Beautiful Gradient Effects On Web design – Research: Part 2


It’s Monday and beautiful time to get inspired with very good examples and research a little bit what’s happening behind the scenes from graphic designer view.

This time I will showcase and analyze gradient effects used effectively in web-design and logo design creation. It’s very important to create and use subtle and eye-catchy color combinations and transitions to achieve modern and stylish effect. Maybe you haven’t noticed but light and shadow effects are widely used and it doesn’t necessary mean just color, but to bring greater effect, use textures and then put on them light but observable transparent color effects and you’ll see magic happening. Using light you can easily emphasize places and actually lead visitor’s attention from point to point using just color, illustrations, text size.

After this short introduction I’ll start to share beautiful examples of web site designs which use such light,shadow and gradient effects in very good way. And if you haven check out 36 Color Gradient Sets For Photoshop and Resource Sites: Part 1.

1. MikePrecious


Beautiful light and subtle spotlight effect on the top of texture. Such effects can be achieved on Photoshop using Filter–>Render–>Lightning Effects and playing with settings.


To get first and main focus on Mike Precious name and specialty one more .png transparent image with radial gradient effect is used. Notice subtle color variations from #F0F0F0 to #D1D1D1 and then at the end going back to lighter color.


2. EctoMachine


Notice this image below are used to repeat-y whole screen, which is great way to add interesting effect but in the same time get fast loading speed. If there would be simpler gradient effect you also could choose to use just 1px wide width image with gradient effects to get even faster loading time and beautiful effect.


3. Cellar-App

Very good example of 1px wide image on background covering whole page. (1px width and 3081px height).


4. Rawsterne


As you can see in this zoomed version, very subtle linear gradient is used, though I believe much more narrower image could be used in this example.


5. DigitalMash

Linear gradient image (40x1216px) is used through whole site from lighter on the top of the site to little darker on bottom.


6. CobbleStone Community

Radial gradient is created to take out company’s logo as first accent, little texture and color variations used to look really enjoyable wau. Definitely very good design.



7. DesignChuchi

One more amazing website with very light color variations making it to look very professional. Notice also top background image used 1px width and 237px height, other images like logo and mouse are just positioned above that one image.


8. VigetLabs


Look at the background image with many lightning effects in the center but on the sides transferring to simple linear gradient to fill big resolution screens. Actually there are 3 main background images using gradient effects on header, center line (light gradient) and then on the footer.


9. Coda


Almost whole professional feeling is achieved just by that huge background image (1600x1200px) using radial gradient and light texture. By the way such texture can be easily created in Photoshop on Filter panel – Noise – Add noise and after that just play with settings, opacity and color variations to get very good results.


10. Good Barry


One more time background image is 30px wide and 1900px height – subtle yet very effective. Even navigation has linear gradient effect to give dimensional effect.


11. OnWired

I cannot express how much I love this web design, it completely consists of light, shadows, radial gradients, many emphasis easily leading visitor through whole page. Exclusive eye-candy dimensional design and very good example for research.


12. ElementFusion


Color always help to organize and separate content, notice that center part is the lightest one taking out main image to get visitors attention to act. Nice icons, color variations explaining what this company is offering on the main image is really good choice.


13. Australia 2018-2022


Huge background image with radial gradient behind the earth and other lightning sparks to grab attention on football players, big “Join Our Bid” button and time countdown. Impressive work on Photoshop and beautiful implementation in web design.


14. Bohemian Coding


Background image is repeated on x-y asis, but to stand out with content in the center – white color with dark grey outer glow is used. Looks really professional. Notice light linear gradient effects on navigation bar and bottom area of main content where subtle grey gradient is used to darken bottom area.



15. AteBits

One of the best, modern web designs – beautiful eye candy. I must say here again – “Less is more” – very subtle color gradients are used, radial gradient on the center and navigation with linear gradients and very subtle dark outer glow to make those buttons stand out. Look behind the scenes how top background image + another one with radial gradient and other separator lines are used.


In the footer again another dark image repeat-x-y asis is used.


I really hope You enjoy this kind of articles, which is more inspiring, but this time looking a little bit behind the scenes. Stay updated because this is just Part 2 in series, there will be two more continuations.

36 Color Gradient Sets For Photoshop and Resource Sites: Part 1

Dainis Graveris

Dainis is 25 years young man, who struggled for 3 years while studying in design academy and working for local design agency, because of ignorant teachers and agency boss. He couldn't believe this is all life could offer to him! And then he discovered true Internet possibilities, he was lucky to find his passion early in life and take advantage of this beautiful Information (Internet) Age! Now he is committed to help others succeed, to help others take charge of their life and follow their passion! His goal is to open Your eyes and help unveil Your true potential!

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    Great collection of websites. I especially like the Hero For Hire, and Atebits websites. I’m looking to redesign my website so the inspiration is greatly appreciated.


  2. Craig says

    Thanks for the helpful info, I’m going to edit the header on my website using a gradient. Should look much better.

  3. Thomas says

    Wonderful collection of websites. I’m currently looking for a gradient background on my website (seems to be modern now) and got some new ideas. Thanks.

  4. Janna says

    Thanks so much. It’s always great to know how designers achieve these awesome effects. Great source for inspiration.

  5. RTIQLIT says

    The best part about this article is that you separated the actual gradient from the rest of the design. Seeing the pages gave me inspiration; separating the gradients showed me it was achieved. AWESOME work! Thanks so much!

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    Excellent inspiration for gradient backgrounds! I love gradients and these are great examples. Thanks for sharing how we can make the design.

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    of course you’re right! I just wanted to show how such gradients can be used, of course some of them are not really usable because of big background images.

  8. Ashely Adams says

    Nice post! I do agree that using subtle and eye-catchy color combinations are essential. It helps to bring a modern and stylish effect. Gradients are also impressive in webdesign. But you need to be very careful as it may look ugly if you cannot use the light and shadow effects properly. You also need to be careful about the fonts.

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    This is a great post. Excellent inspiration for gradient backgrounds for web design. I am actually working on a web project and this is a great resource! Thanks!

  10. Roberto says

    Yah these gradients effects are sick. I particularly like Cellar App and Digital Mash. I gave this post a big Stumble.

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    I love how you explained how to achieve some of these effects and also isolated the background images. Great post! Tweeted+Dugg :)

  12. Luis Lopez says

    Gradients are really impressive in webdesign lately, it gives you a bit of deep in your design, but it must be not to evident either, because if it does it looks ugly.

  13. Allen says

    This is a great article! The littlest additions can make a huge difference.

  14. Frank Stallone says

    I was just talking to my co-worker about successful use of gradient so again you have read my mind!