55 of The Most Colorful and Inspiring Web Designs

In this showcase we’ve put together a great collection of some of the most colorful web designs out there. If you need some inspiration for any sort of design or just want to have a look at some truly great web designs, these are definitely worth having a look at !

These websites will show you a good portion of all the good design that is available out there. It’s all about trying to think a bit outside of the traditional look and using your creativity and imagination.


1. Splendour in the grass – 2010

2. Forest Edge music festival

3. World design capital Helsinki 2012

4. Pieoneers

5. GO Mammoth

6. 8th Continent Soymilk

7. Silly poems

8. Xhtmlcafè

9. Carbonmade

10. Bibliofaction

11. AdaptD

12. PopCap games

13. IGC Enterprises

14. Potzytywka

15. Vacation in Supetarska Draga

16. NineFlavors

17. Veerle’s blog

18. Giraffe restaurants

19. Mikii

20. Twittground

21. Jeff Sarmiento

22. Realmac software

23. Good

24. Organic grid

25. Matt Mullenweg aka Photo Matt

26. Lebloe

27. Danny Halarewich

28. Andrea Cima Serniotti

29. Rucksack

30. Rareview

31. F5

32. ReservoirBuzz

33. The House Media

34. Colourpixel

35. Open atrium

36. Willians Fernandes

37. Getmefast

38. Getting crazy on the waltzers

39. Sitesquared

40. Huxley prairie fest

41. FeedStitch

42. Pally giraffe

43. Mooolah

44. Herbal essences

45. LePushMail

46. Radium labs

47. Revolucao etc

48. Chapolito

49. Sound and show

50. Design slurp

51. ilovecolors

52. Green Any Site

53. Gisele Jaquenod

54. Claire Baxter

55. Mooty

Those were our 55 picks. We hope you’ve found some inspiration here.

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Hilde Torbjornsen

A girl with passion for design, photography, business planning, freelancing, inspirational art and Photoshop/Illustrator. She runs the website Designer77 and you can follow her on twitter here: @Hildy77

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  1. says

    Important, Eye catching , Beautiful originally all thing includes this.i think not only see this article also teach this and earn your own website which i do this.

  2. Gene Cranston says

    I am a non non expert computer user. I would appreciate clear options and instructions with only enough graphics to attract attention. As the original article indicates, too many experts expect some computer knowledge or understading of jargon, this applys to web pages and other attempts to communicate on the internet. Some have beautiful graphics that make it hard to find or read the information a user needs. Also I don’t like to go thru several pages to find out it I am going where I want to go.
    I would like to see someone incorporate their experteze and yet be easy to use. I don’t neccesrily mean intuitive as intuitive is not neccesrily intuitive to all of us.
    Use large plain type so it can be read on a small screen by someone who does not know how to increase type size or enlarge the slide. I often delete something I am interested in simply because I cant read it or understand the jargon. This reply page is an exanple of type too small for me and my laptop computer. I am having dificulty writing this. Where is the spell check to find errors that are too small for me to see?

  3. Lauren says

    A lot of creativity. My favourite is 23 “good”. The navigation system of the home page is very fun. But the site should be bigger ^^ Too much spaces on a big screen. Beautiful realization.

  4. Thomas O'Rourke says

    I’ve seen the Feed Stitch design featured everywhere! It’s a great example of colourful design that people love. These sites all have beautiful designs but I think many of them might struggle to pass usability and accessibility guidelines. I’d say it’s always important to consider EVERY user when designing your site. Nevertheless – a great collection of designs. Thanks Hilde.

  5. MacDowell says

    I am really enjoying the theme/design of your web site. Do you ever run into any web browser compatibility problems? A couple of my blog visitors have complained about my website not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Chrome. Do you have any ideas to help fix this problem?

  6. Yeya says

    One is for shore they are very colorful, my eyes still shining from too much color. I prefer elegance and only for that reason, and that people like I am on this list could be more different designs!!!
    Bdw these are not bad list I don`t think so, on the contrary…

  7. Alexandra says

    I love so many of these designs.
    I wish I could re-create half of them, but
    I am incredibly new to graphic design. ;o(

  8. says

    Ditto Karl –
    many of these are way old and have been pushed around for a while. Additionally there’s not alot of variance here – overall looks kinda word-pressy and bloggy. feh. woulda been nice to see mix in some real design work and typography into all the illustrations.

    • Gene says

      I am a non non expert computer user. You seem a bit hard on non inovative design. I would appreciate clear options and instructions with only enough graphics to attract attention. As the original article indicates, too many expertts expect some computer knowledge or understading of jargon.
      I would like to see some one like you incorporate your experteze and yet be easy to use. I don’t neccesrily meadn intuitive as intuitive is not neccesrily intuitive to all of us.

  9. says

    I love colors, and most of them are colorful and fine.

    I played a lot with my page, and it´s fun to do.


  10. Colin C. says

    The list is nice and very colorful :D. I don’t know how much it can help with inspiration, but it’s nice to watch these sites.

  11. says

    Lovely selection liking 5, 11 and 18, big fan of bold colours in design, check out my link for another. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Paul Aan says

    Very very cool. They must worked so hard to create these creative things. In long term, our designer will try.

    • Hilde Torbjornsen says

      Thank you!
      Yeah, I agree. Vector based designs have a very inspiring look that seems to be very popular. :)

  13. karl says

    with all do respect, some nice ones, but a lot we have seen already over and over again and hardly are fresh and inspiring anymore.

    could do with some fresh input and critical view to weed out the not very best.

    Just my $0.02