AwesomeWeb is Awesome!

Andreas W.

Submitted 9:02 AM .Oct 16, 2014

Hi Nick. If you have work that needs to be done, send me an email. I am glad to help out. AwesomeWeb already helped me to earn an awesome 3,700 dollars since the start.;) ... yeah farewell Elance!


  1. Ernest

    Those are some nice unique and impressive designs. I like that the designers combine two things/beings and come up with an extraordinary design/logo.

  2. RT

    very nice design it inspired me… although there are some times that i feel it difficult to design a logo. I am happy that these can help me a lot even just in concept….

  3. Rahul

    My vote goes for ‘Antarctica’. Its a creative logo with good usability too. Most of the logo designers try to do too much and this results in very poor usability. A logo must be easy to read. If people can’t even read, How they gonna know you ?


  4. Argee

    Thank you for adding my Winky Cup to this great collection, I really appreciate it!

  5. I love airtistic and all of the logos that represent two different objects. It seems to be a clever trend in logos and I think it’s great!