How SOPA/PIPA Can Affect You


The United States government has been facing an intense amount of pressure, mostly from the entertainment and computer software publishing companies for years to find some method of stopping the online piracy that is allowing people to own copies of their merchandise for free. This is of course understandable, nobody wants to see something they worked hard on to create something of quality be disrespected by people gaining access to it for free.

However, what the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate have planned for their respective bills is not a way of just putting a halt on online piracy. Tech giants such as Mozilla and Google who once supported these bills, now are on the offensive in trying to ensure they never get passed. Before going any further into how this affects the everyday internet users, let’s first get a good understanding about both bills.

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Internet Blackout Aftermath – Is the Threat of SOPA/PIPA Over?

What is PIPA and SOPA

*Image Credit: Brian Lane Winfield Moore


Let’s begin by first breaking down the first of the two bills that were introduced, PIPA. PIPA is an acronym for the Protect IP Act, and was first introduced to the U.S. Senate on May 12, 2011 by Senators Patrick Leahy, Orrin Hatch, Chuck Grassley. It is also good to take note that PIPA is a re-written legislation, the original being the failed to pass Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) of 2010.

PIPA, if passed, will give  U.S. corporations and the government the right to seek affirmative legal action with any website that they see as enabling copyright infringement whether of U.S. origin or not. Here is a breakdown of all that they will have the power to do.

  • Force U.S. internet providers to block access to websites deemed as enablers of copyright infringement
  • Seek legal action by suing search engines, blog sites, directories, or any site in general to have the black listed sites removed from their website
  • Will be able to force advertising services on infringing websites, and those supporting of them, to remove them from their advertising accounts
  • Companies will also have the power to sue any new websites that get started after this bill is passed, if they believe that they are not doing a good job of preventing infringement on your website


SOPA is an acronym for the Stop Online Piracy Act, and is a bill introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives by Represenative Lamar Smith on October 26, 2011. In similarity with PIPA, SOPA is a build on a previous legislation. This legislation being the PRO-IP Act of 2008.

SOPA, if passed, will work in conjunction with PIPA. As described by such entities as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, SOPA is nothing more so than the U.S. government and private corporations black list. Here is a breakdown of the power given to the government and private corporations.

  • The U.S. Attorney General can now seek a court order that would force search engines, advertisers, DNS providers, servers, and payment processors from having any contact with allegedly infringing websites
  • It will allow private corporations to create their own personal hit lists composed of websites they feel are breaking their copyright policies, ironically this doesn’t have any odd feelings of a legal mafia at all. These companies will be able to directly contact a website’s payment processors a notice to cut all off payment involvement with the targeted website. This payment processors and website of question will then have five days to act before it is simply taken down.
  • Payment processors will have the power to cut off any website they work with, as long as they can provide a strong reason of why they believe this site is violating copyrights

Where Do the Tech Giants Stand

*Image Credit: francesco.chillari

Originally, the majority of technology corporations that put their input into these bills, were in support of it. Companies like Apple, Intel, Corel, Dell, Microsoft, Adobe, and 23 other big name tech companies are supporters under the BSA(Business Software Alliance). However, there is still hope in the realm of big name support of tech giants. Two of the biggest in Mozilla and Google, have gone public with their issues with these bills and their reasons why they can no longer offer their support after further research was done.

Mozilla is strongly against both acts because of its use of DNS filtering in both. Mozilla, like the majority of the tech world, believes that by using DNS filtering this will open up more security risks and slow down the system’s up and coming extension DNSSEC.

How Does This Affect You

*Image Credit: cal Walker1

Well by now one probably has gained a good understanding of what both PIPA and SOPA are, and is wondering how exactly will these acts will directly affect how citizens use the internet. Well in all honestly, a lot of things will change.

Blog Sites like 1stwebdesigner could be blocked or shut down

As stated prior in what PIPA and SOPA are and what will they enable U.S. government agencies and private companies to do, the internet will become a hunt for any little bit of possible copyright violation. Of course the government loves blogs and bloggers, so it is only natural to think that they will receive a lot of special attention. These acts make it the blog owners responsibility for everything that is displayed on their site, including the comments of visitors.

So say an article is published one day featuring a logo, or trademark, of corporation and that corporation doesn’t like that it is being put on display on the site. Now the author of this article could have used it as a teaching method, critique, praising good design, or anything you can think of, it doesn’t matter. With these acts being only direct enough to give an area for attack, and vague enough to manipulate and twist seemingly any possible way, any type of accusation can be made and found true.

Say Goodbye to Innovation

These acts are stopping developers from coming up with the next big thing in the online market that could change how we use the internet. Let’s say that these acts were around back when the internet was started, how many of the most popular sites would still have come into fruition. There would be no Facebook, YouTube, MediaFire, SoundCloud, Twitter, DropBox, or any other site that can be targeted as a place where online piracy could take place. Is it even possible to think about what the internet would be like without sites like this?

Legal Action Over A Child Singing A Song

It is quite oblivious that none of the people on sites like YouTube have been given permission from record label execs to sing their favorite song, and then proceed to post it on a video sharing site. However will that be a problem for the record execs?

The site the child will have posted the video on will be put under pressure to resolve this issue, or face their site being put on the blacklist. This child, and her family, could also very well face legal action with either the site or the record label the song that was sung has copyrighted.

The U.S. Government Hope They Will Spark Global Change

The U.S. government officials and private corporations aren’t only concerned about how these bills will work out in America, they are hoping that they will have the influence to get other nations to follow suit with these acts passing. That means if these acts pass, then the next country this could be coming toward may be yours.

What Can We Do

*Image Credit: xomiele

The House Judiciary Committee will be voting on SOPA, and likely passing it TOMORROW!! Once the bill has been passed by the committe, it will be able to be passed at any time by the House of Representatives. The internet community has always been an active and vocal group about anything we diassaprove of, especially when it is hurting the overall internet experience. This is the time to now show this passion for what the community of professionals, and users, love by telling the U.S. government exactly how you feel. Below, you’ll find some helpful ways so you can become vocal about this presssing issue.

Call Your State Senators

This is the most important thing anyone can do, because this is how your voice can be heard in the process. It is the Senators duty as an elected official to do what is right by, and listen to the will of the people who elected them. If they don’t hear the input from the people, then they’ll have no idea of how anyone feels. has a great tool that will help you find who your Senators are, their contact numbers, and get you right in touch with them. They also inform you of speaking points to mention in your conversation before calling.

Inform Anyone You Know

Can you imagine how much stronger and effective the Occupy movement would have been if this happened a few years ago? It would’ve been a completely different playing field, and would have a lot more impact then what it already has on government officials. This movement couldn’t happen earlier because people were not informed and those that were just waited to see how things would affect them before deciding to take action. That philosophy has never worked, and will only lead to trying to get out of a disastrous situation you could have easily prevented.

Sign Online Petitions

You don’t have to be a U.S. citizen to take charge here, online petitions is a great way to get a global reach on how people feel. The most important thing is that everyone is heard, in any shape or form.

Stay Informed

Being unaware of what is going on is only allowing for acts like these to pass through without anyone knowing. Being an informed individual about what is going on in the political world, only makes you more capable of being an advocate for change in a positive fashion. Below you will find some links to good articles, and videos about SOPA and PIPA.

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Reddit users organizing a global mesh network



  1. Fernando

    politicians never see the web is the people, everything you load in the web becomes free… thanyou to bring us to the darkness. So what is the difference betwen obama and Hugo chavez?

  2. fang

    say someone like senator scott brown had a kid? (idk if he does but u know this is hypothetical)

    “Daddy! i can’t find any information about the ghettysburg adress it says its some fat guy singing in his house!”
    “i’m sorry princess…”

  3. Weylor

    I don’t agree on these bills. If you support SOPA, you support slavery!..I don’t think these bills will stop online piracy. So I vote..No to SOPA or PIPA

  4. Mario Hargianto

    It is not true and not good to catch some criminals by sacrificing the liberty and need of so many non-guilty people around the world. Furthermore, it is unethical and illegal to create a national law to put foundation for and justify such act. It is unethical to create a national law based upon the will of SOME corporations and for the sakes of SOME corporations. If a law must be created, it must be created based upon THE REAL MAJOR PUBLIC WILL and for THE REAL WHOLE PUBLIC SAKE.
    Noteworthy, The Internet is not only the container of by-law-protected products, but also IS:
    1. The universal medium of the unlimited flow of thoughts from humans all over the world
    2. The universal place of unlimited thought-exchange and thought-sharing among humanity
    3. The universal channel of unlimited talk among humans all over the world
    4. The universal channel and virtual place of unlimited human encounter and human traffic
    Therefore, SOPA and PIPA absolutely can not be applied. SOPA and PIPA are a form of Egoistic-Will Enforcement.
    Moreover, products of companies have been protected by the existing laws of intellectual property. What is to do is just Law Enforcement based upon the existing laws.

  5. casey

    i wish it stops and i am a big youtube users and i post alot of videos and youtube is a good places for bands buiness

    • Anonymous V

      I use these sites a lot, too. I post contents which I, myself produce, too, in order to share it with people for free. It’s a way of promoting cultural democracy. Otherwise, we’ll be kept hostages of book, video and record companies, as well as software. When they want you to use something, or get to know something, they offer it to you for free until you become addicted, then they start charging. That’s how market works: some free samples and next, expensive meals. The problem is: they chose the menu and give the price, which is set among them. Your liberty is secondary, it’s like a big McDonnalds where you can only eat what they prepare. What is even more astonishing is the exercice of planetary ruling. That’s plain dictatorship. Some countries and sites comply for fear or voluntary submission, people are being arrested abroad … Extraterritorial ruling. That’s how far we’ve gone. And to say that Obama was considered more libertary than republicans … not so sure now. After all, he’s a lawyer, and lawyers often are liars.

  6. Ken

    These two Acts will ruin the whole scenario of the Internet. If these Acts passed, millions of websites and tons of IPs will be banned. It would be OK with the big giants, but it will definitely ruin the middle class businessman or marketer who do online business for their livelihood. American Senates should consider over this issue once again. They will get success to stop online piracy but in future America itself has to suffer from unemployment.

    • Anonymous V

      Well, I agree. Some important download sites are being closed or voluntarily joining this act, even before it’s passed.

    • catllers

      read the book 1984 and you will know. Government “security” under the mask of your personal security.

  7. Nguyen Tan Dung

    Stupid American
    all server now for your back up only!
    Do you want to pay $10/month for back up your file? How time you loosed for upload and download ?
    American full out money from their pocket to buy thing they made
    Then they give the thing they made for other country to free to use ! (like china …)
    Stupid American

  8. Rojmeister

    Those two acts are complete bullshit. US Government officials are being selfish, they are idiot enough to think that shutting down allegedly copyright-infringement websites will solve the current problems. In my perspective, it will not. It will just piss off many people. Another thing is, I think the government just made this act to protect themselves from accusations from open-minded people because their bad habits are now completely exposed in the public, and the internet is now their target because it holds most of the people’s opinions and reactions regarding the ir bullshitness and fucked-up minds.

  9. karla

    we must stop PIPA and SOPA beacuse its really stupid and can affect many peolpe jobs , also the education because if the student dont have money to paid the bill for search something in the internet they can do their hw . so this problems affect everyone in everywhere .we must protest about it .

  10. omer

    Well if they’ve decided to make this law legal no one will have power to stop them…… since they doing what ever they want and we’ve seen this.

  11. kenny1999

    Internet will certainly die if such an stupid bullshit nonsense act is brought into practice.

    why don’t the government try to think about a very very simple logic…..
    While all of the big names companies are welcome the policy because they think it will
    protect their business, those big names companies e.g. microsoft, adobe etc. have already
    survived and been making big money in the industry for decades. So this stupid policy is
    ONLY trying to help those companies to make MUCH more profit while trying to kill
    numerous of small companies and people working hard to earn a living. It will certainly
    be a big restriction to the Internet, there will be no more interaction between people,
    no more freedom of speech and the final outcome is no more further internet development,
    and internet will die. We will go back to the age without internet. No one will want to
    see this.

  12. Mike

    Stop this nonsense. PIPA ans SOPA will destroy people’s ability to freely express themselves.

  13. Daniel

    The creepy thing, if not really scary, about this is that the government doesn’t need proof that a website has copyrighted material. They just need to ‘think’ there was copyrighted material to shut down the website. Now let’s say there wasn’t any copyrighted material on and it was shut down because it was suspected of having the material. If the website can prove there was no copyrighted material they are back on the web. BUT the owners of cannot sue the government for being accused of the crime or being shut down to compinsate for the loses.

  14. Savina Velkova

    Thanks for the insights and comments. We took a moment to look at the impact SOPA and PIPA could have on b2b marketing in particular, read our thoughts here:

  15. Jello Biafra

    If you have a site hosted in the USA move it to the UK or another country register with a non US registrar .eu will be fine. Foreigners hosting their sites in the USA bring the USA $1.4 billion dollars per year they will loose this and many times more. Domain seizures will continue as they do currently and before these acts were being considered. The world wide web is a British invention and so is the Bill of Rights Americans can be trusted to break everything ruining everything for everyone including themselves – move your host to the UK. It doesnt matter that these bills have been scrapped domain seizures will continue the US government acts with impunity. Online gambling is also legal in the UK.

    • kr

      Don’t be stupid, it doesn’t matter whether your site uses a .com or domain.
      US controls the Internet through ICANN. This includes any domain.

  16. Megan

    This is quite rediculous, Almost everything online will be gone, there will be no information for students to look up and find because they dont have “permission” from the officials to post. Many kids post videos on youtube of them singing. Hack, all of youtube will be shut down. If this passes, many jobs will be gone. And i thought we were trying to make more jobs not less! This is all rediculous in my opinion. If the creators of SOPA and PIPA have an issue with something, leading to this, they could have just sued that one person and not tried to ruin many people’s lives.

  17. Márcio

    I am translating this article in portuguese (Brasil), then I will to publish in my blog. Although, PIPA and SOPA are bills in US, other nation were affected.

    Good luck for all

  18. mina

    This really pisses me off. Mainly because the US believe that they can control what other countries should be posting on the internet. I mean I think what I feel has been mentioned multiple times on the comments roll, but I don’t see many PROS that come out of this bill. Besides the main fact that works would be credited. Then you have to think to what extent are you solely the creator of your idea. Facebook has been thought of by many people but only one man actually put it in action.
    I’m not even from America but it really pisses me off that the Americans can just snap their fingers and men in New Zealand are being arrested.
    This bill is stupid and although it has PROS, its CONS outweigh it majorly. It fails to consider viewpoints from both parties.

  19. Felipeludo

    If this is approved, in near future, we will not able to comment, to denounce, to speak, and to make nay action that threatens the pockets of certain powerfu and dishonestl people. In short, we will only work, pay taxes, eat junk and be forced to agree with them at all.

  20. Azni

    Even though I’m not in the US I will absolutely NEVER let this happen. We must stop this at all cast!

  21. JD

    I am against PIPA & SOPA. These will give a downtrend to the internet surfers and earners as well. Please Protest against PIPA & SOPA.

  22. Jerard



    • Alexander Tomsky

      How do you then stop piracy – it is a theft, stolen goods. The infringment of copyright is a disaster over here. The Czech book market is collapsing because people are getting everything for free. There wont be many writers left, We cannot publish a translation of a foreign famous writer – the costs are huge. Soon people who dont speak English will have no access to anything.

  23. Kayla

    The PIPA Sopa acts are an uninventive way to force economic stimulation of the entertainment industry. Maybe the fact that people are less willing to spend their money on music and videos is because for 1. The entire American economy is hurting. 2. The entertainment industry is saturated. 3. Media attention tends to revolve around the same artists and actors (who tend to greatly flaunt their wealth) 4. Maybe it’s a wonderful opportunity for the entertainment industry to reinvent it’s business strategies by optimizing the use of the Internet, rather than stifling it.

    Hey and from a fashion designers perspective. There is no such thing as copyrighting or trademarking garments, you want to know why? Because sharing ideas leads to inspiration and innovation. Fear and censorship do not create inspiration and innovation. Haven’t we been though this before?

    Let’s live in a world where there is creative and passionate artists but be realistic and realize that not everyone can or will pay for it, while there are also many who will. Find joy in providing the world with entertainment, its what gets everyone through their days, especially those who don’t receive million dollar pay checks for their hard work.

  24. Jonathan C Thomas

    I think this bill is for greedy businesses that want all the money in the world. It’s like trying to stop people from stealing at a super market, by having an employee following 1 foot behind every customer, this bill punishes the whole web for other people stealing. Even if they pass it, people will still sell bootleg movies, copy a music cd 10 times, they can’t get around it, big businesses, cut your loses, and enjoy your billions.

  25. newmen

    I agree on the fact that maybe all this stir came in handy to some, as an opportunity to take bigger control of information flowing on internet, and maybe other stuff that wasn’t said here in this article(Don’t know if true, but heard that this law would give some the permission to check our emails, and other stuff).

    Regarding of what it is said in this article, I think it’s ok with protecting owner’s rights. But I also think is going a bit too far when saying you can’t even use an image, upload a video with some song, or express yourself freely through your blogspot, this is certainly an excess.

    Now, while I’m writting this lines, and having read all this, I don’t feel as free as I’ve felt commenting before.

    Another thing is that right owners won’t percieve an income equivalent to all the downloads from internet of their copyrighted material uploaded illegaly, because I think it’s obvious that everyone downloading this stuff, if stuff being banned some day from internet, won’t inmediately go and purchase the very same amount in a store, and that’s because they do it because it’s free, not just because of the simple comfort of not leaving home to buy it.

  26. Carren

    How will this affect playstation network and xbox live long term. truth is when things start innovating quickly people get scared and if we do this meaning pass sopa and pipa would it not give other counties an upper hand?

  27. me

    burn SOPA and PIPA to the ground ! ! the US government never really thought this through and how it would really bring down the economy of America . . i guess that’s what happen if a war suddenly stops and the US government can’t lay off that war addiction . .

    first, US based companies would start to go offshore and change their operating base somewhere else in the world, NO USE OPERATING IN A COUNTRY WHERE THEY KNOW THEY WILL JUST GET BLOCKED OR MONITORED ‘BIG BROTHER STYLE’, which would crash the already pitiful economy of America, do you think the American economy stands a chance when giant companies started operating offshore ??
    i mean, outside America,
    – employees’ wages are lower(not slave wages as propaganda by the US government, that’s silly),
    – employees’ benefits costs lower(insurance companies outside US doesn’t charge that much compared to their
    American counterparts),
    – Medical expenses outside US costs lower,
    – other people in other countries aren’t that picky and demanding about their jobs(salary raise,more benefits,etc)
    – everything costs cheaper outside US
    – the government doesn’t keep bothering your company and employees
    – there are no wall st. corporates that are hungry for your wealth
    – everyone outside US goes to college to get an actual degree(engineering, architecture, IT, Accounting..etc… SPECIALIZED COURSES and not those completely useless popular ones like “english majors”, “history majors”, “poetry majors”, there are no such things in other countries,yeah you’ll really get a good paying job with that), and they do these directly after high school and graduate younger, since education is MUCH MUCH cheaper everywhere else

  28. Sritha

    I’m not a US citizen, but this bill scares me. I don’t think that the US government has a right to enforce its laws on foreign websites; they have no jurisdiction for that. They should leave it to the foreign governments to deal with it by their own laws.

  29. slytwyn

    i do not think the us government thought this through very well how many of millions of dollars is this going to cost out of the us citizens pockets for the government to investigate these web sites like the us and other countries arent having enough financial problems maybe they should sit back and think this through

  30. RAUL


  31. Junior

    We will not make a simple download from a Link in a host like megaupload without pay…or sites like this will be shuted out?

  32. Luke

    ”So, what are you in for?”
    ”I killed someone. What about you?”
    ”I drew a picture of Google’s logo for my school project…”

  33. Markos

    Again USA thinks their law applies to entire world. How can one country in force its law over someone else’s? How can US sue lets say Russia and Russian based websites? If its based in Russia its is under laws that apply to that country, right? But I do know the reason, USA thinks they are a dog that can bark in someone else’s backyard and that it can pass. If your 2nd amendment gives you the right to bare gun that doesn’t mean you can carry it in other countries.

    • Pat

      your right dude in the netherland there are no internet laws so how can the us just step in and ban them first all they can do it block the ip from getting past us lines but the goverment doesnt understand how easliy some one can over ride a smiple ip ban people willl find cracks and just find sneeky ways to get around it

    • Hi,

      I think instead of saying USA, you should say US government. What your doing now is generalizing us all with a government filled with officials not everyone voted for. Granted some of us did, but there are many who did not.

      The purpose of the bills is so that US companies can take legal actions against foreign based websites that are soliciting pirated material. Currently all they can do is put pressure on the native nation of said webistes, but that hasn’t worked out too well for them. See The Pirate Bay as an example.

      What they’re aiming for is a way to target sites based off US soil, for infringing on copyright laws. I mean I can see that side of it, and there isn’t nothing wrong with that. The problem is how they plan on doing it and the very vague description of what infringement is in these doctrines.

  34. justbrowsing™

    I dont think they will go as far as to shut down youtube and similar sites-at the most,perhaps they will attempt a sophisticated automated file checking system that will not allow certain copyrighted content on these websites to be shown. I think they will simply stick to going after (trying to shut down) file sharing websites, and forcing internet companies to limit what their customers can and cannot browse. As this website already states, its simply pressure on the government mainly from one industry, the entertainment industry, and little else. Even if certain websites were blocked, I would guess that users with good computer knowledge may always find a way to “correct” any browsing limitations, even if brought on them from their ip/internet provider. Perhaps these websites wouldnt be used so much if the entertainment industry (usa or otherwise) wasnt a highly overpaid one, and the price of their products werent so high. As for the entertainment industry noting that the main purpose is to stop them losing money via users that frequently download copyrighted material, there have been many articles from mainstream newspapers that state that the industry is not losing as much as it believes-many users seem to download material purely out of habit that they would not purchase otherwise. Who knows where we will be regarding copyright in 10 years time.. will we one day be sued for lending music or movies to a friend? When entertainment executives and the most successful movie or music stars make far more money than a president or prime minister that supposedly helps run an entire country, you know something is wrong with that industry financially. Perhaps its the entertainment industry that needs new laws and limitations, not the other way around.

  35. Ashley

    This is taking our rights away in the United States of America. This bill will just make the government have more power in what we do in our lives. This will harm businesses world wide. Google and Wikipedia will be no longer. I believe neither one of them to pass.

  36. Iyke Jacob

    law should not be given any
    room for existence; it
    must be destroyed.. It should not
    be given a second thought at all.

  37. Lexi

    I have a question about something not covered in an articles I have seen and if anyone can give me an answer please do, my question is do these bills extend to the resale of merchandise such as clothing, electronics, appliances ect.? I have seen a list of big name companies such as famous clothing designers and electrionc producers so on and so fourth that are supporters of these bills and I have noticed that E-Bay, Craigslist and Amazon are on blacklists, I realize that these websites do sell copyrighted material such as music (which seems to be the focus of a lot of rants). Again I am just wondering if anyone can clear that up for me, thanks.

  38. lol

    I hope SOPA and PIPA get throught! Time for people to learn they can’t do what the hell ever they want in the net.

    • Pat

      thats just a dumb idea people on youtube make a living for using game plays from other games yes the company doesnt give them premission but they will let it happen its not quite illegal just tolerated this bill passing will effect alot of the web you wont be able to use google or any thing you would like to use for quick easy answears im pretty sure that would effect you so really think about it how much it will effect people google is a billion dollar industry and shutting that down will one loose jobs to make seraching the web that much onger plus obama already said that he WILL veto the sopa bill.

    • you

      Shut up looks like no more stuff for you to your on facebook or any other sites everyone is so youll cry i bet ok goodbye

    • Jacinda

      I understand exactly where Jamal is coming from. If not for him I would not have understood what PIPA and SOPA. Thank you for informing me, and putting a lot of though and detail into it. So I completely comprehend the fact that the US government is doing what they think is right for themselves and for us citizens, but could you honestly tell me that you could imagine this world without use of Internet? I understand that way back in the olden days there was no usage of Internet whatsoever…But their lifestyles were COMPLETELY different from what ours is now, and what can we thank for that? The INTERNET. I mean we can’t always go to see our families who live in different states or countries can we? That is what YouTube is for, that is why we have Facebook, Myyearbook, Myspace, Video Chatting, Blog Sites, and whatever else site you can think of that has the capability to let you have friends and family on there. You know I want to say something to the person who commented ” I hope SOPA and PIPA get through! Time for people to learn they can’t do what the hell ever they want in the net.” You want to know the funny part if you think you are so intellectual and intelligent….If it wasn’t for the internet, you never even would have had a chance to post that in the first place. So go ahead and keep saying stuff that you know nothing about. When reading this article…you can’t just skim through it. Take the time to read it and understand exactly what he’s trying to say. How is it fair to the person who created the internet? All that hard work, ethic, and time he put into creating it…POOF…Gone just plain and simply gone. All the credit he got for it, would mean nothing now. If these acts go through, how would we have knowledge of things we strive to learn? Yes I understand there is school, the news, and politics, but a lot of what we hear isn’t completely true. The media has a way of twisting things around. Whose to say that they won’t get rid of cell phones next? What’s the difference right? It is a way to keep in contact with those closest to you…Your friends, your family, your boyfriend/girlfriend. I bet if it wasn’t for the internet you guys wouldn’t even know HALF the stuff that you know today. And don’t tell me you would because that’s a damn lie. We need to STOP our government from starting a controversy that will probably and most likely break out into chaos. For those of you who think your life would be better without the internet…Good for you, but if that’s the case, then why do you waste your time even posting something on this site? This Article isn’t meant to support PIPA and SOPA, it’s opposing it. So if you don’t like what we have to say (The truth), then go somewhere else. Just remember, as life proceeds so does technology, so why is it that they are just now taking away something that has been around for centuries. It’s like saying you’re going to take away water, electricity, food, cell phones. Those are all things we have learned to live with and have become adapted to doing. In all honesty I could live without the internet, but it would change my life in a dramatic way. To be truthful the internet’s really the only way I am able to stay in contact with my friends and family…Because I am always busy working I don’t have time to go see them. So if we lost internet, in a sense I would also be losing my family and friends. The sad thing is you guys don’t actually know and understand fully how serious this controversy is. We need to put a stop to it, and soon. So please when you read this take action and fight for what you believe in.

    • Michelangeo

      i totally disagree with you this bill would be the equivilent to turning the internet into a totalitarin nation, why you would think that this is crass and just pure ignorance. Do you want to lose almost every freedom you have on the internet? The people who do “What the hell ever they want in the net.” are the 0.1% of the internet. People who create websites like Wikipedia had no intention of copyright infringements they wanted to make information availibe to anyone who wants it. The SOPA is a horribly flawed and disgusting misuse of power in the US senate. The only reason they put this bill nto action is to keep them from the real issues.
      To you sir…. if you want this bill to go through, you disgust me.

  39. Rufus Macharia

    this will definitely kill innovation. At all cost the bill should be clashed. By the way their are the worst billionaires online(those big corporations).

  40. Daelynn

    *sigh* if this is passed, i am not going to pay for internet and neither should anyone else. What would I do if there was no facebook, or even no youtube? If this is passed, I’ll be saving about $25 because I am NOT paying for something I only get on for gaionline, youtube, and facebook for. They can kiss my booty

    • Kayla Reagan

      Stop thinking about yourself for once.Think of all the children around the world,like me, who play online games. They will be shutdown if this bill is passed. Please Protest. STOP SOPA AND PIPA NOW!

  41. roi

    This shouldnt happen. it would affect the economy greatly and getting access to sites in the world would be so hard. this will fatally damage free and open internet.

  42. J

    This is a joke. Our government is working to protect our businesses and our citizens. I say we vote for the these 2 bills.

    • Jj

      seriously? really? wow.
      i cant believe you said that PROTECT businesses? PROTECT citizens?

      dont bullshit me more like DESTROYING business and DESTROY freedom.

  43. Cody

    This is the Patriot Act for the internet… make sure to call your senators and congressmen! I have!

  44. Nina

    I would like to understand if/how these U.S laws might effect the use of the internet for the rest of the world? Will europeans sharing european music through the internet be charged after these PIPA/SOPA laws?

  45. Russ has also joined the list of websites that are Blacked out today! CEO stated yesturday “We will be blacking out our website at midnight to protest the PIPA and SOPA acts. If these acts are passed by congress it could have a negative impact on our business, the business of our clients, and other businesses in our industry”

  46. Mikhail

    what happend to free speech. the internet is a great way to express freedom of speech. the KKK say that they are expressing their freedom of speech by hating on minorities, and that you cant stop us. why not get rid of the KKK. if you can get rid of free internet then you can get rid of the KKK.

  47. crystal

    Hmm I’m against them. What’s internet without access or smartphones without Google maps or anything like that?? What’s life without websites for socializing or to share happy memories? What’s anything as simple as just suffering the web to something necessary as research papers or office work without any access? Hope this helps to show how useful all the sites are.

  48. yobizuki

    THE US CONGRESS should focus on EDUCATION and EMPLOYMENT/HEALTH rather the focusing on this matter…theyre wasting TAX money for this shit

  49. Clarissa

    this will not happen. the panic won’t last long. this happened before, and the acts didn’t get passed

  50. Rodney

    My comment is waiting for moderation, which basically means, if the person who is running this site and this blog DOESN’T like what I have to say about his cause… he will CENSOR my opinion, which I believe is happening right now. Typical hypocrits

  51. Rodney

    Are you guys serious? Lets say you were in a band, or went to school for 4 years to be in film or music, busted your ass off day and night to make something of yourself, and the second you released you finished product that you worked so hard for, everyone with 4 fingers and half the brain cells could just jump on a random website and steal it from you… How would that make you feel? I don’t know about you but if I started a pizza joint and on my opening day people were just coming in, ordering pizza, and when they recieved the check looked me straight in the eye, told me it was good, then spit in my face and threw the check on the ground, I’d be pretty pissed off. Get off your high horse and stop talking about “human rights” because you don’t know what you’re talking about. The bill is about THEFT OF PROPERTY and THAT’S ALL. I can’t wait for this bill to be passed so we can go back to the way it was when you got compensated for the work you put into something, instead of just being blatently disrespected and robbed of your time and creativity.

  52. Jack Lebois

    Self Censorship???

    …on the internet?

    What country are we living in? IRAN???

    Surprise folks! Iran has such a law!

    …something called juriprudent! (…basically watch out on what you say or think…and always put yourself in the “clerics” shoes considering what they might find “inappropriate or offensive…or yeah even “illegal”!)

    Soon we will have the same legislative structure as Iran! (…a bureau of “voice and communications” where every letter of the alphabet is scrutinized and rejected for “perceived” meaning and such!!! …then we can move to the next step…closed door trials where the accused will not know what they are being charged with…not to mention secret jails/prisons and then hit squads!!!)


    If this so-called law passes here in the US we will be moving backwards a few centuries!!! (We the people must consider a new revolution!!!)

    Hey Reps/Senators and law makers:

    “If you pass this “law” you must also pass a law where you must wear “head gear” while passing future laws! (just like the ayatollahs!!!)”

    Do not “sell out” the forefathers and their wisdom/legacy!!!

    The people have spoken “lawmakers”

    …consider your/all future actions and while thinking of “passing” such laws…because your will be doing it without representing me!!!

    • Brent

      The truly sad thing is that most can already happen, like closed door trials and people who ‘disappear’ never to be seen again. It is all done in the name of ‘counter-terrorism’ which is an oxymoron as it creates terror but I digress.

  53. Mach2

    Folks? Get a grip! 2 previous forms of these bills did not pass and there is little modification to these. THESE BILLS WILL NOT STOP A DAMNED THING! Secondly; The provision of allowing corporations to go on witch hunts is unconstitutional as the chamber of commerce has no authority to grant such powers to private business. However, don’t kid yourself!! Big corporations do their own witch hunting and get their own court orders to shut down illegal websites engaging in product piracy. They can’t however get the leverage from the government to tell china and other nations doing the same to knock it off, something the current administration seems to be turning a blind eye to.

    That will not change until you have somebody in the WH with some economic balls



  55. johnny

    didn’t the government already take action with the patriot act? what else is to stop them from regulating the internet?

  56. James

    I am posting this for people that don’t know what to say when writing their representatives feel free to take ideas from my example (This email was just sent to all Indiana Representatives in Congress and the Senate Visit Wikipedia today for more information) As a resident of Indiana and a constituent, I am informing you that the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IPs Act attempting to pass in congress are Wrong!! and we will not stand for it!! The Free and open ideas the internet provides are the backbone of freedom and are an Overwhelming reason why the Internet is among the most wonderful and innovative advancements society has EVER SEEN. If this legislation passes there will be sweeping changes in respect to who we Vote For and Against to represent us, Big Business and Money should NOT Rule over the internet with an iron fist, and that is what will happen if these bills pass, The Very idea of Freedom, I believe wholeheartedly, is in jeopardy and we have ALL taken notice, now I am passing this notice onto you. Please don’t let the internet fall victim to these unjust and unconstitutional amendments. Sincerely Concerned in Indiana.

  57. Austin Hoffman

    This is just terrible….SOPA is the equivalent of curing a headache with a guillotine. It may stop piracy, but it would shut down our economy and unconstitutionally erode our most basic freedoms in the process.

    I just hope that everyone realizes how important this is and does their part to save the internet & our economy!

    1,000s of more websites have joined the force and went dark today, we need EVERYONES help!!!!

    • em

      Is it not a basic freedom to have your intellectual property protected? How would it shut down our economy and erode our freedom? Freedom to use whatever intellectual property you want; music, lyric, picture, article, film, etc. Anytime the tech industry is asked to change the way they do business they start the propaganda of “freedom of speech” in order to scare the hell out of Americans. Remember Napster? They tried the same tactic by arguing freedom of speech “that the site is protected by the “safe harbor” provision of the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which protects Internet service providers from liability if copyright laws are violated by users of their service.” They were denied that protection by the court.
      The main issue coming to fruition here, copyright law, and as analyst Malcolm Maclachlan, in a 2001 interview stated “…there is going to be a huge showdown over copyright law between content holders and the tech industry in general….”

      The problem in general is that in the digital age we have yet to determine accountability for copyright infringement and we can no longer hide from the inevitable; a need to open the books on copyright law!
      I agree that there are parts of SOPA that need amending but, if left to their own devices some parts of the tech industry will continue to enable piracy and copyright infringement under the guise of protecting our freedom of speech.

    • J

      Let’s all get back to work and stopping web searching on company time. We elected our senate and house to speak for us… they will vote and we move on!!

  58. joe

    Even communism have an ideology, they are longing for a better life for all the people, so all the people can live equally. You still can see something good at that.

    But this is communism for capitalism! US government destroy and violates the lives of the people, for the sake of the big companies. Big companies will be bigger and richer, and the people will be common consumers.
    I dont understand US government so allergic to communism, but they are actually worse.

  59. john

    I hate to see the internet goes black.
    we are not in russia, and there is no reason to ban art and music from the people !!!

    this is the time to make your voice ! dont stay in the dark – we need you !!

    • J

      We must protect our privacy our of our artists and musicians. Even a library has a fee to use the books every year. Pay up… what you are using is stealing innovation??

  60. joe

    Geez I guess SOPA and PIPA basically just promotes communism for capitalism, dont you get it?
    US government control and check everybody’s internet territory for the sake of big companies.
    It sounds like you dont have your own freedom anymore. You are under control, somebody’s watching you,
    once you make a mistake, then BAM! you’ll get sued.

    Laws in the US have been getting silly and unbelievable. You can easily sue people. What kind of law is that?
    We are actually live in fear of being sued. Somebody should really talk those senators head off, they are being ridiculuos. Do they get money from those big companies?

  61. Francis

    This what I have to about these SOPA/PIPA bills I’ve been hearing about. These bills are disgraceful. They only benefit corporations. Supporters of these bills can piss off to China, Iran and North Korea, if they don’t like Internet Freedom. What the hell has happened to America? They used to criticized China for censorship. Now some want to copy China and create a Great Firewall of America. SOPA/PIPA is supposed to stop privacy by censoring anything that is flagged for infringing copyright. However these Bills will only help ruin the Internet. This isn’t just about privacy, it’s about controlling the internet. One thing I have to say about Governments. They are full of corrupt, lying idiots that always screw-up and make things worse. These laws will be abused. You won’t be able to voice an opinion because a corporation will clam it. Any Website that someone doesn’t like will be flagged for infringing copyright. Then you will have to battle to have your own website uncensored, because it was falsely flagged. People will be too scared to say or do anything on the Internet, encase they’re censored. The internet we know will b forever changed. These proposed remind me of something that a dictatorship would think of. SOPA/PIPA supporters are criticizing the online protests. It’s our right to protest. These authoritarian lovers will not silence us. Internet Freedom Will be defended.

  62. Chris

    Oh brother. A lot of baloney in this article’s conclusions. I’ve been copied. It sucks. I’m all for protecting IP.

    • Joe89

      Baloney eh? so you say it will not happen? i guess you must not live in the united states because iv seen many laws pass both federal and state wise that some would see as good laws. try this one for size. home searches without a warrent? it has happend alot more now then ever. how about police shooting old women because they have the wrong address and they dont get into trouble for it? sure sounds like baloney but it has been happening. ok so they pass these laws. this site right here we are talking on now? black listen. what about those sites that have funny pictures? yep those gone too. why you think this wont happen, i dont know. because it has happend in lots of other countries with laws that passed like this one. so really, whats to stop them?

  63. kestas24

    If atleast one of named Section in the pipa/sopa is valible then they are litteraly destroying your right to freedom of speech. Thats all i can say after troughly reading this article

  64. ibo

    In other words, sopa & pipa will open new ways for corporations to control, kill competition and monopolize global economy. Very scary…

  65. Steve Oz

    Stuff like this makes me wonder how long the American people are going to let this kinda stuff happen.

    • CK

      Complacency. These days, it is more as though everything is run for us, rather than by us. We are raised in a environment wherein, ironically, we learn to disdain rather than appreciate education and civic involvement. A couple of decades later we are adults with no clear consensus of how society should be functioning.

      • I feel the problem is that we were raised and taught in this country that following rules is by all means most important, breaking a rule leads to the downfall of society. Because of this we would rather sit back and let people dictate our lives for us, making our seemingly republic become an oligarchy. In general, nobody wants to think for themselves. Hence nobody really pays attention to who they are voting for, and the people are all having to search for who their senators and house representatives are. Its funny because they voted for them, but I digress.

  66. Jamal,

    I woke up under the impression I was going to have to write a very verbose and informing article on why SOPA and PIPA need to NOT happen. Then I ran into this article. This was a damn good read, it’s accurate, and most importantly saves me the trouble of writing it. I’ll be linking the hell out of this article…

    Thanks amigo!


    • Thanks for liking it so much Tony. I think people still need to read the documents in their entirety though, because although are movement was great it showed how influenced we as a people have grown to become. Could you have imagined if the same amount of energy in stopping SOPA and PIPA was put into pushing? If every blogger and big name company was more vocal about supporting it, I still think people would just go along with it because its popular. Maybe I’m thinking too much for my teenage head, but oh well.

      Thanks for reading and sharing!!! :n)

  67. Nird

    Infringement includes the unauthorized or unlicensed copying of a work subject to copyright.Obviously this is vague enough for private corporations to exploit.The acts have some positives, but they could be made more specific to target the “Infringers”(Pirates).Nice article btw…..

  68. Bethany

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD?! Let’s all focus on the important things such as the internet, and not the real problems like thiefs, rapists, and pornographers. LOGICAL, RIGHT!?

  69. PK

    Its kind of funny if you think about it. A movement is started with the facade of anti-pirating. There is no movement of restricting the internet when we hear of craigslist murders, child abusers, rapists, child porn, theft, robbery, need I go on. In those circumstances there is widespread media coverage and warnings to be careful on various websites. But g-d forbid should someone download or stream a song or video. Piracy? a crime against g-d, against America and everything we stand for. This is ridiculous. The powers that be have their priorities all mixed up. Greed= the root of all evil.

    • Nick

      im only 15 but seriously. this is soooooo stupid. whats getting rid of websites gunna do? prob piss off like 200000000000000 billion people who use facebook, google, firefox. ect. and the congress will b getting visits from lots of pissed off people. if they pass that bill only people can imagine wuts going to happen. im praying they wont pass it cuz its not gunna do anything at all. and how come its hurting them?! i bet some of them use facebook and google like EVERYDAY! like me. please everyone sighn the petion thing so we can all live. (:

  70. Jonanadab

    No one wants to shoulder the burden of enforcing copyright laws. That’s the whole arguement.

  71. codered

    well what i think is that there are a bunch of pea brain jackasses on congress that like to make people miserable. the congress these days don’t even have a thinker in their group that considers the consequences of this bill being pasted.
    so what piracy is a problem they haven’t done anything for all these years why are doing it now.
    cause the big companies are annoying the heck out them and whining about piracy all these years?
    what is the big deal there are still people that buy their products and there is a group of people of that get these things for free so what is the problem.
    companies still have people buying stuff from them just why do they believe is a good idea to pass this it doing nothing but pissing the people of the US off. you people of congress show think ahead before passing lame acts like this one

  72. Samantha

    I just realised also, due to peoples modifications of games, a lot of games already released will be shut down, like my current addiction, Minecraft, sad i know, but so many texture packs are being released (pokecraft,portal,oblivion)and so many other companies have incorporated it (weebles stuff(weeble and bob)and youtube)that it will be shut down, it even literaly has its own full version of wikipedia (minecraft wiki), an independant website dedicated entirely to minecraft

    • Torren

      I would imagine that if the creative entity gives permission for their product to be shared free of charge, those using it would have nothing to worry about. I would think a written expression of permission of usage would be enough. So either seek permission or pay for it.

  73. anon

    Some of the ‘exaggerations’ will become a reality, though. If you think about it too, this is a really big deal for a lot of people with distant family and friends. They need the internet AND these social networking sites. So really, nobody needs a ‘new hobby’ if they have personal reasons toward the internet.

  74. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read my article, and gain information on SOPA and PIPA if you haven’t already. Although I do believe I did a good job at giving an easy to understand overview of these bills, and how I feel they can easily been manipulated based on big corporation and American government’s history of doing so with already passed bills that go into law.

    I still urge you to take the time and read both bills for yourself, and come up with your own opinion. To all those that think this is just a lot of hype, and the bills are not that big of a deal. They really need to check ALL the facts as I have before publicly stating an opinion.

    Thank you,

  75. togs

    I read both bills in their entirety. I believe people are overreacting. Go read the actual bills, not just what other people are saying about them. Learn the truth, and why this is being blown out of proportion. I see no problem with the bills. If the hype is to believed and sites such as Derpbook get shut down, it’s probably for the best: have you seen the bull**** that people have been posting lately? We need some propriety people.

    • There is a lot more to the bill than what is stated in its context. You have to look at the history of the U.S. government, and the big name corporations attacks on themselves and smaller entities. You should also view it as a gateway drug if you will. You may feel that it isn’t a big deal now, but wait until the results of these bills are felt if they were to pass. You might change your opinion if you view it like that.

      I mean everyone involved in the occupy movement, even those that have no idea what they are really doing besides saying they dislike the government and big business, were not always like this years before. Back when bills, and actions, were taking place which lead to this current economic state.

      Just saying. Thanks for sharing an opposing opinion :)

    • Danny

      I think that the real problem is not the bills that are being presented but a thorn to an even bigger problem. The internet has become a mirage of what the world is today. A reflection that clearly shows greed, merciless, selfish images of what our world has become. Are you willing to trust your family with a complete stranger? How about a billion strangers?

      The issue is the internet. It’s intention is to serve the world in a dynamic and innovative manner. It has potential, but it lacks control. The internet is so resourceful and powerful that it has become the very avenue that drives insanity and the darken truth about some of the people who live among us. It energizes things like terrorism, murder, and violations of privacy. I don’t know about you, but energizing any of those things is not a sentence I like to type out, and you can’t argue that it’s not something that should be ignored, can you? While I am sure there is an enormous list of reasons why the internet should stay and why these bills are being considered is undoubtedly unreasonable, the list of reasons why it is not so good outweighs them. I enjoy the internet and enjoy playing games online, staying in contact with my friends, and even voicing an opinion from time to time — but I would personally give that right up to protect myself and to protect my family for the very reasons I have to remember 100 passwords, use virus protection, protect my identity, etc. Don’t get me started on viruses, hackers, and key loggers and why some dude in Korea thinks it’s funny to log into my email and send junk mail to all my friends. The internet foundation needs to be shut down and reinvented so that we can use it to our advantage and for all the reasons to keep something like this alive.

      Am I for the bill? No. Am I against it? No. Neither of these choices provide a meaningful outcome and do not adequately put reasonable controls in place. Just like in the world outside of the internet, laws are passed that make me as a human being have to question why a law like this should be passed. Seriously – as people we should have already set an example by disallowing movies and music to be distributed without consequences. Why didn’t ISP’s already filter out and shut down websites that are distributing it?

      I feel that while some may argue this bill, it does serve a starting point for what may eventually should occur – which is some major changes to the internet today in such a way that we can use it to its fullest and most enjoyable way possible without the side effects.

  76. T.C. Parker

    First this article is a gross exaggeration of the act and I suggest that anyone interested in this to actually read it in it’s entirety for themselves instead of the portions tossed together by bloggers because “mostly” everything that is written about this is accusatory. In the first example the blogger stated an example of someone using a Trademarked logo in an article where they are critiquing the logo and the Corporation does not want it shown on that site, and can have the site shut down for good. That is a very bad example and by definition does constitutes copyright infringement, but from a practical standpoint, the majority of copyright infringement suits involve reproduction and/or distributing said work, not critiquing ones work on a blog. If I am selling copies of my computers OS then I am infringing. If I give away my copy then I am not. If I am selling a trademarked logo on a t-shirt without permission then I am infringing. If I simply write a blog and critic said logo, I have not infringed on their intellectual property and they could not have my site shut down. But that is what articles like this want you to believe could happen. Craigslist has a link on their site saying that users may no longer be able to sell their used goods as it constitutes infringement. That is a bunch of hooey!! If I buy an iPad from Apple, Apple has received compensation and the item belongs to me. Apple can not dictate what I do with the iPad because it is mine and I can do whatever I want with it. But Craigslist wants people to think that Corporations will be able to stop you from reselling items you purchased legally. What crock!! People read these bills in their entirety then decide for yourselves to support/oppose it.
    I am a software engineer and anyone interested in Graphic design know of a site that will sell you the Adobe Creative Master Suite for $39.(We all know who that is.) A 2K+ software for $39. This is who this bill is design for. Those Foreign sites that sell Software, Rolex, Gucci, LV, Prada, Uggs, Tiffany, Nike, Movies still in the theaters, etc. US Corporations have no recourse against foreign entities so they need a way to go after them and they very well should. The only people that will be effected by these bills are those that sell/buy pirated goods. Every article I have read on this subject has a different interpretation of the bills and constantly add on what they “believe” could happen or state things that is not in the bill, but what they think “might” happen which to me is accusatory. PEOPLE READ THE BILLS IN IT’S ENTIRETY FOR YOURSELVES AND DO NOT BE LEAD BY MISCONSTRUED INFORMATION!!!

    • Okay, so remember when the patriot act that started America’s war on terror was first introduced? Then U.S. president G.W. Bush was pushing it for a long while before it was actually passed, and it couldn’t get passed until after 9/11. So for you to think the law won’t be twisted in any way shape or form to suit big corporations is foolish, every law is twisted around in someway to make sense of governmental action. Even if said action is unconstitutional.

      If you believe that everyone against these laws are just pirates who don’t want to pay for software, than thats your opinion. But everything I said can happen, both bills if passed will get manipulated to suit whatever case is there at the time, and the time span they have of 5 days to fix any type of infringement is the span it takes for them to get the notice.

      You might want to make sure you read all the facts, before you beging attacking.

      • Gary

        “If I buy an iPad from Apple, Apple has received compensation and the item belongs to me. Apple can not dictate what I do with the iPad because it is mine” – Technically yes you can resell the item because Apple has no way of preventing this. But from a legal stand point you would not be allowed to sell such an item. This is a very old law which prohibits the resale of goods. Governments usually enforce these because they are not able to recoup any tax back from the resale.

    • Joy

      Everyone knows our government is out of control, they can’t even balance a budget. Everything they put thier grubby little fingers on gets screwed up. All you need is one person to use this law and the internet might as well seese to exist. You say the that the law is written and its context, but what does the context say to the person who will be making the judgement. You can not know how someone else will think the bill should be applied in the future or in any sense. The bill is what is wrong with this country. The bill isn’t about the poor people who have made millions and off one download they lost all their money lol. It’s about giving up control to a train wreck and honestly I feel OUR government does not stand for what it should or used to. People are so blinded by what they want that they do not see the big picture. I hope this doesnt blow up in anyones face, but with the US government, I am sure it will eventually. When Social Security started it worked great and had a surplus of money, then some person in the goverment said lets do this now its about bankrupt. But hey how many chances do the US government get to screw things up before you and everyone notices? Just wondering.

    • Dick

      Alright, first you have to look at the history of how these “innocent” bills and laws are ALWAYS perverted by the Feds. These are just stepping stones towards what they want and that is the ability to censor the internet any any REAL info being sent across the Nation. Look at the internet as a candle (one of many) that sheds light upon the shady, dark dealings of our politicians, every one that they can snuff out makes their work easier. They already have near complete control of the televisions news media, this is going to lead to their controlling the internet much in the same way. The “patriot act” sounded good but they use that against America’s citizens, “homeland security” sounded good but that too is focused ENTIRELY against the people of America too. How many times do they have to shyte on you before you realize it stinks??? ALL the recent laws they have cited to “protect us” have been used to strip away our freedoms and rights? ALL OF THEM!!!

    • BHM

      I think that the people that are buying drugs illegally and automotive parts illegally or taking credit for artwork that isn’t theirs is illegal. Therefore if the bill protects this type of thing that it is good. However, if some kid wants to sing a song and they have talent and can get discovered on U-tube where in the past they didn’t have a venue to do it and the bill prevents them for doing it then then there needs to be some revisions that are specific to the areas that are really in need of being addressed to protect Pharmaceutical companies, automotive companies, musicians, artists and others that are getting ripped off. There is always two sides to any story. Remember Hitler, he was by far the most successful person in History in Marketing/propaganda ever to convince the world to be prejudiced. It was totally wrong but people followed that mad man because he was a brilliant at convincing the world of his views. I agree that people need to read the bills, and laws and make decide for themselves rather than be sucked into all the propaganda like the world did with Hitler. WE as a Nation as the WORLD can not allow ourselves to ever be sucked into the propaganda of what others think we should think for ourselves. We certainly do not want to end up like a society like the Hunger Games or worse. People don’t make these stories up with out some sort reason behind it. Look at the Millenium Series. I am telling you, propaganda is propaganda. Everyone should the read the bill themselves and make their own opinion. I will. Thank you.

  77. Rippy

    Read through and I am thoroughly annoyed, I’m an anime fan and this affects us horribly, because most of the anime fans will download unlicensed anime, we found out that the torrent site we go to was actually run by all the companies in anime and they all use this to measure what to buy and also what will sell. If that site goes, there goes the revenue for the companies, and they will also have no market, we can kiss the anime goodbye, this includes sites like and, I’m work with a group at our local anime conventions to help fight this. We have a convention in March, so wish us luck, the anime fans are going to help fight this, we’re not going to let this stand, not one bit

    • Lana

      Oh and I’m also an anime fan too. This may affect me. I can’t afford to go to Japan to directly watch anime there. Those damn party pooping congress. lol

  78. Beeb

    Am I the only one that wants this to pass? It the Internet…not the end of the world. Everyone needs a new hobby if this is such a big deal.

    • Tanatat

      i know but it both good and bad internent is a way to help people if SOPA and PIPA passes then the whole internent would shut down depend on how you view the internent it up to u but i think it better ro keep it right now because of students that need to learn and without internent nobody would know nothing I admired that we should find a new hobby but it also good to think about the students and other people who really need the informations

    • Sam

      this would lead to the end of life as we know it, not the world but soon no banking, no job search websites, and whats to stop the when they could easily say this jobsite has thousands af copyrighted company names

  79. Micaela

    Excellent job at explaining the opposing side. This article definitely influenced me to join the protest. However, since I try to keep an open mind I did some research about the proponents side. The few benefits the act has results in outcomes so negative that there actually seems to be nothing beneficial about it. Thanks for the detailed explination, definitely plan to share this page with some people. c:

    • Thank you for reading, and taking in an opposing view on things. I don’t think most of my readers try to. I am for whatever it takes to stop illegal acts, within reason. However the way these bills go about it is wrong. I’m not trying to instill fear, just an opinion of what I think and how these bills can and will get twisted around to suit big corporations needs.

      • Valerie Kraemer

        Firstly, control can only be spotty and in all likelyhood, preferential; secondly, the definition of copyright is conditional in this setting; thirdly, the original copyright owner could benefit indirectly from improvements brought by an infringement which they had orginally deemed to be harmful, and might at some future time be harmed by the very constraints they themselves had wished for.

      • Sam

        Hi Jamal, just wanted u to know i find ur article very interesting, although its a shame so many people don’t, i would like to copy and paste a small section from Internet Blackout Aftermath – Is the Threat of SOPA/PIPA Over? into a Facebook conversation on the subject, i have been told to keep people up to date, it also looks like il need permission to do this and to credit you aswel, lol.

        p.s. I was highly amused to find that the FBI’s public website was hacked and closed down last night in response, I have no idea how temporary this is though as it may already be back online, i havn’t yet checked.

  80. pol

    Thank you for sharing this article to most internet users. I assure you that most users are behind you in protecting media freedom, a luta continua!

  81. Gen

    This is why the US Government needs to be demolished and rebuilt from the constitution it was originally built upon. The current government doesn’t give two shits about it’s people and the major companies don’t give two shits about it’s consumers. So what if a small majority of people get crappy software for free? It’s all 1s and 0s and in all honesty mean nothing to the world. But yet companies get greedy and don’t want to share, so they harass the government to create bills so they can keep their money flow spewing in more and more cash for them. Much like how our government charges up the ass taxes on EVERYTHING and yet produce for us crap to nothing in return. In other words to the Major companies and the US Government: We gave you life, we can take it away.

    • Michelangeo

      Hear, Hear!
      Although i am a Canadian i entirely agree with your views.
      This bill sould be burned.

  82. Lauren

    Has it occurred to *anyone* that We the People could BOYCOTT the corporate supporters of these bills? If Hollywood thinks it’s losing money to pirates, wait ’til they see how much money they lose when the “average Joe” refuses to: buy music; go to a movie; watch television or pay their cable bill (i.e., cancel their cable TV); sign up for Netflix et. al.; or attend *any* entertainment event. They’ll WISH the only problem they had were pirates!

    Even if SOPA and PIPA are defeated this time around, they won’t stop. They’ll keep coming back and back and back until they get SOMETHING passed. And then they’ll amend it and sneak riders on to unrelated bills until they make SOPA AND PIPA look reasonable! BUT if we BOYCOTT them — THEY’LL THINK TWICE!

    And if We the People WON’T stand together in solidarity and boycott — then we deserve the government we have, and all the tyranny that’s coming down the pike. When do YOU plan on doing something? When you’re locked up in some gulag somewhere, when it’s too late? ACT NOW.

  83. Not Happy

    i live in britain and i got cut off by the strike 10 minuits ago, first i have heard of it so i picked your site to read up more, and from what i have read im not too impressed, i realise that this effects people worldwide as the majority of websites are american compnies. i am very interested in ameteur arts so im constantly looking up peoples drawings, songs and books, i also have lots of friends in bands who will struggle if these acts are passed, and i am currently designing internet games that i will be unable to post, it will also effect what i am allowed to post on facebook, oh wait, not sure if im allowed to say facebook.

  84. Sam


    Its 20 years now when we put down a Comunism in our Country (Czech Republic) and now i see it again. Only from those who was once against Comunism. Horrible what they do. Its ashame all people in America who fight with this tactic of human manipulation if your people dont do anything. I can only sign petition or something like that coz i havnet much money to travel for some protest but at least smothing. But Comunism have ideology of people making better world (yes, its not truth at all) but these “companies” only want manipulate people and make them “sheep” to herd.
    And if you dont want spent x years fighint with “bodyguards” of those compaines do sometginh now, coz later will be too late.

    • Sam, thank you for your insight on this. Signing an online petition is by far more than enough and all I would ask of anyone. By doing so, your doing more than most American citizens have.

  85. Lana

    Has congress finally became so paranoid that they need to find ways to CENSOR the AMERICAN PUBLIC or do they simply have too much time to waste? Plus, all this bullshit during campaigning times of the 2012 election. What great timing. (sarcasm) Seriously? Is the congress simply just killing time because they have “NOTHING BETTER TO DO”? What about fixing our economy first? What happened to that? Wasting time and money again and again on small shit like these. This is absolutely ABSURD. What the congress needs is to spend time on what REALLY matters. Not some paranoid bullshit that’s supported by those idiot (PARANOID) big company (SNOBS) that’s ROBBING the economy for us HARD WORKING citizens with their bullshits. For goodness sake, common sense CONGRESS, stop the bullshit already!

  86. Mike

    This article is so ridiculous it makes me laugh!

    “..There would be no Facebook, YouTube, MediaFire, SoundCloud, Twitter, DropBox, or any other site that can be targeted as a place where online piracy could take place.” As if they would never be able to make any adustments in creating their personal innovative sites. So this must mean that there will no longer be anymore new social networks coming into existence in the future if it’s passed right? Let’s not get stupid about it.

    “Legal Action over a child singing a song”??? LMAO NOW it REALLY sounds like you’re reaching Jamal. Why would any corporation, artist or what have you even waste their time going after something like that? What planet are you from anyway? Since when does a multi-million dollar enterprise waste their time RUINING THEIR REPUATION on tope of that, just to go after some pion in court? You obviously don’t know the business world all too well do you? Disney gets infringed on daily yet they don’t have the time to go on some war path with every little mom and pop business doing something that would make them look bad.

    Just because a law is passed doesn’t mean it’s going to be enforced the way you say or speculate. This could go anywhere and who’s to say to how much degree policy would even carry?

    You’re not going to destroy the internet, innovation or anything else you mention here. It simply means that people are going to have to make adjustments and roll with the punches. The bills are right if they’re passed. People are just going to evolve and for good reason too.

    • Um, do you know how many lawsuits Google has gotten from major music recording labels in regards to their music being found for free streaming on YouTube???? Have you looked up every lawsuit that Disney, and any other corporation of that size, has??? Its actually quite a lot for Google, and if you were to know all about the bills and what they could lead to you might not be so aggressive in your disbelief. I am not reaching, as you so elegantly put it, here either.

    • billy

      Which planet are you from? Ever heard of Metallica and Napster incident? Pirate Bay? Unlike what you said, there are many corporations out there that are absolutely OK to tarnish their reputation for profit.
      Do you understand that how costly the law enforcement would be? who’s going to pay for the costs? How can a giant like Google can monitor all search results to make sure that they are not contain any illegal content? Do you like to pay subscription fees to these websites for their services? Because that’s what’s going to happen.
      DNS filtering? That’s just a cute name for censorship. Like China or Iran or all those dictatorships that Fox news bashes all day. How can you lure investors to invest on an interactive online business when there’s a fear that the Government or a provider can shut down your website overnight?
      Unlike your post, the reality is not laughable my friend.

  87. Chirp

    I wonder if these are the same people who came up with that half-arsed No Child Left Behind act… An act that was CLEARLY not made by educators, like this is CLEARLY not made by common Internet users. “Hey, grandson, show me how to use this google internet thing again?”

    • Mike


      Forgive me so being so aggressive here. But I think that if companies like Google and others are going to profit huge off the internet and make there billions off the internet then there needs to be some accountability here, especially if others are going to be hurt.

      It’s not like they can’t have afford to make these adjustments. They’re not going to lose millions right off the bat if they’re in violation. These types of lawsuits are ones that require action on thier part. Not necesarrily a loss in profits.

      If there are website that violate Federal law then they will have to take measure to remove them and make sure they’re banned from their search engine. That’s all. Of course if they fail to comply after being warned then the repercussions can be devasting for them money-wise. Nobody’s crucifying them or putting them out of business for one incident. They need to make sure they are doing everything they can to comply with the laws.

      Why should someone who’s worked hard not be protected with the same copyright laws books, magazines, CD’s and movies get? because it’s intelectual property the law shouldn’t apply to them as well? The internet is not going anywhere because of these laws. It just offers protections for someone’s work and forces those that are profiting off it to take measures in protecting other peoples work, and rightfully so.

  88. Nik

    Ya, if these bills are passed, my career will be sabotaged. I am a teenage singer and I am going to upload covers of songs to YouTube very soon. If they pass these bills, how can I get noticed? I, being a teenager, don’t have much I can do, and assuming the government people will, I don’t know what I will do:( I am NOT happy.

  89. Nord

    Thanks for the info!
    My school was lucky enough to send a few hand-picked students to our nation’s capitol to meet our senators, representatives, ect. up close and personal. When I leave in mid-February, I was planning on bringing up this issue with our government officials, for you see, the internet is my life. I learned about SOPA from all the harsh statements it had been getting on websites like Memebase, and was inclined to learn more. Now that I know my lively hood is in danger, I’m ready to fight for it.
    -I’ll let you know what happens (:

  90. Jeff

    This was a great article and thank you for giving me an overview…however, as any seasoned internet user should know, information on the internet can be made up or construed to support any idealogy they want. With this said, I’m not saying you are full of crap or even misinformed, however, it is your opinion regarding what these bills are saying…my only feedback for you is to post links to the actual house and senate bills so we can see them for ourselves in their painfully longwinded state.

    I have seen, all too many times, people overreacting to a bill when the bill is very concise and clear with its intentions and the opinion on the internet is nothing more than a bloated personal agenda. Or maybe you are the wisest person in the world! The point is…you gain more credibility if you have nothing to hide and nothing to fear by posting the links.

    Thank you!

  91. Nikola

    Give us money,and piracy will die. I don’t have money,and I can’t afford original movies and games. I have to download them. Realize that. Don’t seize the immpossible.

  92. xorxorxor

    “PIPA, if passed, will give U.S. corporations and the government the right to seek affirmative legal action with any website that they see as enabling copyright infringement weather of U.S. origin or not. Here is a breakdown of all that they will have the power to do.”

    There is a typo, I think it was supposed to be “whether”, not “weather.”

    But very useful info. Thanks a lot for posting this.

  93. Anti-SOPA

    Gaddafi and Saddam was better, I know what the american government is up to. They are going to make the internet another iraq where people have no rights or freedom but to shut up and wander clueless. The government is afraid the people are become well educated through the internet and started to recognised their black deeds.

  94. Trevor

    Whatever happened to, “We the people”? The government clearly has seen all of our protests, yet they obviously have their own intentions.

  95. nico

    let them pass the law and the world can challenge it. if everyone stands together they will have to disregard it as it is impossible to put the world on trial. life was created to live and let live and not kill the people of the world before their time on this earth.

  96. Rajan

    No govt likes criticism, especially if it has something to hide. Take India for eg. Penal actions are likely to be taken on Google and other internet companies for casting derogatory remarks on Sonia Gandhi. So what? Let SG give her reply, if she has got guts and let the Google, Facebook publish the same. Instead, the Govt toeing her, brings Kapil Sibal to comment and a Law likely to be passed for pre-censoring of the comments. What the heck, are we a democratic country, and we shout at the top of voice when China made Google to exit. Under the same presumption, USA, a torchbearer of democratic values and human rights fails to score even one on a ten point scale. The very introduction of these Acts itself shows how nervous the Govt has become. A citizen watchdog for rights is the need for the hour. Wikipedia has done proud of protesting against thses type of arm-twisting measures

  97. Marina

    Dear Jamal,
    I am a high school student and we are doing an online presence about PIPA and SOPA and why we are for or against it my group is against it we have looked at many articles and yours was one of the most informative and trusted, I have used some of your information in my website ( which is still in progress in the moment) and i am going to give you complete credit for your work . :D thank you for your information it has helped greatly.
    Sincerley a high school student

    • Hi Marina,

      Wow, this has to be the best comment on one of my articles I’ve ever read. I am so ecstatic that something that I wrote could help you out in school. I just graduated from HS last May, and I’m actually in schock that I’ve helped you. Maybe feeling old a bit too, lol. Tweet me or email me the link to your site when your done, would love to see it!

  98. Steve Federspiel

    Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when the people voting on these laws aren’t bright enough to understand the far reaching consequences of the votes. But they surely know how their party “leaders” want them to vote. The “leaders” have been convinced by lobbyists over lunch, dinner, golf, vacation trips and whatever else it takes to
    sell the plan that their employers dictate. The brilliance of our electorate was never better demonstrated than when they VOTED for a health care bill without reading the entire document. I guess since it since wouldn’t apply to them why waste the time to read it. Their “leaders” said it’s good so it must be.


  99. whsmith

    Such legislation is another step toward governmental internet control. There are other, better ways to control piracy, if that is the real goal. The Republicans who vote for this will be out of office in 2012, and hopefully, the Democrats as well.

  100. Digo Freitas

    This is a bad new for us, bloggers… It means that we won’t be able to produce anything refering copyrighted stuff…

    We have to do something! What else we can do to stop it?!?!

    • Hi Digo,

      The main anyone can do is stay up to date with how these bills our being handled in the House and the Senate. Right now, SOPA is going to be voted on again soon. And by the looks of it, by lack of enough support against it, this bill just might pass out of committee. Allowing it to be passed at anytime.

      We all need to stay up to date, active, inform as many people as we can, and annoy our local elected officials until they see they are wrong. Also the recent boycott of GoDaddy did quite well.

  101. Just an update on what’s going on, the House Judiciary Committee has postponed the rest of the SOPA markup for Wednesday Dec. 21. Keep the momentum going, we can stop this hear and now :n)