Ultimate Roundup of 95 Free Gadgets PSDs Downloads

In this article I compiled a list of 95 free gadgets PSD resources from talented designers all around the web for you to use in your start-up projects, print designs or in web designs. These wonderful gadgets designed from real life gadgets and range from phones, monitors, laptops, cameras and other very useful and handy gadgets. All the resources are of high quality PSD files available free for you to download and use but you better take a look at the license before you use any PSD file.

All the gadgets are categorized in 7 categories so that you can easily find the resource you are looking for (clicking on the category will navigate you to it):

  1. Phones
  2. Screens & Monitors
  3. PC, Laptops & Tablets
  4. Media Players
  5. Mouses, Keyboards, Headphone & Speakers
  6. Video Games Consoles
  7. Misc Gadgets


1. Apple iPhone 4G

2. Htc Dream


4. Motorola Droid

5. HTC Touch 2 Smartphone

6. Wall Phone

7. Phone: DC-660i

8. RIM Blackberry

9. Nexus One by Google

10. Tv Mobile

11. Motorola Droid

12. Motorola Droid X

13. HTC Dream Android

14. HTC HD2 Smartphone

15. HTC Incredible Smartphone

16. HTC Eris Smartphone

17. Nokia 5310

18. Nokia 3500c

19. HTC Diamond

20. LG KS360

21. HTC Mondrian Concept

22. Nokia N96

23. NOKIA 5800 XpressMusic

24. Samsung Corby S3650

25. BlackBerry Storm

26. Fully Layered PSD Abstract Phone

27. iPhone 3G

28. Old Telephone

Screens & Monitors

1. LCD UltraHD 350dpi PACKandPLUS

2. iMac


4. Flat Screen Television

5. iMac reviewed 2.0

6. Samsung Monitor

7. Led Cinema Display

8. LG Plasma TV

9. Widescreen LCD TV

10. 4 Retro TV Icons

11. Samsung P2370 Computer Monitor

PC, Laptops & Tablets

1. Dell Vostro

2. Macbook Air

3. MacBook Pro

4. TabletPC

5. Tablet PC – layered

6. iPad

7. HP – Screen and PC

8. Full Layered MacBook Air & MacBook Pro

9. Mac Mini

10. Mac Pro

11. The MacBook In Black

12. Silver Rack Server

Media Players

1. Microsoft ZUNE

2. iPod nano 5G

3. Phony CD Player

4. iPod PSD

5. iPod nano-chromatic

6. iPod Touch

7. iPod Shuffle

8. Zune HD

9. Apple remote

10. Zen Stone – Colors

Mouses, Keyboards, Headphone & Speakers

1. Apple Keyboard

2. Full Keyboard

3. Keyboard Apple

4. iMac Mouse

5. Mouse Digital

6. Mighty Mouse

7. Mac iMouse

8. Customizable Speaker

9. Headphones Resource

10. PSD Speakers

11. Headphones

12. Speakers

Video Games Consoles

1. Xbox 360

2. Xbox 360

3. Sony PSP

4. Sony Playstation 3 Slim

5. PlayStation3

6. PlayStation 1 Console

7. Nintendo Wii Black

8. Nintendo DS Lite

9. Nintendo DS Lite

10. Fully Layered PSP

Misc Gadgets

1. Retro Clock

2. Layered Olympus Digital Camera Icon

3. Retro Audio Tape

4. AirPort Extreme

5. Airport Express

6. Digital Camera

7. debLURR : Digital Camera

8. KODAKZx1 Video Camera

9. Sony Cyber-Shot W300

10. PSD Wireless Router

11. Digital Photo Camera

12. Stopwatch

Let us know if we have missed some thing awesome and we will be happy to update the article.

Ahmad Hania

Ahmad Hania is a professional designer and developer with a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering. He is interested in freelancing and blogging. He is a cofounder of Wateen Technologies an application development and hosting company. He loves video games and sports. Read more articles by Ahmad Hania at his blog Follow Ahmad Hania at Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Khalid says

    OoOo , bro Thinks ,
    I have downloaded everything related to Apple . :)

  2. Jeff palmier says

    Awesome, really awesome.

    I’m working on mobile applications and it will help me to illustrate my future presentation. Thank you !!

    • Patricia says

      Good question. Many times artists from DeviantArt require some sort of attribution, comment, or completely restrict commercial uses. So everybody here should assume that most of these psds are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Nothing more.

  3. dan leatherman says

    WOW! What an awesome collection! Thank you so much for this post!