30 Deviant Digital Artists, Painters, Illustrators Worth Watching

title-deviantartists I remember, how much people needs to get inspired on every project, when struggling for ideas or just for better feelings seeing something really beautiful. DeviantArt is the best place with unlimited artistic possibilities where to get inspired. I am starting these article series so You can watch deviant artists, who are really professionals in their sphere and also if You decide to watch them – You actually like RSS feed, You get their newest artworks delivered right to Your mailbox!  I picked 2 artworks from every artist to show why I think You should follow him/her. I am planning also create these lists to web design artists, photographers etc. too, hope You’ll evaluate and really enjoy these post series!

1. Artgerm, comes from Singapore:

Digital Artist

pepper-smile-illustration chunli-style-illustration

2. Blackeri – Marta Dahlig, Comes from Poland:

Digital Painter

The_Oracle_by_blackeri absolute-by-blackeri-illustration

3. j3concepts, comes from United States:


Au_Reve__Amana_Version_by_j3concepts you-are-the-danger-j3concepts

4. Wen-M, Comes from United States:

Anima__Earth_Elemental_boss_by_Wen_M Anima__Arctic_Chimera_by_Wen_M

5. Diablo2003 – Mark Brooks (35), comes from United States:

Pencil Artist

Fantastic_Four_49_cover_by_diablo2003 Gandalf_the_Grey_for_Topps_by_diablo2003

6. Manicho – Mauricio Estrella G. (25),comes from Ecuador:

Graphic DesignerI_Can__t_Swim___Wallpaper_Pack_by_manicho Rendezvous__New_York__by_manicho

7. Acidlullaby – Wen-Xi Chen, comes from United Kingdom:

Aconitum_by_acidlullaby commission-metal

8. Azurelle – Anne Pogoda (22):

Cherry_Lite_Version_by_Azurelle Reunion_by_Azurelle

9. Anathematixs – Suzanne van Pelt, comes from Netherlands:

__Guess_Who___by_Anathematixs __Piece_of_you___by_Anathematixs

10. Galefra – Gale Franey, comes from Canada:

Digital Artist

The_Guardian_by_galefra the-falconer-by-galefra

11. Kayceeus – Kaycee, comes from United States:

Photo Manipulator

forest-angel-digital-art-by-kayceeus blue-lady-digital-art-kayceeus

12. Orioto – Mikaël Aguirre, comes from France:

Digital Artist

Lubine_Cetilaine_by_Orioto Serious_Monkey_by_Orioto

13. Michaelo – Michael Oswald (27), comes from United States:

Varied Artist

last-race-by-michaelo northwest-passage-by-michaelo

14. Aurory – Hoang Minh Le (25):

Digital Artist

Close_up_by_AURORY Close_up_of_confessor_by_AURORY

15. Charlie140588 – Charlie Bowater (20), comes from United Kingdom:

tehnicolor-digital-art-charlie Commission__Kamiki_by_charlie140588

16. Cypherx , comes from United States:

Digital Painter

kisses_for_the_breeze_by_cypherx FTC___Sleeping_Beauty_by_cypherx

17. Janaschi – Jana Schirmer (21), comes from Germany:

Digital Painter

Mae_commission_by_janaschi the_inner_noise_by_janaschi

18. Jezebel – Katherine Dinger (21), comes from Germany:

Digital Painter

Cersei_Seated_by_jezebel Emonator___Blood_Elf_Paladin_by_jezebel

19. Ladydawg (46), comes from United States:

secret_by_ladydawg horse-ladydawg

20. Peachysticks – Linda Tso, comes from New Zealand:

Brother_and_Sister_by_peachysticks Ryan___Lelia_by_peachysticks

21. Pbozproduction – Paolo Ramirez (24), comes from Philippines:

Digital Artist

casshern_by_pbozproduction KYLA2_by_pbozproduction

22. Orgo – Craig Brasco, comes from United States:


Crsitina_Scabbia_by_orgo Minotaur_Gladiator_by_orgo

23. Nykolai – Nykolai Aleksander, comes from United Kingdom:

Digital Painter

the-fallen-by-nykolai samurai-templar-by-nykolai

24. Lolita-art – Daniela Uhlig (26), comes from Germany:

blindmans_buff_by_lolita_art Dead_Sea_by_lolita_art

25. Hoon – comes from United States:

Digital Painter

Jun_by_HOON TU__ninja_talkshow_concept_by_HOON

26. Bluefley – Marc Brunet, comes from Canada:

Digital Artist

_Soothing_White__by_Bluefley _Grog__by_Bluefley

27. Kerong – Keron Grant (32), comes from Jamaica:

B_50_2_by_Kerong Silver_Love_by_Kerong

28. Ukitakumuki – Kai:

Conceptual Artist

Treewalkers_by_ukitakumuki Ave_Domine_Noctis_by_ukitakumuki

29. Mattahan – Paul Davey, comes from Jamaica:

Digital Painter

The_Grain_by_mattahan thieves-in-the-night-by-mattahan

30. balaa – Anastasia Korochansckaja, comes from United States:

Varied Artist

Simbelmyne_by_balaa stardust-digital-art-by-balaa

Don’t forget to come back and subscribe to RSS feed, so You won’t miss continuous artist selections! I know these are just very small number of artists out there, but I need to start somewhere too! Get Your portion of inspiration and don’t be modest not asking for more!

Dainis Graveris

Dainis is 25 years young man, who struggled for 3 years while studying in design academy and working for local design agency, because of ignorant teachers and agency boss. He couldn't believe this is all life could offer to him! And then he discovered true Internet possibilities, he was lucky to find his passion early in life and take advantage of this beautiful Information (Internet) Age! Now he is committed to help others succeed, to help others take charge of their life and follow their passion! His goal is to open Your eyes and help unveil Your true potential!

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  1. Lynne-Erwell says

    But this is just realist art… : / … you know, nowadays artists are more conceptual… Yes, drawing realism means you have the ability, but the most difficult part is actually making your own style, deforming, creating something from your creativity, simplify,….

    I think the links are good, but it feels too… backwards… I think. More like j3concepts and Manicho, that you posted, because well, for me all the others are pretty similar…. There isn’t something that identifies them….

  2. says

    I don’t think they are terrible, but my first impression is that they are pretty gay.
    I have no desire to watch these artist in the future.

  3. Anwar says

    Now this is some real good piec of advice,thanks a lot it was quit helpful … keep it up and you have a nice blog by the way

  4. Oktigh says

    great great great !!!!!!!!!!
    only word = incredible..
    OKTIGH is in Love the PHOTOSHOP

    Oktighs last blog post : 30 Deviant Digital Artists, Painters, Illustrators Worth To Watch

  5. says

    Great collection, don’t necessarily agree with @a these are all respectable artists and their TALENT and POTENTIAL speaks for itself.

    @Dainis Graveris you got it fixed, but not yet on the title of the page i.e. the one that appears in the browser.

    Great work though, it is appreciated

    Salamu kutoka Afrika (Greetings from Africa in Swahili-my language)

  6. STail says

    30 Deviant Digital Artists, Painters, Illustrators Worth Watching” – there, fixed that for you. Also, “grunge” art isn’t art.

  7. says

    It is always great to see Deviants getting good exposure, these sure deserve it. Good work.

    Roy Nottages last blog post : My First Background Environment Layout

  8. says

    @Stail sorry, my bad – fixed.

    @a I am not sure I could say something like that – I respect these works, I couldn’t do it. But it’s always easier to criticize, and image presentation are not my point of article in this case.