Introducing InfiniteWP – Your One-Stop Solution to Managing WP Sites


Are you in the process of managing multiple websites powered by WordPress, and feel lost somewhere? Perhaps you can never be sure whether you’ve updated that plugin on this site or this plugin on that site. After all, if you have multiple websites, each with its own share of plugins, themes and settings, how exactly can you be expected to have time for anything other than website management?

If the above mentioned situation seems apt for you, InfiniteWP is one tool that you should try!

To Begin With…

Well, let’s leave the definition to InfiniteWP itself:

“InfiniteWP simplifies your WordPress management tasks into a quick click of a button, so you can spend your time on more important things.”

In other words, InfiniteWP is a tool that can be used to manage multiple installations of WordPress, irrespective of the domain and/or server that those installations are on. You can install InfiniteWP on your own server, have one master login for its admin panel, and update as well as manage all your existing WP installations from that panel itself. No need to manually update each and every plugin across multiple installations. Further more, you can also use InfiniteWP for backup and restore – all using one Master login.


Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

And it doesn’t cost you a penny! Yes, you read that right. InfiniteWP is free, though there are certain Premium addons in the pipeline (but the product overall is free to download).

With the introduction out-of-the-way, let us now take a deeper plunge and see what InfiniteWP can really accomplish.

Under the Hood

To begin with, you will need to download and install InfiniteWP on your server. Of course, there is a Tour that you can take before you decide whether the tool is worth the efforts or not.

Once installed, and logged in, you are greeted with a nimble and neat Admin Panel that lists all your stuff in an easy to use manner.

InfiniteWP Interface

InfiniteWP Interface

Obviously, the first thing that you will need is the ability to add your WP sites. You’ll find a small button at the lower left section of the screen, that proclaims “Add your WordPress sites here”.

Adding a new site

Adding a new site

You will be required to enter details such as website URL, admin user name and an activation key (which is displayed once you install the InfiniteWP plugin on your site).

Once the site has been added, you will find it mentioned in the admin panel.

Different Views in InfiniteWP

Different Views in InfiniteWP

In the Updates view, you can choose to view on the basis of website, plugins, themes or WP version, all neatly followed by the handy ‘Update All’ link.

InfiniteWP lets you update your WP sites with ease

InfiniteWP lets you update your WP sites with ease

The second view is the Plugins and Themes view, wherein you can manage and install new plugins and themes. Taking a closer look, in the Install Themes pane, you need to select the website, decide whether to automatically activate the new theme, and then specify the source – the WP repository, ZIP file upload, theme URL, and so on. You can install the same theme across multiple sites too.

Installing a theme using InfiniteWP

Installing a theme using InfiniteWP

You can perform backups on your sites – just select the website (single or multiple, as you wish), then decide whether to backup just the files or the database as well, and specify any additional measures (exclusions, inclusions, etc.). That’s it! You’re good to go.

Performing backups using InfiniteWP

Performing backups using InfiniteWP

InfiniteWP also keeps a handy activity log, as shown below.

Activity Logs in InfiniteWP

Activity Logs in InfiniteWP

Final Words

So, is InfiniteWP worth it? Definitely yes! If you are running WordPress across multiple websites and need an easy solution to manage all your installations, InfiniteWP should be your safest bet! Further more, if the current set of features doesn’t impress you, the premium features that are in the making will surely leave a mark – integration with Google Analytics, backup to Amazon S3 and Dropbox, front-end editor and the ability to manage users.

InfiniteWP has its own support forum where you can seek help, if so needed.

With that said, we leave you with a video of InfiniteWP in action.

What do you think of this tool? Will you be using it to manage your WP sites? Feel free to share your thoughts!



    • Veri, WPMU is doing great marketing, but not always their promoted solutions are the best unfortunately. How do you think it kick ass of those another alternatives? I am big fan myself of ManageWP plugin actually – would love to hear good counter points (besides one in this article).

  1. Ingo


    what is the advantage to use “infinitewp” instead of using WordPress Multisite incl. Domain-Mapping?
    By using WPMU I have just to include an extra backup-plugin.


  2. I have 5 wordpress site to manage and this certainly looks like a useful tool. Will give it a short, hope the user interface is friendly.

  3. I don’t quite understand every thing in your article sir and am afraid of using new plugins. You see I am not very good a code but this one I will definitely try if I am able to use it how it’s supposed to be used it’ll save me a lot of time.

    Thank you for sharing

  4. there is also which is a similar service. I do like the way you can install plugins from a list of favourites. Will make setting up new instances a breeze .

  5. OMG, I gotta try this NOWWW!

    Manage WP is impressive, but damn expensive (being a monthly fee) and my monthly list of payments is ok as it is now :)

  6. Amit

    Thanks for writing about InfiniteWP. I’ll definitely tell my WP developers to go through this article and try out this new system.

  7. Mike Zielonka

    Guys and grils! What about managewp? They have over 100000 sites and do everything as infinatewp and muc more

    • Mike, post about them is already coming!! Along with 30 min video about their great plugin :) But it is premium one..and we wanted to get started and monitor free one at first. Thanks for letting us know though :)

        • Plugin added, did think about notification plugin for long time, just didn’t take action :) But it is there now!

          Wait for post on ManageWP we have coming, maybe after that we could get guest blog post like case study? :)

      • Dainis, sure. It was great to see 1stwebdesigner introducing us and the response received so far has been amazing. Syed has done a great job by reviewing all aspects of the app. Thanks again.

    • Robert, I am not sure in reality, his name is David as he thanked for review in comments, but couldn’t find more information on site and Google search.

    • Hello Robert,

      I don’t really know the owner/author of InfiniteWP personally, but he has shared his Skype and AIM ID on the InfiniteWP website itself. I suppose he won’t be having a problem connecting with InfiniteWP users. :)

  8. This looks great. I have been trying WP Remote. Anybody have any experience with both and reviews?

  9. This will save me so much time from having to login and out of all my WordPress sites. I was just looking for something like they do for, and now we have it. Many thanks to the creator of this app!

  10. Bill Ebert

    love this product. Been using it and cant wait to get all my servers plugged into it.

  11. AngusP

    IMHO this is awesome, and I will be using this to reign over my WP sites from now on. Good spot. Also, I love the way this is a self hosted app – to be honest, I don’t like web based services (like SquareSpace and Tumblr)

    • AngusP,
      I totally agree with you — web-based solutions like SquareSpace, though really helpful and good, do not beat the freedom offered in self-hosted solutions.