60 Apple Inspired Websites – Why Apple Design Works?

Title-apple-inspired-website-designsApple has always been showing what beautiful design means in all their designs, products, icons, websites. But what really make Apple design stand out from the crowd? Why it receives so big attention, so many awards, what’s so special in it?

I wanted to find it out so that’s why I created this Apple type inspirational post showcasing all the best Apple inspired website designs and in the meantime I also analyzed Apple website as well trying to drop down important points and explain why their design and approach works. It was very interesting study for myself and also I got reason to put all this stuff in easy to read and transparent way.

Let’s start with own Apple designed website sections to see original style:

Throughout whole site they are using white,grey and blue color schemes, keeping designs very light and easy for eye to scan. To emphasize different sections typography, icons and photographs are used very effectively. Sometimes text-size seems to be even too small, but in that way Apple is conveying huge amounts of products, information, links which in other way wouldn’t be possible – interesting solution. In this way we don’t need to make many clicks to find what we need, we can find right section almost in index page – it’s very important from usability point of view.

Also everything is built on grid system, all text, icons, navigation, links are perfectly aligned, making website very easy to read, scan and seem professional.

Right, but now let’s drop it down into list for clear vision:

  • Light color scheme, subtle gradients


  • Effectively used white space


  • Clearly expressed typography


  • Beautiful product shots


  • Widely used icons to emphasize text meaning


  • Very clear grid system


  • Clear and user friendly navigation


  • Product based features always supplemented with great shots, videos and typography


  • Small text size, but comfortable readability


  • Contrasts to gain attention to specific spots


  • Easy step by step guides and support


  • No Flash – wide use of Javascript to decrease page loading time


Can you add some more sections here? Those are just my few dropped down things I found to be very important in Apple design style success.

Ok, now we will just showcase few huge sections of Apple to get their style from a little bit wider point of view:

Apple Developer


Apple Store


Apple Mac


Apple iPhone


Apple Support


Another sites, definitely Apple style inspired:

Now to the main point, it’s very interesting to watch how other sites are using and taking the best Apple techniques and implement them in their own sites from their point of view and own personalized approach. Often you will find many similarities with Apple design, but sometimes sites even evolve Apple type of style bringing it to the next level and discovering something amazing and something new. For me those sites were excellent learning exercise and hopefully it will bring some good emotions to you as well. Design is indeed beautiful.

1. Panic Coda

Very popular coding editor for Mac and website using the best practises – what makes it Apple inspired? From my point of view it’s harmonic grid, making whole website easy to scan just in few seconds. Other than that – small, good-looking icons, effectively used white space just emphasize focus on necessary parts of website – logo, 3 navigation section and after that sleek sliding feature descriptions.


2. AteBits

Keep it simple, stupid! If you analyze just starting page you will notice many small things making it look amazing together – dark lines, background, text shadows, letterpress effects and light mouseovers.


3. Cultured Code

Beautiful icons and typography working together give really good impression throughout whole website – that’s all what’s needed! Analyze site deeper to see also how they display information and text in good way.


4. Mac Rabbit

Notice how effectively site uses just white and grey colors with light gradients and colored icons to emphasize accents. Beautiful.


5. Twelve South

Main emphasis here on really great product shots, Mac products are great, why not use beautiful photos and emphasize them with beautiful typography!?!


6. Metalabs

Some may disagree, because this website is a little bit away from Apple style? Why?

I think it’s because of color and usually Apple type websites use just white/grey colors, big icons and white space on “above the fold” section.

But design is amazing, beautiful featured slideshow and many little emphasis throughout whole website.


7. Version App

Completely dark website in the same time using white space,grid, icons and typography very good, excellent studying case as something different.


8. IconDock


9. Acrylic Apps


10. Billings App

Huge product shots make this design part someway unique but in the meantime similar in good way with Apple style. Why?

Small text size, used background and text colors (white,grey,blue).


11. Postage


12. Bohemian Coding


13. Checkout App


14. AppBodega


15. PostBox Inc


16. Symphony CMS


17. Invoice Machine


18. Icon Designer


19. Transmission Apps


20. 280 Slides


21. Ware House App


22. PixelMator


23. SnowTape


24. Mac Themes


25. Small Transport


26. Tea Round

Iphone app sites are a little bit different since the main aspect is on iPhone product and icon, but still the same quality features – more icons, typography and effective whitespace.


27. Tap Bots

Just beautiful icons showcasing products in landing page usually is enough! If you are certain about your product why not to show that!?



28. Agile Web Solutions

We are going deeper in showcasing a little bit different sites. In my opinion gradients, dark colors are used too much making design look not so professional as it should be, but I found a lot of interesting features and good design uses here as well, that’s why I decided to include this design.

Navigate through other pages to understand my point.


29. Araelium Group


30. Midnight Apps


31. Real Mac Software


32. Cocoa Dev Central


33. Potion Factory

Stunningly beautiful website with beautiful design and amazing JS animations.


34. Tao Effect


35. Task Mate

Very simple and minimalist website, for me it was even TOO simple, but it’s freeware so maybe that’s the case here.


36. Vibealicious Notify 2


37. Sequel Pro


38. Tapulous


39. OrbiCule


40. Pzizz


41. Roo Switch


42. Mint


43. Stunt Software


44. Font Explorer X


45. Server SkineServer-skine-apple-inspired-website-designs

46. Source Bits


47. Suki


48. Using Mac


49. App Zapper


50. Plex App


51. Machine Codex


52. Vuu Media


53. OmniGroup


54. Project Wizards


55. Acqualia


56. Zenna Ware


57. Busy Mac


58. Tim Van Damme


59. Cellar App


Dainis Graveris

Dainis is 25 years young man, who struggled for 3 years while studying in design academy and working for local design agency, because of ignorant teachers and agency boss. He couldn't believe this is all life could offer to him! And then he discovered true Internet possibilities, he was lucky to find his passion early in life and take advantage of this beautiful Information (Internet) Age! Now he is committed to help others succeed, to help others take charge of their life and follow their passion! His goal is to open Your eyes and help unveil Your true potential!

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  1. Rolf says

    Loved your post. I find it a bit odd that the only emphasis you had on text was the navigation and footnotes.

    Nothing about the way the content shifts places with product shots to break up the flow. I love that, and many have copied it.

  2. Ryan Smith says

    I’d love if you featured my site here. I just wrote a blog post that explains how to get Apple style gradients, drop shadows, and rounded corners using CSS3. I use it on my site and it looks nice.

  3. Sandie Kingsley says

    Hello there! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog. Is it very difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Thanks

    • says

      Hi there. If you’ll use WordPress for your blog, it won’t take 10 minutes to set it up. It’s very easy to use, kind of intuitive, actually.

  4. says

    Hi there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading your posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics? Thanks for your time!

  5. Ertan Yıldız says

    who you are into a relatively small about of space. In 2010, intro boxes will push its own boundaries. Instead of the boring hello, designers will find new pick-up lines.

  6. says

    Sorry to hear that..I am slowly searching for someone who would do proofreading and article management in the same time – we will improve in this field I promise. I am not native speaking English and trying my best :)

  7. sovi says

    basically every creature in this earth both living and non living one has own design…

    very interesting info…. thank you

  8. says

    Nice page collection.
    Btw. i don’t think load time is the reason why apple don’t use flash, in fact well designed flash elements can load much faster than set of graphics/videos/javascript

  9. says

    Am I the only one that see’s this as possibly a bad thing? I know people/agencies in our industry that only design like Apple. I mean, really? I know there’s good in drawing from what makes Apple’s design successful, but if we’re honest with ourselves I think there’s a line there and it’s not as blurry as some think.

  10. Nastia says

    Dear Dainis, I’m sorry for my off-topic message, but don’t you mind to hold an opinion poll about this new effect with image appearance? It is interesting when there are 3-4 images, but when there are more then 10 (and yours collections are always more) each image appearance makes me nervous =)
    But if I’m the only one, it doesn’t matter. I just thought may be I am not )

    • says

      Ah, I am receiving a lot of e-mails asking about how I got this “cool” effect :)

      Never received bad experiences though – that new effect is because I want to decrease our bandwidth by not loading images which are not being viewed at all.

      Hope you will get used to this new way of image appearance :)

  11. says

    Love Apple designs although there are a few too many clones out there for my liking.. hell they have it easy when they can use excellent photography of such beautifully designed objects

  12. Tim says

    Looks like Dainis doesn’t like the fact that I found a post from over a year ago on another site containing basically the same information and posted it here, so I’ve been censored?
    Hmm. Very nice Dainis. Did you ever think that people might be interested in reading that article on the other site as well?

    • says

      Congratulations on your amazing searching skills. Previous comment got in spam list automatically since it’s just plain link with no comment at all, not censoring good critiques and advices how to evolve this site, but I don’t appreciate your words, where you don’t see the work I’ve done for you.

      Main thing I don’t ask anything in return, but here you are screaming about injustice and corruption.

      What’s your point?

    • says

      Well Tim, if you will search for an article “Apple inspired design” you will have 100’s article in the same way written up. You will even find a dedicated gallery which only showcase apple designs. I don’t think so that Dainis didn’t do hard work. Just see how he pointed out basics of apple design. And I think it takes time while you scan a design. Moreover you also need to read the following article by CEO of Mashable for CNN. Read the end. You will find something useful there to change your thinking.

      • Tim says

        I submitted a previous link with text as well and that never showed up. So, sorry if the last one was just a link. Posts like this really annoy me, though.
        What’s the point of writing about something when it’s already been written about many many many times? Other than to get search hits.
        You might want to take a “different” approach and tell why Apple’s site is not as good as everyone thinks it is?
        The navigation is terrible. How do I find movie trailers? I used to be able to find them very easily on their old website. They are now hidden away somewhere. How do I download a 10.6.x software update from their site?
        A nice layout means nothing if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

  13. Bill says

    Absolutely agree that the Apple website design is effective and easy to navigate/digest.

    Some of these sites are influenced by Apple’s website, but I gotta say that for the most part it seemed like there was confusion between being influenced by the Apple web design and just being a website that sells OSX software.

    For example the Plex app is just an OSX app, not really any Apple website influence here. Nothing really Apple specific about the design.

  14. tehkemo says

    Its amazing to see how many websites can be inspired by one design. Thanks for this collection.



  15. Preston D Lee says

    I actually had a client recently that asked me to “copy apple’s web site without anyone noticing”. I chuckled and then did my best for him.

    • IMH says

      sorry for that. cnbeta is a website that anyone can post articles about I.T. anytime in anywhere.
      I think is hard for the administrator to find out which article is free to quote and which one has copyright.

      • says

        ah, right thank you for informing. I wasn’t too upset since original source is shown too, but he copied also images and is using my server bandwidth..and it’s not good thing..

  16. says

    There is so much good, you can find in apple it is many times a starting point in my inspirada for my web development. And the beginning of this post shows a lot of reasons why its just so good, I will be referencing this quit a bit in the near future.

    The samples are awesome as well, the only issue I have is the few that is so similar it looks like the only thing that was changed was the name.

    I believe in mimicking a successful website, so you can learn how to make your own designs better but there really isn’t much to learn if you don’t add anything to the design…

    Thanks and Regards

    Noel for Nopun.com
    a graphic design studio

  17. Richie says

    Cool stuff… you beat me into publishing this article….. Great work!!
    I may have to alter mine a bit.. :D

  18. Barton says

    I suggest to watch the movie Objectified or visit the British Design Museum in London. There’s a Dieter Rams (designer of Braun) exhibition now.. I guess you will find the answer for the success of apple design.

    • says

      great suggestions, I will search for those movies, you’re right I am sure there are a lot of great video, audio discussions about Apple trend! Thanks for showing where to look :)

  19. Logobird Designs says

    Excellent collection. Huge fan of Apple inspired design.
    Thank you!