Giveaway – Comment and Get Any Deal from MightyDeals up to $50

If you have been into design for some time now, you probably know how crucial it is to have high quality assets at your disposal – whether they are fonts, icons, UI kits, etc. A great designer knows how to utilize whatever resources he has; he is able to put all the parts in the right place and synthesize them in order to create a holistic masterpiece. But good resources come at a good price or are hard to find, or both.

MightyDeals are known for providing products for web professionals with significant discounts. You can find almost anything a designer might need there with a 50-90 percent discount – icons, vectors, templates, tutorials, you name it. And here is your chance to get a deal from them completely free of charge. Enter the giveaway below and choose whatever you want from dozens of amazing and exclusive deals (up to $50).

Here are some great choices you might want to consider:

Learn to Build a Flat Responsive Website from Scratch – only $37!

build flat responsive website

21 Premium, Responsive, One-Page HTML5 Templates – only $19!

responsive templates

510+ Unique & Professional Flat Style Icons – only $6!

flat icons

Ultimatum 2.5: The Ultimate WordPress Theme Builder – from $35!

wordpress themes

Or explore all they have to offer.

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There will be 5 winners.

Daniels Mekšs

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  1. says

    I would like to win
    “Bundle of One-Page Parallax Bootstrap 3.0 Templates” by GT3Themes ($17)
    “Remove Image Backgrounds with PhotoScissors (Win/Mac)” ($9.97)

  2. says

    Even though I’ve purchased almost half your deals this year, it’s still easy to find ones I want. I’d love a developer license for the WordPress Advertising Plugin! Hot!

  3. Justin says

    Ultimatum 2.5: The Ultimate WordPress Theme Builder – from $35!
    I would love this because I always find myself trying to change simple things about by themes. However, with little coding experience, I have absolutely no idea what anyone is talking about in the WordPress forums.

  4. says

    Great…no wait, MIGHTY deals!

    Thanks for the chance to win one of the deals. Very interested in the Smashing Bundle! Usability and UX. Ultimatum is a big recommendation, but already have it in my collection.


  5. Thomas M says

    Might have to go with Ultimatum 2.5, as others have mentioned … that would be nice; Love MightyDeals!

  6. Rey Alejandro says

    All this great offers makes me want to redesign my portfolio website.

  7. marek says

    Would love to have Ultimatum 2.5: The Ultimate WordPress Theme Builder. I’m watching this offer for a long time now.

  8. Sebastian Andil says

    Ultimatum 2.5: The Ultimate WordPress Theme Builder – from $35! for sure!

  9. marouane says

    i would like to have the :
    Learn to Build a Flat Responsive Website from Scratch course!

  10. Kola Sanni says

    Building flat responsive site from scratch is the ultimate for me as it would afford me to learn everything about web + responsive design which can propel me to the next level. In return I will be able to use the knowledg positively by building awesome website and perhaps share the knowledge gained at some point.

  11. Francesco says

    wow! Gist font has just been released, it would be a nice gift for me, if i won i’ll think about it :D

  12. Anna B. says

    I would like to win: Exclusive: 17 Premium Responsive WordPress Themes – only $22!

    Thanks! :)

  13. says

    As I just brought Ultimatum, the ContractMint bundle and Lunchbox I’m going to have to go for:
    Lunchbox Slab Serif (1,500+ Glyphs) – only $17!

  14. Malou says


    I’d love the 21 Premium, Responsive, One-Page HTML5 Templates deal!

  15. Paul says

    I’d like to receive “Learn to Build a Flat Responsive Website from Scratch”! Please and Thanks!

  16. Next says

    Knowledge is very important. I would be extremely happy with the “Build a flat responsive website from scratch” or WordPress theme builder :)

  17. Himanshu says

    Mighty deals is really one of the daily deal website.. I want to their goodies for free of cost.. Thanks for conducting such a great giveaway on your website.

  18. Rod says

    Mighty Deals always have great offers on everything in the design world. Awesome!!!!!

  19. outwork says

    I would like to win Ultimatum 2.5 or some other items. Mightydeals is amazing, I don`t even know which deal I would choose, because there are some many wonderfull deals!

  20. Parth Gupta says

    I would really like to win “eBook: jQuery Trickshots (100 advanced techniques)” or “100 Premium Infographics from Ingimage”

  21. says

    Ooooh! Nice Giveaway! (I’m probably not winning as the first post in this sort of contests, never get chosen)