How to Get Your Wife to Help you with Your Website


Do you want an extra set of hands to help maintain your website, but at this point, don’t have a budget to pay someone? Why not put your wife (or husband for all you female web developers out there) to work? I know most of you might be thinking, “Yeah, right… my wife has no idea how to program a website”. My response to that is, why not? With technology where it is today, almost anyone can quickly learn how to make basic updates to a website. My 6 year old nephew can work in WordPress. Plus, it doesn’t have to be that your wife helps you with programming, she might be able to help with some of the simpler tasks. In this article we will talk about the benefits of putting your wife to work on your website, how to teach your wife about building and maintaining a website, and all of the different tasks that would be perfect for your wife to help you with. By the end of this article you are going to be ready to put your wife to work!

Benefits of Having Your Wife Help with Your Website

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For website developers who are a team of one, or even two or three, adding another team member can be a HUGE help. Many of you might be thinking that your wife doesn’t know anything about website design and development, but sometimes that might actually be a benefit. Having someone provide a fresh perspective on your website or client work that you’re doing can actually be quite beneficial. As for actually doing work, all of that can be learned. So let’s just say that you do get your wife to help with your website, here are a few of the many benefits that you’ll reap.

  • Fresh perspective on your website
  • Free or cheap resource
  • She knows your working style
  • Someone to help with the time consuming tasks that you’re overqualified for
  • Female point of view for your female website visitors
  • Another set of hands to help take your website to the next level

How to Quickly Teach Your Wife to Help with Your Website

With all of the instructional videos and this magic tool called “Google”, teaching your wife new website-related skills is easier than ever before in history. Follow the steps below to get your wife on board as quickly as possible:

  1. Pick one to two tasks for your wife to focus on at first
  2. Make sure the tasks you choose are things that you know she can handle, as well as, things that you either spend a lot of time on or that you’ve been putting off, but know that you need to get done
  3. Find a few different videos and instructional blog articles for your wife to watch/read in order to get up to speed
  4. Spend some time after she’s finished watching the instructional videos to answer any questions that she has
  5. Show her how to do the work
  6. Let her give it a try
  7. Be there to answer questions and support her. Be positive. Be patient.

If you follow these 7 steps you will be surprised just how quickly your wife picks up these new skills. You will be extremely happy that you decided to give this a try. I also guarantee that this will do wonders for your relationship as well. Working together with your wife can be a truly great thing for all couples.

Teach Your Wife to Use WordPress

Now that we’ve reviewed the benefits of having your wife help with your website and we’ve gone over how to get her up to speed as quickly as possible, let’s dig into a few specific tasks that your wife can help with. Are you running WordPress for your website? WordPress is probably the easiest and most intuitive website software out there (at least in my opinion, though I know others might think differently). Not only is it easy to use, but there are a TON of tutorials out there for how to use WordPress. Pick a few areas of your website that she can help with, explain to her what you want done, let her know that she can simply Google anything that she has a question on, and then let her go to town. A few specific WordPress-related tasks that your wife can help with might be:

  • Finding great, new plugins that you can add to your site
  • Go through your site to ensure each of your pages and blog articles are optimized for SEO
  • Rework your sidebars or forms
  • Update your imagery and media throughout your site

Any of these tasks can be easily taught to your wife. They are things that are important, but are also time consuming. Having your wife help with them will allow her to get some work done on her own, while also helping you to clean up your website a little bit.

Let Your Wife Handle Customer Service

Do you spend a lot of time responding to customer emails, reviewing/approving/responding to blog comments, answering phones, or even writing proposals? These all sound like important tasks, but also tasks that your wife can handle for you. Customer service is an extremely important component to all businesses, but it’s one that a lot of website developers neglect because it’s just not something that they love to do. Let your wife handle the customer service end of your website for a few weeks and see how it goes. I’m thinking your customers will appreciate it as she’s probably a better communicator than you are!

Ask Your Wife to Help Capture Photos for Your Website

website photography

Take Pictures for your Website

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Does your wife like to take pictures? Imagery is a critical element of all great websites. Unfortunately, unless you have a lot of money to spend on stock photos, or you’re a photographer, getting quality images to use on your website is extremely difficult. Other website owners don’t love it when people take their images and use them on their website. Instead of taking images from others’, buy your wife a camera and let her hit the town to take some pictures. Your website will never look better after she’s done.

Have Your Wife Research Your Competitors

Competitive research is something I know I hate doing. That said, I can remember quite a few times that if I would have taken the time to do a little competitive research I would have made a different decision for my website. Let your wife play detective for you. Put together a list of competitor websites that she can dig into. Explain to her what you want her to look for and let her start doing some research for you. This will save you a TON of time, and also help you beat out your competition.

Teach Your Wife to Write Blog Articles

Maybe your wife isn’t into taking pictures, but she can write better than most authors out there. Let your wife write some content for your website. If you’re a regular reader of 1WD than you know just how important we think having a blog is for website owners. That said, in order to create quality online content, it takes time. Time is something that a lot of us website developers don’t have. Put a list of article topic ideas together and ask your wife to start writing some content. Once she’s finished with an article or two, review them together with her, provide her with some feedback, and let her continue writing. Having someone take care of your blog for you will allow you to focus on the things that you are best at, website design and development.

Let Your Wife Run Your Social Media Accounts

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Get Your Wife to Manage Your Social Media

Is your wife a social butterfly? Does she have a ton of friends? I know my wife is CONSTANTLY on Facebook. Why not let her take care of your social media accounts for you. Getting back to the Customer Service task above, your wife is probably a much better communicator than you are. Social Media is all about building relationships with people. Explain to her what you’re looking to achieve with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, how to use them for business, and let her start tweeting! I’ll bet you that you attract more new followers, and keep your existing community more engaged, than ever before.

How to Tell Your Wife You Need Her Help

So, now that you know just how much your wife can actually help with, it’s time to figure out the best way to get her on board. This will probably be the most difficult task out of everything we’ve covered today! Here are a few tips for telling your wife you need her help:

  • Figure out exactly what areas of your website you want your wife to help with as she will want to see that you’ve thought this through and that you truly think she can be a valuable resource for you.
  • Break the news over a nice dinner that you cook for the two of you
  • Explain to her that you have a plan for teaching her what she needs to know
  • Let her know that you look forward to working with her and that you think it would be a nice “bonding” experience
  • Don’t force it on her and definitely give her some time to think about it

I think that many of you will have a very positive experience if you get on board with this strategy. What’s that saying… “behind every great man is a great woman”, or something like that. Our wives are smart, resourceful, and patient. Those three attributes are the reasons why this really can work. So go make it happen, and let us know how it goes. For any of you who already have your wife, or significant other working for you, leave a comment below to let us know how it’s going.



  1. Well actually I LoL when i saw this article cuz yesterday my wife was helping me with some work and actually she finished quite fast and if i would have done that cutting all those images and put it inside wordpress it would have take a lot of time for me to do it, she is not designer or something but i just told her what she need it to do and how and she did it :) it was nice :D I totally recommend you to ask your wife to help you with some easy things just so u can work fast in another things like coding and stuff :)

    Nice article btw :)

    • Marcus, oh wow – you have an awesome wife if she got things so fast and could help you out in process! :) This is good point, even if your near one isn’t in your niche, he still can help you! :)

      I helped my girlfriend to get ready for exams too, I am a fast typer so I spent also like 8 hours throughout the night writing everything she needed – I don’t know how she would have completed tasks otherwise!

      But really when there is big need you don’t need to hesitate to ask some help :)

  2. Jason MacMillan

    Seriously?? Did I accidentally time travel back to the early 1900’s? Shame on you! I have lost all respect for 1stWebDesigner.

  3. Captain

    Wife, seriously?

    And for your information this is what a feminist looks like.

  4. I tried to let my wive work for me a few times but for me it’s much more effective to pay for assistance for about one day a week and keep my private live seperated from my business.
    My wife has so much great talents, but none of them are related to computers….

  5. Adam

    Saw this article, and have to say, it’s pretty condescending… simply changing it to ‘Significant Other’ or something similar would get rid of the appalling gender bias that this article promotes. While the content is good, I couldn’t get past the headlines, especially the “Let your wife” parts – as if you’re allowing her the privilege to participate.

  6. Rositsa Zaharieva

    I laughed when I saw the title of the article, and I laughed again when I saw there was advice on how to break the news that you need your wife’s help. I am a female webdesigner and front end developer (both full time and as a side source of income) and my husband is much more tech-savvy than me, even though he’s on the hadware side of the IT spectrum. He mostly helps me with hosting my website (that is, when I actually need help, which I rarely do).
    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that it is a bit offending that you assume wives are less tech-savvy than their husbands. Yes, you mentioned a few times how a wife might be (actually, is) a better communicator than her husband, but that doesn’t change the overall feel the article has (from my vantage point, of course). My husband can’t be bothered to help me with blog writing, etc., because, as you said – I’m the better communicator :) But he’s passionate about photographing my handmade things (another thing that I do in my little spare time, besides maintaining the house and cooking) so he’s of great help with that.
    With all said above, I’d gladly help him when he needs me to (and I have helped him numerous times by now), and I find it rather ridiculous that he’d have to find a special way of asking me for that.

    • Hello Rositsa,
      post wasn’t meant to be offending, more like to help raise some thoughts how life partners can help each other in a fun way.

      This same post could go another way around, and if you wish I can invite you write a post here how partners can help each other, that would be interesting!

      For example, I would love if my girlfriend would be more interested what I do at all, she’s learning for lawyer and it’s hard when you cannot really explain what you do and what struggles you in detail. That being said, if you can complement each other, it is so helpful!

      And I am actually glad that this controversial post raised people eyebrows and got attention to start discussion! Thanks for taking time to explain how you work together with husband! :)

      • Rositsa Zaharieva

        Wow :) It would be really fun to write a guest post, but I’ll have to think of something useful to say first :)
        As for my partner, I guess I’m just lucky he’s a tech savvy person, for it could have been otherwise. I guess most women really aren’t as tech savvy as me and the rest of us IT girls, probably that’s why the author has written the article exactly this way.
        But you’re right – it’s great that the article raised some eyebrows and that there’s actually a discussion going on around it! After all, that’s one of the goals of blog posting, ain’t it? :)
        Thank you for taking the time to write back!


    • This is the first 1WD article that made me think “WTF?” and check the date… No it is not April Fools Day. The article is borderline offensive 1WD! (I am also a female web builder married to an IT guy).

      Also: a free or cheap resource? If she/he has to help you with your work, when will they get to do their own work? Or help with household or family tasks while you burn the midnight oil? Where I come from we all HAVE to work, no such as thing as stay at home moms/wives any more…

      If it works for some people, great! :) I am all for teamwork, especially if you and your wife/husband are building your own business together – I just find the tone of this article condescending and somewhat out of touch – Sorry!

  7. This article, although interesting and credible, bothered me somewhat. I’d rather have not read something so gender-biased with the idea that most web designers are men, and those who are married have not-so-tech-savvy wives who don’t have much to do. I am a female web designer who would just like to have seen “How to Get Your SPOUSE to Help you with Your Website” rather than specifically wives.

  8. Tomas Krejcar

    Great article. I’ve tried a few times to get my wife to help help, but she claims that she doesn’t have the patience to work with computers. Being a lone web designer I could use some free help. I’ll have to try some of your tips.

  9. Stelian Subotin

    Amazing article Ryan!

    I rarely comment on blog posts but i simply couldn’t miss the opportunity to comment on this one! Really enjoyed it, and after all, an extra pair of hands is never extra :)