Hilde Torbjornsen

A girl with passion for design, photography, business planning, freelancing, inspirational art and Photoshop/Illustrator. She runs the website Designer77 and you can follow her on twitter here: @Hildy77

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  1. melanie says

    I will change my logo thank you for sharing! I will use different and bright colors as well. :) this truly boost the inspiration behind making great logos!

  2. says

    Hey everybody,

    Using so many colors in logo design is a really daring move. When you decide to do it, you’re definitely not on the safe side. Color is tricky, eye-catching and really emotion-absorbing. I feel using color works best when your design is inspired by organic, light and exotic shapes that one may find in nature. The Velora Studios logo really goes along those lines (it’s not in this list though). But my favorite one from this list is the iDream Images one.

  3. Josh says

    A good deal of these look like each other. The style they are trying to accomplish was innovative at first, but now it’s done too much. That being said, there are some pretty amazing logos there.

  4. says

    these are some new logo designs I haven’t seen before. Thanks for putting them together. Always in need of new ideas and new inspirations…

  5. says

    Great list and beautiful logos, but I feel like none of them really ‘pops’ out. When I got through the list I couldn’t remember one in particular.
    But nevertheless, a great inspiration :)

  6. Ian says

    They look great indeed.
    However, I wonder how most of them would appear once faxed .

  7. Luna says

    full of rainbows…is that a “logo pride”?
    just kidding…thank you for sharing, very inspiring logos!