Top 15 Resources to Download High Quality Free Fonts

Typography is itself an art , fonts are very important in our daily life,  even if we realize it or not. Because fonts are every where we go. Fonts can exert the influence in the written message.
To my approximations 95% of people are familiar with typography, and they have the appeal for certain desired fonts. Even if we don’t know but we would still be using any way to impress others and to define our own style via using fonts of our choice. For example when we use yahoo or live messenger we prefer to use fonts, color and style other than the default.
Typography is very important part of the designing whether it is web-designing or photography. So keeping this concept in mind i have collected top 10 websites from where you can download free fonts. Although there are many sites providing free fonts but I have collected best from all of them.
Lets Start!


This site is ultimate for free fonts. In my opinion this site is mostly used for downloading free fonts. By using you can select the fonts very easily. The font files are arranged in categories so that you can choose a category and select the required font style from it.
Total Free Fonts: 10,514


The main reason of selecting this site, other than the quality and quantity of fonts available, is that this site has a very impressive design.. you can display text of your choice in color and size of your choosing.
Total Free Fonts: 9,813


Using this site you can search for the font type, preview the selected font in the same window and download the font.Preview option contains custom colors, background, and casing option.. You can download fonts for WINDOWS as well as for MAC.
Total Free Fonts: 8,000+


This site has very user-friendly design. On the same page you can view the fonts and by clicking on them option menu appears and you can download fonts very easily. Menu also have the options of Character Map, Similar Fonts and Comments.
Total Free Fonts: 13,050+


1 of the biggest collection of free font. This site has very interactive design, you can register here and make your wish list. You can view this site in 12 different languages.
Total Free Fonts: 22,372


Very easy to use font site. You can browse fonts by categories and by their alphabetic names. You can submit your font too. This site provide a free newsletter also. Available in 11 different languages. You can preview sample text in desired pixels.
Total Free Fonts: 11,000+


You can download fonts without registering. By signing up you can comment on the font as well as you can rate it. Customization option includes the background and foreground color change and font size adjustment.
Total Free Fonts: 13,479


This site features free as well as commercial fonts. You can browse the fonts by categories. They have special post on how to install free fonts although 95% people knew ho to do so but informative for not knowing people. You can sigh-up for free E-Newsletter.
Total Free Fonts: 13,000+


This site can be used to download font faster because you don’t have to go to any second page. Just click on the image to required font and download will begin. 1 disadvantage is, you cannot preview the custom text
Total Free Fonts: 3,218


At 1001fonts, you’ll find categorized true type fonts with customizable previews. The site provides a wide selection of freeware and shareware fonts. The fonts from here are far more than 1001.


1001freefonts is a database of huge collection of every type of fonts. Very unfriendly site like You can find fonts by name and categories There is 1 thing important, the name of site will fool you that it contains 1001 fonts but actually it contains 10 times of 1001 .
Total Free Fonts: 10K+


This is 1 of the sites which offer very extended search option. Other sites offer browsing fonts by their names or by categories but this site provide the option to find font with characters. You can browse fonts by Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters. 1 of the best new site to download free fonts.
Total Free Fonts: 27,637


This is 1 of the ideal site to browse and find fonts easily and faster. If you don’t have much time and have to find a top font for your design then this website suits you. It contains 5 pages, with 100 fonts per page, and the display is very cool because you can see 100 fonts on 1 page without opening new pages.
Total Free Fonts:  500


This site provide a very wide range of free fonts, with custom preview option, for Windows and Macintosh. You can select fonts by Categories and Foundries. Their claim is that they have 56,000+ fonts.
56,537 categorized fonts


You can browse through the alphabetical font listings or the font categories to view the available free fonts. The preview of every font show how will it look in bold, italic and bold-italic.
Stats for this site is not available but it surly has large collection of freeware fonts!

That is all for today’s post.
Hope you liked my post. If you have some more better websites for free fonts then don’t hesitate to mention them in comments!

Taimur Asghar

Professional design writer and SEO expert. Trying to change my life with hard work.

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  1. says

    Great, very comprehensive post. I got it down to three ‘best’ resources, two of which aren’t in your list… see my blog post “Free Fonts. The 3 best resources you’ll find on the internet” here:

    • says

      Oh Jean, thanks for stopping by :) Of course first choice always is Dafonts, but sometimes for more professional and specifically picked fonts those other sites become handy.

  2. Steve says

    Thank you very much for posting these informations to us. They are very interessting.