30 Beautiful Infographics for your Inspiration

Infographics are graphic representation of wide variety of information. Now a days designers have taken infographics to a new level representing various information visually in such a manner that it is easy to understand as well as appealing to eyes. Infographic design has evolved as a new field, where data visualization is done creatively & neatly. Information like facts & figures represented using infographics are much easier to understand. Here I have showcased some of the best infographics which are not just visually appealing but also provides some great knowledge & information.

1. The Life Cycle of a Blog Post

2. The Boom of Social Sites

3. iPad Data Visualized

4. BSA Anniversary & Infographic

5. World Of Programming

6. A Modern History of Human Communication

7. Open Source Open World

8. Open Courseware: Stats & Facts

9. What Are People Really Buying Online?

10. The State of Social Porn

11. The Gulf Oil Spill: 88 Days Later

12. The Current State of Twitter

13. The History of the iPhone

14. SEO In Pictures

15. State Of The Internet 2009

16. The Cost of Spam: CO2 Emissions

17. The 2010 Social Networking Map

18. How Google Works

19. How Do I Win Rock Paper Scissors Every Time?

20. Which Blogging Platform Should You Use?

21. How Come Cheap Airlines Are So Cheap?

22. The Top Cameras On Flickr

23. Music & Piracy

24. The iPad Apples Next Gold Rush

25. So You Want To Watch Youtube?

26. 100 Pixar Characters

27. What Dose Your Email Provider Say About You?

28. Satellites Orbiting Earth

29. My Digital Life

30. The Yahoo! Developer Network Metro Map

Tell us which of these you like the most if you some other interesting infographics to share do mention them in comments.

Nikunj Tamboli

Nikunj is a computer engineer by profession, mobile photographer by heart & quick learner of new things related to software & technology. Loves web designing & development. Visit His Blog Weby Life | Follow Him On Twitter

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  1. says

    They’re really inspiring, but unfortunately only one inspired me, most of them lack on the detail and need more work to do. For more inspiration I prefer this post from noupe.com.

  2. Jarkko Sibenberg says

    Well made graphs can make boring facts fascinating. I find myself studying even the most pointless or random information, but many of them can be useful or actually educating.

    I like the busy ones you can get lost in, and after you’ve seen it a dozen times you still find something new. That’s why I like the YouTube one. Rock Scissors Paper one is my favourite though, since I found it genuinely interesting.

  3. Emily says

    Could use an editor. For example, I was turned off in the first paragraph by
    “Now a days designers have taken infographics . . . ”

    Nowadays is one word.

  4. says

    Some beautiful infographs here. Thanks for including ours.

    Error in your post, that you might want to fix: Item #21 and #22 are showing the same image :)