46 Outstanding Web Layouts From DeviantArt: September 2009

I am starting to think, I will create this as monthly feature, maybe not only picking beautiful web design scratches from DeviantArt, but also featuring latest month best web design related articles. There is a reason why domain name is 1st web designer – I really want to make even bigger focus to just web design. I assure you site is going to change and grow as I promised, just it’s not so easy as I thought at first. Evolving needs experience to do that right, but I currently lack that thing a little bit, still we have now several guest writers, which I hope to become here regular and also website got beautiful proposal about new and special icon sets releasing under our site. I will talk about current future plans in next article, so be sure to come back here! Maybe even there will be monthly contests  with good prices and interviews with experienced designers in near future, I will think about it and keep you informed!

Ok, got a little bit distracted, but now let’s enjoy again very beautiful artworks picked from DeviantArt to help you get inspired and scan what’s fresh can be seen in these designs!

1. Inspira by AlxDesign


2. Jocoo by SencerBugrahan


3. EG-Layout Web 2.0 by ejsing


4. Moodbase by sinthux


5. Book Store by downsign

Different ancient style from modern ones, but very relevant – website for Ancient book store, beautiful work!


6. One Three V2 by BboyWicked

Check out live website of this design too at 1Three.


7. Hypowired by sinthux

You can buy this theme actually and check out live demo too. Definitely worth more than 30$! Very inspiring design!


8. Plush by AlxDesign

Very nice design, and you can check live demo here and even buy it there!


9. My Portfolio by SencerBugrahan


10. LedTek by hinok

Check out also live version of this outstanding design here!


11. Art4you by ECP-Pro


12. New freebiesdock.com design by kac2or

Possible new FreebiesDock design – though their current design seems for me better, this one is still very beautiful!


13. Eyebrid by sinthux

Soon this website should be seen live at EyeBrid.com! Nicely done!


14. Greenfolio by CoronaLemon


15. Echo.com by ECP-Pro


16. Hydro Quebec by niponwar


17. Trillium by Nas-wd


18. FreeLance by SencerBugrahan


19. Partly temporary by tehacesequence


20. Zimo by zee7


21. Milostudy by DouglasEltz


22. Video by SencerBugrahan


23. Info CMS by Narayanan


24. Model by lluck


25. grochowicz.pl by gluszczenko

Very clean and clear design, you can check online version of this site here!


26. ForeSight by pcholewa


27. Music Shop by pcholewa


28. PlugHD by jamesmtb


29. BlackNews by SencerBugrahan


30. Freschwimmer by CoronaLemon


31. ECO Insect by Lbr0skc


32. Qarstar Design by Qarstar


33. Grabzer by alighandour


34. 490 -The Layout by detrans


35. SuitJunky by night-m4re


36. Empati Design by SencerBugrahan


37. Kosetasi Web Interface by ThanRi


38. Guitar by Merendil


39. SimpleSolution by acidflow


40. CubeProductions by vanmall


41. Photo-Folio by S-a-t-i-n-e


42. 8Pixels Studio by arakros1


43. Pencilpress theme by gdnz


44. Miasma by Sunjo


45. ATAK Interactive – Unofficial by Bugx0r


46. Business theme by prkdeviant

You can check demo to this clean design here.


Dainis Graveris

Dainis is 25 years young man, who struggled for 3 years while studying in design academy and working for local design agency, because of ignorant teachers and agency boss. He couldn't believe this is all life could offer to him! And then he discovered true Internet possibilities, he was lucky to find his passion early in life and take advantage of this beautiful Information (Internet) Age! Now he is committed to help others succeed, to help others take charge of their life and follow their passion! His goal is to open Your eyes and help unveil Your true potential!

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  1. Randy says

    These examples are incredibly good. I love the combination of colors and styles and the final balance. I think I have much to learn. Thanks for sharing!

  2. PranaV says

    its not creative dude….
    juz a simple color effect on every page..
    u need some creative design????
    contact to me…
    m from india

  3. Reynolds says

    These themes are fantastic, I love Greenfolio by CoronaLemon. Is really original design and the colours are perfect! Brilliant design.

  4. Brummie says

    Very impressive designs, I even found myself struggling on selecting which design should i choose to be the best. Its a job well done! To be honest i’m having difficulties in adding Features content and style. And now it makes me want to stay all night long and improve my skills for web designing.

  5. Lauren says

    Wow, what a collection, thank you. People aren’t messing around with their designs, I’ve got to step it up a notch. Or two. Or ten. :P Thanks for sharing these mos definitely inspiring. Have a swell day.

  6. Luis Lopez says

    Another great devianart collection you just bring us this month, excellent…. they are really excellent quality

  7. saurabh shah says

    wow ! this is called as an Outstanding designs…. really beautiful one .. thanks for sharing with us …

  8. Dimofamo says

    CoronaLemon’s one left me breathless. It just demonstate how spacing, simplicity and soft colors can be charming and effective.

  9. says

    Very cool Layouts – I bookmarked it for my Scrapbook / Ideas Library.
    I´ll hope you´ll find more such inspirational websites in the future..
    Rod Meier – a photographer allways looking for new inspiration…

  10. says

    Outstanding is right! The furnished layouts are really quite stunning and the compilation is very thorough.

    I really enjoyed Sencer Bugrahan’s work in particular.