IconShock Free Icon Set and 1st Freebie in Year 2010!


title-detective-free-icon-setHappy new year 2010!

In order to make this new year special, there will be released fresh icon set created specially for 1stwebdesigner readers in collaboration with Iconshock professional Stock Icons company. I am very excited how you will like this first freebie, please let us know in comments! Designers worked hard to deliver you this amazing icon set, so be thankful if you evaluate this work!

With good thoughts and much regards, we present Detective icon set, which consists from 5 high quality icons in *png and *ai source format. Icons are free for use both in your private and commercial, however it would be nice to give some credits to Iconshock company and 1stwebdesigner website, however it’s not necessary:

1stwebdesigner template-01

Briefcase Icon:


Envelope Icon:


Gear Icon:


Search Icon:


User Icon:


You can download *.png and *.ai source files right now and here!

If you enjoy this icon set please link to it to help spread the word! Again big thanks to Iconshock company and best luck to everybody in new Year 2010!!!



  1. thanos

    awsome post man..thx for sharing…keep it coming,full time bloggers like me really appreciate it…:)

  2. A. Lougheed

    There are only THREE icons in the download and only PNG – NO AI files.

    Also – If these are from Iconshock — I can’t find them on their site.

    Searched everywhere for detective icons.

    I realize this is a freebie – so can’t complain. But I’d be HAPPY to purchase the User icon … if I could find it.

    Can anyone help?


  3. blackgown

    Very nice icons. But honestly for me, many icons with red pockmarked will be seen better without those red pockmarked.

  4. lockerridge

    These are really nice icons you have offered us for free! The only thing which prevents me from downloading and using them is the splash of red. I think it has ruined them for me and I think many other potential users of your icons.
    The red splash reminds me of blood and of violence or sadness, and I won’t use them for that reason. Websites should be fun and make one happy to be there don’t you think? It is just something to think of when you design something you wish to be used by millions of people. Make them feel happy.. you have them forever… make them feel sad they will avoid you forever.

  5. Claire Robinson

    This Chris McCorkle is some guy! Why does he keep saying the same shit over and over again? I agree with the other comment, his insight is damn obvious and dull, and misses completely the point here. This is a free fun freebie that you can take it or leave it.

    Need someone to talk to Chris? Feeling lonely? Although your thoughts and your picture give me a clue of why people must reject you constantly, I think spraying your obvious and useless knowledge in this forum isn’t going to give you any company. Leave us alone please.

  6. Patrick James

    Their nice. I just think these would be better [and more useful] without the blood splatters.Just sayin’

  7. Matt

    I think Chris McCorkle is just trying to show off with his comment. Come on man, this is a fun freebie… Nobody is going to use this set for an Apple Juice marketing campaign! Your ideas are also very obvious by the way. Just discovered hot water my friend?

    Thank you very much 1st web designer for your marvelous posts and freebies, that’s why you are the best. This icon set is just awesome. It has such detail it looks more like a set you should pay for.

  8. Before you start designing your icon set think about where it’s going to be used. On the intranet for a small business where it will only be seen by a small group of employees? Or as part of a large company’s global branding campaign? If it’s the latter you need to be aware of cultural sensitivities. What may look quite clear to you may be viewed quite differently in another country. Cultural traditions and surroundings differ greatly from country to country. Microsoft’s brightly-colored squares or the iconic Apple logo for example, as well as being instantly recognizable, even in a small icon format, are safe images that are unlikely to cause offense or be misinterpreted by different cultures around the world. And if you use text in the icon, will it be understood correctly by someone in another country?

    • I like your comment – I definitely agree with you – of course perfect icons will be so smart and thought through as you listed, but yes – this is a fun freebie and it’s free.

      I think these icons could be used very well in web development or product based sites.

      Chris and if you know so much about icons, why couldn’t you write a post about explaining How perfect icon should look like? Things to think about before creating icons?

      • Don’t mind the previous poster’s comment, these icons are great for our unit.
        We are all detectives so these icons fit right in with our job.

  9. Heidi V.

    These are so cool I have a book blog that these would work on! I’ll be adding a link back…