[Giveaway] PSD/HTML to WordPress Conversions Worth $1,000 by CodeInWP

Do you have an HTML site or a PSD template that you so eagerly want to convert to a WordPress theme but you either don’t have the time or you’re a bit behind with WordPress development? That was a mouthful! Anyway, how about you join this giveaway from CodeInWP and get a chance to win one of the ten vouchers worth a grand total of $1,000, and get your PSD/HTML converted to a working WordPress theme!

Or maybe you already have a theme, but you just can’t solve that bug no matter how many hours you pour in it? You can also use this voucher for a consultation!

CodeInWP – PSD/HTML to WordPress Service

  • CodeInWP is composed of over 10 professional developers focusing on the creation of high-quality and cost-effective WordPress themes.
  • They develop WordPress themes using the latest technologies, making sure that every theme they develop is up-to-date and will last the test of time.
  • All you have to do is upload your files and CodeInWP will do the rest. They also have a customer support team on stand by 24/7 to attend to your needs.
  • Rated 5.0/5.0 for PSD to WordPress theme conversion on over 450 projects.


How to Join:

Simply fill out the form below!

Winners will be selected next week, good luck!

Rean John Uehara

Rean concurrently served as the Head of Operations and Editor-in-Chief of 1stwebdesigner from 2011 up until Aug 2014. He regularly writes about freelancing, technology, web design, and web development with a little touch of internet marketing here and there.

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  1. says

    Hello Rean John,

    It is an awesome giveaway. It will be my pleasure to win it. It will be very useful to convert the html themes into WordPress for me. Thanks to CodeInWP and you too for organizing this nice giveaway :-)

  2. says

    The idea for this giveaway is genius! You guys seem like a great service. I do wish you had average pricing listing on your site so people could get an idea if they could afford your service over HTMLchop or other PSD to WordPress services.

  3. says

    What an amazing giveaway. I am really excited about winning this one because as a single mother I get very busy and it can cause me to get behind. What a great idea for a business and giveaway. Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed!!

    Thanks for a chance to win,

  4. adolf witzeling says

    Awesome giveaway, especially since my weakness is in coding (but I’m learning). I created tons of layouts just waiting to be converted.

  5. Tate says

    this is great for designers who doesn’t have the full knowledge on building a wordpress site from scratch with just their mockup~ pretty neat

  6. says

    I like contests cause you can learn something and earn something. And I do need a consult!

    I do have to say though it took too many ‘inputs’ to enter this one…

  7. Judy says

    Great give away! Wonderful chance to help who is at its beginner in the wordpress world.

  8. Gabriel says

    I think this giveaway is great! It pertains to a certain audience so not for everybody, but still good! I hope I can win.

  9. says

    30 minutes back I was driving to work wondering how I was going to get this great design idea we had for our site built into a WP theme that even my dad could use to maintain our site. And then I find this giveaway sitting in my inbox! Guys, this is a heaven-made giveaway meant to be channelled straight through 1stwebdesigner and into my life :)

  10. Cipri S says

    I think this is a great tool to have your WP theme the way you designed it in Photoshop!

  11. says

    Entered in the giveaway. I am sure that CodeInWP will help me to make my WordPress development work easier. Let’s see how can I win :)

  12. Erin says

    I think this giveaway is wonderful!!!! I’m a fellow web designer so it’d be cool to use it to learn from it! =D Thanks for this wonderful chance!

  13. Taiven R. says

    Pretty good looking giveaway this is my first from you guys so I’m checking it out.

  14. says

    That’s a very useful giveaway..i already have some PSDs that would be awesome to be converted in WP themes.
    Thank you 1WD and CodeInWP!