70 Typographic, Clean And Minimalist Color Scheme Web Designs

title-minimalist-designHello there! It’s time for little inspiration and this time I wanted to showcase something different. You may know that very popular designer slogan – “More is Less”, and yes it’s often so true – unexperienced people tend to overcrowd, use too much colors in their designs. I just love these designs – they are very light, clean and usually uses only monochrome color scheme and just one or two bright colors for links or headers.

You may also notice for such designs it’s more about grid, harmonic distribution through whole page and very silent, elegant accents. It’s not about many colorful photos,images or icons, crazy backgrounds or experimentation. Almost all of those designs are very clean, slightly increasing web page loading time, sometimes it’s crucial to have as light designs as possible, for example reddit, digg, stumbleupon social networks also consist of very few images and where is possible just color and CSS is used.

1. Brilliancy

One of the best clean, light and elegant websites I came across in this research. Really brilliant!


2. OffSet Media


3. PixelBot


4. Pixel Umbrella


5. Kristi Hines

Very clean, yet professional web design.


6 .Made By On


7. Hot Meteor

Hot Meteor specializes in web, print, and branding. Their site looks really professional and clean, good design is one of the best ways how to attract new clients.


8. Mark Boulton Design

Excellent accents leading your eye through whole page in the way author wants it. Follow me to this through – magazine photo + new(s) design is the first point which grabs attention, author explains there what is this site and company about – that first attention grabber is very important. Only then you look at his logo and read further – work, our clients, news, contact sections.




10. Concentric-Studio


11. Vitor Lourenco

Visit his homepage – starting from index page you’ll get amazed how effectively Vitor Lourenco uses white space.


12. Forget Foo


13. GetFinch


14. ShaunInMan


15. Arty Papers

Beautiful website using just few very subtle, monochrome colors and only pink color in logo is used to highlight most important links.


16. Vesess


17. SimpleBits


18. DesignWorkPlan


19. MadeBySofa


20. 80/20 Studio


21. Clear Left


22. Aentan

On this site so much is going on – I mean so many sections and categories, but still it looks pretty clean.


23. Huge Inc


24. Rustin Jessen


25. Daniel Oliver


26. Subtraction


27. Information Architects


28. The Man In The Sea


29. Built By Buffalo


30. Corporate Risk Watch

Site looks really professional and clean aligned in left side of the screen, also try their navigation – really unique approach!


31. Pixel Haven


32. Design Hotels


33. Jon Tangerine


34. Winnie Lim


35. Wonderful Union


36. Apple

Obvious, but I could not resist myself and not to include Apple minimalist ethalon page, though everyone knows about it already I am sure.


37. Darren Hoyt


38. Ronnie San


39. Shift PX


40. 5ThirtyOne


41. Andy Rutledge


42. Anthony James Bruno


43. Astheria


44. Big Kid


45. Cade Martin Photography


46. David Airey


47. Eight Face


48. Feed A Fever


49. Fell Swoop


50. Hello Stefan


51. Jamie Gregory


52. LindenTibbets


53. Matt Bango


54. Martin Hipp


55. Site Inspire


56. Welcome To Human Resources


57. z8

Click on Portfolio and Contact buttons, you’ll see nice Javascript animation going on there.


58. Kyle Steed


59. Joni Korpi


60. The Portfolio of David Arias


61. El Candor


62. I Love Typography


63. The NetSetter


64. Jeff Doe Design


65. Kyle Standing


66. GB Studio


67. Poccuo


68. Zurb


69. 39/18 Company


70. F5 Fest


I will soon continue with Part 2, because there are a lot more beautiful light designs so stay with us!

Dainis Graveris

Dainis is 25 years young man, who struggled for 3 years while studying in design academy and working for local design agency, because of ignorant teachers and agency boss. He couldn't believe this is all life could offer to him! And then he discovered true Internet possibilities, he was lucky to find his passion early in life and take advantage of this beautiful Information (Internet) Age! Now he is committed to help others succeed, to help others take charge of their life and follow their passion! His goal is to open Your eyes and help unveil Your true potential!

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  1. Andrew says

    It seems things are definitely going back to “keep it simple” which I’m actually quite happy about as I think the web needs to tone down on all the flashing colours a bit!

  2. Keith Davis says

    This is the best collection of cool, clean websites that I’ve seen.
    70 sites to choose from!
    Don’t know where to start but you have given me so many great ideas.

    Many thanks for the best collection on the web.

  3. Nora says

    nice collection, I like the Arty Papers one. I personally like clean web designs, but it is very hard to impress people with simple and clean look. You can see my own website at alvipixels.com, which could be added to this list.

  4. Kent says

    Really good Web designs. One extra point. Always make you article, page, or post super interesting to read. Make people want to come back for more.

  5. Kentt says

    The catchy blog with the interesting contents. You give the nice information that many people don’t know before. most of your contents are make me have more knowledge. it is very different. I was impressed with your blog. Never be bored to visit your website again. Have the nice day. Keep enjoyed your blogging.

  6. Melanie says

    Although this is a great collection, I can’t help but be slightly worn out by the “return to simplicity” design using black on white color schemes. There are a few exceptions to this, of course, but I would really like to see something more original than simply taking the easy route to simplicity.

  7. says

    Drooling now.

    I’m just fascinated by typography.
    The rules for “correct” typography are sometimes a bit overwhelming, but it is still a joy to see these sites.

    My obsession started when I needed to design posters when i was 17… i made an education as interior decorator.

    I need advice from some professionals though.
    Please have a look at my site and let me know what you think.
    Am I doing a lot of things wrong? ;)

    Keep up the good work!

  8. says

    Hello, thanks for the feature. Yes there is a lot going on on my page, content-wise but with some white-space, grid, typography rhythm and keeping things concise, minimalism can be maintained and clutter avoided.

  9. Felipe Martyn says

    I am a huge fun of minimalism.

    Thanks for the post, they are beautiful, but quite a few of them aren’t really minimal, there are quite a few that would fit into a sleek & simple category.

    I think that minimalism at the right percent is extremely hard to achieve…

    Thanks for the inspiration and great job

  10. David says

    Vary cool stuff here! It just goes to show you that a blog really dose depend on the content.

  11. Stuart Hobday says

    Hello – thank you for including my site (no.69 – 39/18) – just popped in there.

  12. Kevin S says

    Good motivation for working on my site. Bodipy.com has been in the works for a few weeks and I hope to finish it up soon. Thanks for the great list of minimalistic sites… I like em.

  13. Matt says

    Love Poccuo´s design with the prominent last tweet.

    To be honoust, I do think that the credit´s for Kristi Hines´ design should go to Vicor García. She´s just using his WPESP theme without the coda slider:

  14. Dicky says

    These are awesome collection! I enjoy viewing websites built with only 2 or 3 colors!

  15. BunnygotBlog says

    I hear this all the time, Keep it Simple. I really like all the information you have here and will check it all out.
    Great job.

  16. Jeffdoe says

    Thank you for including my sites. Jeffdoedesign.com and bkwld.com. Love all the love for minimalist sites!

  17. says

    Thanks so much for including me in this list! These sites are all definitely beautiful. I have always believed a more simple layout gets your point across quickly. It may not be too flashy, but no one will have issues getting to the core of the content that way.

  18. Luis Lopez says

    I really like BKWLD, David Airey and Subtraction sites, clean design and awesome colors, even if I am not really minimalistic on web design as i used to be on the past i appreciate this kind of sites.
    Really excellent collection