45 Creative Examples of Illustrated Characters in Website Design

Character IllustrationI am huge fan of website with character illustration, Using characters in your website design not only improves your website visually but also easily connects with the audience in one way or the other. Now-a-days use of character illustration is not limited to just gaming website, people from various background like cooperates, individual & bloggers  are using illustrated characters in their design to gain some extra attention.

Using character illustration in website design can help you in many ways. I have shared some amazing websites that are making effective use of character illustration in their website design for your inspiration.

1.Vunky Blog

2.Naldz Graphics

3.Inspired Monkey

4.CSS Jockey

5.John O’Nolan

6. Smashing Magazine

7.Moxie Design Studios

8.Black Moon Design

9.Get Me Fast

10.Michael Coyle

11.VEBOO Labs

12.Creative Switch

13.Cats Who Blog


15.Using character for introduction

16.Agencia Mobi


18.Stone Skipper

19.Code Button



22.Character centric navigation on website (Jason Gray)

23.Crayons Life


25.John Shammas

26.Pixel Cookers

27.Real Men

28.Interactive Character Design Website (Meomi)

29.Vision 18

30.Awesome Js

31. Representing 404 with character illustration

32.The Many Faces Of


34.Minding Monsters

35.Vincent Mazza

36.Illustrating your services using your character

37.Call-to-action parameter in design using character



40.Tijuana Flats

41.Single Frame Design

42.Robert Fenech


44.Introducing fun elements in website through character

45.Making your own personal character for personal branding

Tell us in comments if you have created website with character illustration in it or which example from list you like the most.

Nikunj Tamboli

Nikunj is a computer engineer by profession, mobile photographer by heart & quick learner of new things related to software & technology. Loves web designing & development. Visit His Blog Weby Life | Follow Him On Twitter

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  1. Jacob says

    Thanks for posting this list. The tutorials were really inspiring. I tried illustrating a mascot design for a project of mine and couldn’t seem to get it right. In the end I decided on getting some professional help. The designing team at http://www.mascotdesigncorner.com managed to realize my vision of illustrating a character design that was above expectations. I highly recommend them. For the price I paid it was indeed a steal. I guess I am not good at designing at all. Anyway, thanks for providing a source of inspiration I might add.

  2. says

    9 out of 10 keep on showing up on lists like these in the past 3 years. There are much more example out there :)

  3. Vetrivel says

    A great list, I was already searching for some inspirations. Thanks for this. :)

    Nice character design.

  4. says

    Interesting designs – i guess it really requires an inhouse designer to have a “business mascot/avatar” like this throughout your corporate comms?