30+ Fresh Icon Sets for Web Designers and Developers

Overlooking the importance of icons in web designing is a noobish activity as they not only enhance the elegance of website but they also make it more user-friendly providing easy navigation through different content of a website. Finding free high-quality icons from sea of icon resources available is very difficult and time consuming task but don’t worry, as today we have collected 35 fresh free icon sets for designers and developers and tried to save you some time.

1. Adouble


2. Social Media Balloons

More Social Media Balloons

3. High-res browser logos

High-res browser logos`

4. 10 Free Useful Icons for Designers

10 Free Useful Icons for Designers

5. 20 Free Marker-Style Icons

20 Free Marker-Style Icons

6. Vector Social Media Icons

Vector Social Media Icons

7. Ultimate Social Network Icons

Ultimate Social Network Icons

8. Twitter Icons

Twitter Icons

9. Thinking Networks Icon 2

Thinking Networks Icon 2

10. Fidelity


11. 100 free icons Weby Icon Set

100 free icons Weby Icon Set

12. Social Store Icon Set

Social Store Icon Set

13. RETRO Style Icons

RETRO Style Icons

14. Stock Icon Set

Stock Icon Set

15. P6 Orb iconpack Black

P6 Orb iconpack Black

16. Shanyin icon set

shanyin icon set

17. Icons Social snow

icons Social

18. Web Cartoon

Web Cartoon

19. FREE Web Icons

FREE Web Icons

20.  PixelFun


21. Sketchy Icons v 1.2

Sketchy Icons v 1.2

22. 44 Icon for Web-Design & Software

44 Icon for Web-Design & Software

23. Tango IconsTango

24. Free Web Application Icons Set

Free Web Application Icons Set

25. Dusk


26. Fugue Icons

Fugue Icons

27. Cyberpipe icons

ikonce kiberpipa

28. Web 2.0rigami

Web 2.0rigami

29. Free icons 3 by Andy3ds

Free icons 3

30. Quartz Icon Pack

Quartz Icon Pack

31. Glyphish


32. Mate BW social icons

Mate BW social icons 33. Shine


34. 15 Free Origami Icons

Basic RGB

35. Box Icons

Box Icons

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  1. says

    The browser logos and vector social media icons are great. Quite a few sets here I’ve never seen before, thanks for the roundup!

  2. Anonymous says

    Wow- what a quality set, and a huge collection. I’ll never need another icon. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wayne says

    superb collections really it is usefull to web designers . thanks for sharing keep posting.