Designing Awesome Brochure:Huge List Of Tips, Tutorials and Inspirations

A Brochure, also referred as a pamphlet, is an effective marketing tool either to showcase the product your business is going to throw in the market or to express your future projects and ideas. Brochures are also being used in huge amount by the non-profit organizations for collecting funds. There are many other reasons and objectives of printing a brochure but whatever the reason may be, if you want to create a brochure for your business which looks professional as well as attractive, then you are in right place, in this article we are discussing some basics tips to design an appealing and captivating brochure. After that we will also showcase some awesome brochures for your inspiration. Let’s get started


1. Express Originality and creativity

First step for designing a brochure for your business should be the knowledge of what information you are going to express in it. You can use advertising material of other business similar you yours in market, find out what attracts you, review in detail the information they have provided in their brochure, note down the main points which you think will help you in designing brochure for your business. One important thing here is, get ideas from various sources but don’t be a copy cat, try to use your own creativity in the design of brochure and always be original.

2. High resolution images are crucial

If you are looking to design a professional looking brochure layout then you should concentrate on the selection of right high-resolution images. Using high-resolution images in your brochure won’t make it blurry or pixellated, if it does then your brochure will look very awkward and can hurt the image of your company or brand. If you want exact sharpness, then your images should be at least 300 dpi which can be found very easily from the internet most of them are either free or inexpensive as compared to your budget.

3. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Design and layout of any brochure is the key to attract audience; so in this regard I prefer to have a neat and simple design which looks more elegant than others designs which are filled with lot of images and text decoration. Here you should follow the rule of “LESS IS MORE”. Brochure should be brief also and mentions only main points and then you can use contact menu to have close and personal conversation with your customers to give them better impression of your company.

4. Use captivating color

Colors should be managed according to the theme and vision of what you are trying to express in brochure. You should have seen brochure having different colors in them which make them spicy but on the other hand some brochures are only designed in black and white color which also looks elegant. But the thing is it doesn’t matter how many or less colors you should use in the design, what matter is the way of presenting them, which looks beautiful. Develop attractive color combination which is an expensive thing but worth every penny of it.

5. Use neat fonts

As your brochure have to express very huge amount of information about your business in a small piece of paper you should use neat and readable fonts. That doesn’t means you have to use simple and non-appealing fonts; there are many serif fonts which have both the neatness and stylishness. Diversity is a good thing but not in this matter of selecting fonts. You should not use more than 3 font types in your brochure if your want to have attention of readers. You can change the style for headings and paragraph but stick to same font style as it increases the viewer’s comprehension of your brochure.

6. Highlighting is the key

There should be some objectives behind the printing of a brochure for your company, you should mention them in headlines and use different styles like Bold or ITALIC to make them prominent and stand out from other elements on the page. If you have some trademark motto of your company then place it on the page where it can be visible to others very easily and decorate it with fancy borders. Things like that can make a huge difference in the gorgeousness of your brochure.

7. Utilize a Proofreader

After you have worked your head off in designing all the necessary things for your brochure; your handwork would be a waste if it has spelling mistakes, design flaws and incorrect information about your company which can lead you to reprinting of your brochure and increasing your business fixed cost. To avoid this situation you should use a proofreader, which should be professional and independent and ask him to comment freely what he thinks about the layout and the text provided in your brochure. You should pay attention to his feedback and correct any mistake he pointed out. You can use three to five people to have a correct and accurate feedback.

8. Use a Professional Printer

Last step in the designing of a brochure is its printing which is also a significant and crucial step. You can use your office printers or contact professional brochure printers. It all depends on your budget; if you have a high budget then you can use professional service for this purpose on the other hand if you have a low-budget you can do it in your home or office. I would recommend you to spend some extra money on this part because if you have every thing right other than the printing then all of your spending would be waste. So get services from a professional printer which provides excellent result as well as it in labor intensive as it can fold and labels the brochures automatically.


After reading the above described tips you must have got a basic idea what should be delivered and expressed in a brochure. Now have a look at some tutorials to create spellbinding brochure for your business.

1. Design a Ready to Print Brochure in Photoshop

Design a Ready to Print Brochure in Photoshop

2. Creative Brochure Design Tutorial in Adobe Photoshop

Creative Brochure Design Tutorial in Adobe Photoshop

3. Brochure Design Tutorial


4. Corporate brochure style

Corporate brochure style

5. Create and Print a Brochure with Photoshop, Indesign and

Create and Print a Brochure with Photoshop,

6. Create a Stunning Car Showroom Brochure

Create a Stunning Car Showroom Brochure

7. Trifold Brochure Design Tutorial

Trifold Brochure Design Tutorial

8. Designing a Brochure Cover

Designing a Brochure Cover


Here we have featured 50 beautiful and graceful brochure designs ever created for your inspirations. You can get an idea of what kind of brochures should be designed to have attention of all the customers and stakeholders.

Population 0

Population 0.

SELECT brochure






Picked by Six

Picked by Six

:: CCC AW10 Teaser ::

CCC AW10 Teaser

:: Encounterfest07 Brochure ::


Epson epSITE


2008 Calendar

2008 Calendar

JesusRevolution Conference Brochure

JesusRevolution Conference Brochure

Anchure brochure

Anchure brochure

Brochure by Emtgrafico


Brochure by Glu2


brochure by ~osleem


brochure cultural events2009


brochure design by deepikaharora

brochure design

Center for Women in Law no.2

Center for Women

Class’net brochure

Class'net brochure

condom brochure


DA / self promo

DA-self promo

Deep Funk Records Brochure


EGO brochure


TripShake Brochures!


Gauge Magazine 11

Gauge Magazine 11

mdis open house 08  brochures

mdis open house



Forum Properties Brochure

Forum Properties Brochure

Bina brochure


Huning Trade Brochure

Huning Trade

WHP 2010 Epic Awards

The White House Project



ILI Brochure


Sea Breeze Vacation Home brochure

Sea Breeze Vacation Home

KYCS brochure


Lake Shore Brochure

Lake Shore Brochure



Sony Vaio Catalog

vaio two 001

MSC Brochure

MSC Brochure

Nick Cave

Nick Cave

Orso Sign

Pak Qatar Product Brochure

Pak Qatar Product Brochure

Teatrul De Magie Brochure


The Conqueror

The Conqueror

Truth Branding

Truth Branding



Typography Brochure




Hoteis Real

Hoteis Real

Vistula for Porsche Brochure

Vistula for Porsche Brochure

Wired Brochure


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