Getting Real Feedback For Your New Design, Usability Testing


Getting feedback is very important in each work, because it really can improve our works, see do others react and understand your design the same way you do and of course to let you understand how your readers,visitors think. There are really many websites by now already helping each other to critique artworks, get suggestions, create like demo websites and check how people react on them ( a/b testing), this showcase is focusing on showing you places where to get real people feedback and responses.

Here we’ve have collected various feedback, collaboration tools/websites as well as several sites offering you to create polls really easy – ask in Twitter, Facebook and get responses immediately!

1. Please Critique Me

They’ve made it easy, simply paste a couple of links to your design(s) below and they’ll have one of our critics get on the job.

2. UserVoice

Join companies & organizations of all sizes that already depend on UserVoice for feedback. Uservoice communities are the easiest way to turn customer feedback into action:

  • Share ideas.
  • Vote up the best.
  • Respond, implement & repeat!

3. Get Signoff

If you struggle to get design approval from your clients, Get Signoff is the tool you’ve been waiting for. Manage feedback and design revisions simply and elegantly.

4. ConceptShare

ConceptShare is a simple, cost-effective tool for gathering feedback from team members and clients. Easily share media and invite others to add and reply to comments, approve artwork, and markup on visuals.

5. Launchly

Launchly lets you find and provide feedback to new websites.

6. Get Satisfaction

It’s a social support application for engaging your customer community to reduce support costs, build buzz and collect feedback. Unify interactions across your Website, Facebook, Twitter, blog, and mobile apps. For companies of all sizes.

7. Suggestionbox

Suggestion box is the exciting new way to send suggestions and then watch ideas turn into action. The one place where individuals can share ideas with every company, group, organization, and product on the planet. The best part of a free individual membership is that it’s interactive. People can stay in the loop by tracking their ideas, connecting with people, and improving the things around them.

8. Getbackboard

Simplify document feedback for your workgroup. Backboard automates the entire process — from upload to final approval — all from within your web browser.

9. Webnographer

Test any website, web app, prototype or intranet, with large numbers of users, all over the world, in their natural environment.

10. Usabilla

The most simple way to test with real users. More than 5200 companies use Usabilla for remote usability tests.


  • Usability feedback in every stage of your design process.
  • Participants point & click to share their opinion.
  • Clear visualizations to analyze your results.
  • Available in 20 languages, any other language on request.
  • No installation required.

11. Kampyle

Fully hosted solution leveraging user feedback to increase conversion rates, reduce churn and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

12. WAVE

WAVE is a free web accessibility evaluation tool provided by WebAIM. It is used to aid humans in the web accessibility evaluation process. Rather than providing a complex technical report, WAVE shows the original web page with embedded icons and indicators that reveal the accessibility of that page.

13. OpenHallway

Simple usability testing.


  • Record users from anywhere – remotely or locally.
  • Share video results with your clients or team members.
  • Completely web-based. No software for you or your test participants to install.
  • Unlimited projects and test scenarios (within your storage limit).

14. Redmark

Redmark helps designers and their clients communicate visually in just three simple steps. Redmark helps graphic designers work better and faster.

15. Raed Skaik

Professional feedback on your creative project. The Quick and Easy Way to Refine Your Work. Supportive feedback, save time and clients. Free feedback on any design work.

16. Ididwork

Get feedback from your manager.

17. UX Booth

The UX Booth is a blog about and for the User Experience Community. Together, they are writing articles and sharing resources on usability, user experience, and interaction design.

18. Basecamphq

19. Concept Feedback

Concept Feedback provides quick, actionable feedback from thousands of qualified, professional designers and developers.

20. Veristlabs

Verist Labs is a web application that radically transforms the way companies listens and act upon the voice of the people. Manage online reputation through social media monitoring. Also create a direct channel for people to share their complaints, feedback and ideas.

  • Listen to what is being said about you on the web
  • Listen to complaints, get ideas, get feedback
  • Act on it & build great product & services

21. Feedback Army

Simple, Cheap Usability Testing for Your Website. Start a usability test for your site in two minutes. Submit questions about your site and receive 10 responses from our reviewers. The cost is $15.

22. Fivesecondtest

Five second tests are simple usability tests that help you measure the effectiveness of your designs. Conducting a five second test allows you to find out which parts of your designs are the most prominent.

23. ProofHQ

ProofHQ is an online proofing system that streamlines the process of managing design reviews and approvals.

24. Notable

Easiest way for teams to provide feedback on websites. Quickly and easily give feedback on design, content, and code on any page of a website or application without leaving your browser.

25. Pbworks


26. DesignersTalk


28. Featuredcontentgallery

Twitter And Facebook Polls

1. Twitpoll

Engage Your Customers. Ask Questions. Get Feedback.

Available only for Twitter!

2. Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere replaces expensive proprietary audience response hardware with standard web technology. It’s the easiest way to gather live responses in any venue: conferences, presentations, classrooms, radio, tv, print — anywhere. It can help you to raise money by letting people pledge via text messaging. And because it works internationally with texting, web, or Twitter, its simplicity and flexibility are earning rave reviews.

3. StrawPoll

Poll your twitter friends, settle a long-standing debate or just collect opinions.

Available only for Twitter!

4. Polldaddy

Create a poll and send it to your Twitter followers in seconds. No account necessary!

5. MightyQuiz

6. SocialToo

SocialToo is your companion to the Social web! SocialToo helps you manage Twitter and Facebook and unclutters your stream and Social Graph so you can focus on what’s most important – relationships!

7. TweetBrain

TweetBrain is a crowdsourcing service powered by the Twitter user community. It facilitates people to ask questions, get answers, and earn money from answering questions posted with a reward.  It also greatly increases your reach in the Twitter community well beyond your followers.

Available only for Twitter!

8. Hash Poll

Very simple Twitter polls.

Available only for Twitter!

9. Pollpigeon

Creates a simple twitter poll!

Available only for Twitter!

10. TwitQA

Twitqa is a place where you can see the twitters interacting with each other in a most knowledgeable way.Everything is asked,answered and discussed by people like you.

Available only for Twitter!

11. Twittpoll is the opinion channel of Twitter. You can vote on a poll for 24 hours. After that you will receive the overall result within your twitter account.

Available only for Twitter!

12. Formspring

Ask questions, give answers and learn more about your friends.

Available only for Facebook!

13. Facebook

This is the premier polling application on Facebook. Create polls for your Facebook pages and Profile pages. Ask your friends or fans questions you want or create contests for your fans thanks to Polls! Very simple and easy to use. You can also add pictures, videos or links into your polls.

Available only for Facebook!



  1. I am receiving all my email in spam when it is send through my feedback contect form, is there any problem with my feedback form…:(

  2. Joshua Lay

    Great list!

    Didn’t know about some of the user feedback sites you’ve linked. So you’ve provided me with a lot more options to have a look at.


  3. I think nothing beats face to face feedback, this usually takes the form of my friends and family. I feel if you find someone who doesn’t have a design background the feedback is not only likely to be more relevant, but more honest as the person feels more comfortable with you. Posting a link on Facebook is definitely a great way to get feedback fast (which I do sometimes), you just have to take each commenter at face value and assess what you know about their background.