The Ultimate Roundup of Best Photoshop Text effects Tutorials

People who love text effects and have the courage to admit it, here’s a thorough guide to the best 60 new text effects available on the web.There is no limitation of creativity in terms of presentation, instructions and most importantly final results. We have tried our best to include best tutorials from all over the web but feel free to let us know if we have missed something really cool.

1.Nice neon effect

2.Slick 3D ice text effect

3.Super easy neon-style

4.Playful robust 3d letter design

5.Text decoration by mixing two styles

6.Glossy 3d text using xara 3d and photoshop

7.Smashing your creative block

8.Dynamic and textured 3d text

9.Exciting 3d composition

10.Design beautifully frosty text effect

11.3d newspaper cropped text effect

12.Dynamic shattering text effect

13.Nifty glass text effect

14.Create 3d love text composition

15.Futuristic glowing text effect

16.Beautiful Xmas wallpaper

17.Patriotic text using displacement masks

18.Quick tips neon layer styles

19.Luminous glass effect

20.3D spectacular text effect

21.Colorful glowing neon text effect

22.Awesome abstract text effect

23.Metal text-under-12’o clock spot light


25.Luxury golden text effect


27.Smoked text effect

28.Typography with texturing and lighting

29.3d blinds text effect

30.Cosmic sci-fi poster design

31.Torn Paper Edges

32.Glowing and sparkling intense light 3d logo

33.Typographic wallpaper


35.Funny wooden type treatment

36.Sweet chocolate coated text effect

37.Fantastic color to 3d text

38.Colorful pastel typo

39. 3D text

40. Cool unusual text effect

41. Clash titans text effect

42. Bling Bling

43. Burnt wood

44.Very cool folded typo

45.Destructive black and white lettering with a dramatic splash effect

46.Delicate text effect

47.Abstract colorful artistic feeling

48.creating cardiac rate effect

49.Incredible typographic illustration

50.Retro style effect

51.Richly ornate typographic illustration

52.High quality metal 3d text

53.Jelly fish delight

54.Jungle 3d text

55.Layered text

56.3d neon light typography

57.Polished metal

58.Shining glitter text

59.Stunning neon light 3d typography

60.Text effect in the chameleon style

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  1. Thinkstock says

    Great set of tutorials! We’ve shared them with our @Thinkstock followers; they’ll certainly find the useful. Let us know what other inspiring content you enjoy.

  2. says

    Great collection. The “Wooden Text” and some other tutorials are totally new to me.

    Will definitely give them a try :)

  3. Anthony b45 says

    Wow, loving some of these. Especially the two neon ones. 37.Fantastic color to 3d text is my favourite though. Thanks for posting. :)

  4. Iya says

    I love #1 “The neon effect” I used this on one of my sites this morning and I have already had more than one visitors say that they think it is awesome.

  5. says

    This is a MUST-HAVE text effect tutorial bookmark in my stumble-upon. Very nice ultimate round up. Thanks mate. :)

  6. Richie says

    Great List. I haven’t seen quite a few of them. Does this fit into your criteria?

  7. Cosmin Negoita says

    This is a very nice collection! I’ll try some of them to enrich my Photosop knowledge! Keep going!