Jameel Khan

Jameel Khan is a web graphic designer and has been working in this field for 4 years. He also writes for other blogs and is also the founder member of www.webdesigncore.com. His biggest passion is blogging and vector illustrations.

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  1. Ian says

    That is some cool stuff! These logos rock! Fun to get some insights in the design process :)

  2. Mel says

    A logo represents the nature, character and values of a business. Image is everything in business, and a company can either thrive or wither away depending on the image that it consistently gives to the public. A logo can set you apart from your competitors. The initial logo design you present to the market should be positive, powerful and leave a lasting impression.

    First, ask yourself some questions. For example, what qualities do you hope to convey? What mission and directive do you want to get across to others? All input should be incorporated into a own custom logo, design and print. Design & print are an important part of your business, and marketing is a necessity. This process is time consuming but required and these examples are a perfect visual for any aspiring designer to take note of.

    Thanks Ronald!!

  3. Ian says

    Thank you for sharing these. As a traditionally trained designer, it’s refereshing and wonderful to see beautiful designs start in embryonic form off the computer. I know it is the way it should be, but not always the case today.

  4. Alex says

    Quite a compilation there. I found some of the concepts unique and innovative. As a graphic designer I found this very useful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Mohsin Nazir says

    Process in any field is very helpful. In designing something process is most important thing. Initial sketches of the logo will helpful in getting the good design.

  6. says

    These are Great examples of logo designs. it is very nice to see them, as a logo designer it is very inspiring to see them, also it will be useful to me in logo designing. thanks for all this Great Job :)

  7. Bill Kenney says

    Great collection, I love reading about other peoples creative process and also sharing ours.

  8. Catty says

    Awesome roundup! I’ve been wanting to find some new ways to approach logo design and this collection gives more than enough! Thanks for this! (=^_^=)