responded.So here in the sixth installment of the Client Tactics Series, I will explain this sample contract and how to customize it.

Customizing the Contract.

For ease of use, I’ve included the contract in several forms. The form I use is actually the .AI Illustrator file. Why? Because I am lazy resourceful. In illustrator, use the find and replace text tool Edit>Find and Replace to Select and change the following fields.


Enter the text as written above and click “Match State” so that Illustrator will only find the instances of the words in capital letters. Change each one of the fields to your corresponding information and you’re done.

Obviously if you use the included .DOC format then all you will have to do is hit Ctrl+F to and search for the above keywords and replace them as needed.

The Legal Disclaimer.

This contract and schedule is only intended to be a starting point for your own custom contract and schedules. You are free to edit this anyway you like. I am not an attorney, once you have the contract to your liking, run it by a local attorney. They will make sure that everything is up-to-par and can suggest any additional information that may need to be included for your local requirements. Just as it’s a good idea to have an accountant, it’s also a good idea to have an attorney you can get advice from time to time.

Download the Contracts Here

Jeff Boshers

Jeff Boshers is a freelance web designer from Tennessee. He enjoys discussing classic design principles, css, printing techniques, and client management among other things. You can find him on twitter @boundbystars and see his work. He is currently doing a 52 week project called 52 luchadors.

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    Nice Post… But i always have a doubt that “What to do when client is not paying the amout we decided as per the agreement we signed. Is it possible to use it a solid proof for legal works?? The doubt is arising because SORRY ITS A FOOLISHNESS but i belive anyone can edit this document and make changes easily so how is these are really secured or solid proof while using in a online business ??? plz reply :)