40 Creative Twitter Status Designs for Your Inspiration

Twitter has become one of the most popular social media sites by playing a major role in marketing and business for the past few years. People use Twitter for many purposes ranging from product marketing, spreading discount info, sharing interesting news to bizarre photos they found around the internet.

Most of us put up our Twitter status on our website to let the visitor know our latest activities or information. Of course, every website has different layout and to make it more interesting, a different Twitter status design. Below are 40 creative Twitter status designs that will encourage you to create your own Twitter status to match your website’s design.

1. FoodTease

2. Ilovecolors (Elio Rivero)

3. Alex Art (Alexey Abramov)

4. Douglas Menezes

5. Chykalophia (Ari Suardiyanti)

6. BrownBag Film

7. Argee (Rohit Garg)

8. Meagan Fisher

9. Kev Adamson

10. Vikiworks

11. Jeff Sarmiento

12. Nick La

13. Sam Wilson

14. Blogamuki

15. Orman Clark

16. Cultura Positiva

17. Ready Made Designs

18. Digiti Interactive Media

19. Harmony Republic

20. Yodaa

21. Frenzy Lab

22. Komodo Media

23. Sketchen

24. Tori’s Eye

25. Spout Creative

26. Denise

27. Matt Salik

28. Giancarlo Fajardo

29. Robo Cat Applications

30. The Great Bearded Reef

31. Squarefactor

32. Dawghouse Design Studio

33. I Primi Dieci

34. Love Tweet

35. Chi Garden

36. Social Media Mullet

37. Giraffe

38. Guga Fit

39. ShortMoves

40. Tim Marrs

Which one is your favorite? Which Twitter status design do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

Ari Suardiyanti

Also known as Chykalophia, is a professional freelance designer in graphic and web design with 3 years of experience. Founder and Editor of Frespiration!, she recently won The Annual Design Awards 2010 for best product packaging design. Other than design, she loves playing with her mac, being photographed, watching movies and listening to alternative rock. Add her onFacebook Page, or Twitter.

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  1. says

    These are great! I sometimes wish that we had more options for designing these though. People can get pretty darn creative with what they have though.

  2. Tonny says

    Thats a very nice collection indeed, I really like #6, but I cant call it my fav as I like so many of them and a number of them would fit quite nicely on some different styles of sites, thanks for yet another awesome share :)

  3. Brian says

    awesome list of inspiration for website owners like us but i think that if i hire someone to do this type of designing for me it would cost a lot rather than hiring to make a complete site redesign

  4. says

    Nice collection ari… you had to do some real hard work in collecting so many sites displaying such cool twitter boxes :)

    How about the one on my site? I have also used sprites to improve the interactivity effect :)

    One more cool twitter status design is at

  5. GWD says

    nice collection. Will definitely go through them and add some to our website element showcase blog.

  6. Jacob says

    Great selection here – very nice! I’d love to see a breakdown of twitter pages as well – I’ve seen some pretty cool ones out there. We put a heatmap on our one – http://twitter.com/intuitionhq – which I think looks pretty nice, but I’d love to see some more.

    Thanks for the list!

  7. McConnell Group says

    Very Nice Collection Ari,

    Seems I will have to take some time this weekend to Improve mine :)


  8. Scott Corgan says

    Oh Twitter, how doth thy bird find it’s way in. Pest control…

  9. Jae Xavier says

    Its too bad I cannot change the look of my Twitter feed on my WordPress hosted blog. Doh!