30 Delectable Coffee Websites for Your Inspiration

Nothing makes the day like a nice warm cup of flavorful coffee – be it a latte, cappuccino, frap, decaf or just plain black. It’s just too good to miss.  It keeps you energized through the day and makes a good excuse to hang with friends. Coffee shops are always crowded with businessmen in the day & coffee lovers at night. It’s pretty clear that coffee is a necessity and a great product to sell.

Coffee websites are in various styles and layouts. From plain layouts with stunning typography to exceptional layouts with outstanding photography. Let us get to know what are the main objectives, characteristics and how they relate and differ.

Here are  30 coffee websites for your inspiration.

1. Amai Tea & Bake House

2. Melitta

3. Toby’s Estate

4. Quills Coffee

5. Nude Espresso

6. ROM Coffee Bar

7. Shenandoah Joe’s

8. Copper Door Coffee Roasters

9. Origins Organic Coffee

10. Old Town

11. Caffe Fiore

12. Mugg & Bean

13.Mosiac Coffee House


15. Double Coffee

16. Ritual Roasters

17. Brother Baba Budan

18. Abraco

19. Dôme Café

20. Cafe Barsel

21. Anodyne Coffee

22. Joe

23. Café Rouge

24. Wawa Coffeetopia

25. Lavazza

26. Caribou Coffee

27. Caravan

28. Juan Valdez

29. Gorilla Shop

30. Cilantro Café

For some of the sites, the basis of the design is their market. So if they want to reach out to young consumers, they put up a really edgy layout. Others even use upbeat color tones and background to get a hip look. For others who market the serious types like business men, they use a calm and bold layout.

Basically when making a coffee website, it has to have that warm, comfy feeling. Just like when you’re in a coffee shop. Using warm and bold color schemes with good coffee related photographs does the trick. You can also put a good lounge music to your website to complete the impact. Of course, putting up lots of tempting coffee photographs is a must. Lure the customers and coffee enthusiasts with a warm, mouthwatering cup of luscious latte.

Sheena Cavazos

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  1. says

    It is nice to see designs that incorporate great imagery and layout. All too often websites look like they have come straight out of wordpress. Really dig the Amai Tea design. Great List!

  2. Josee-lebel says

    Cool! I use a coffee template for my professionnal website to approach my customer and your post is very inspiring.

    Thank you!

  3. Ninna says

    Can I offer a new site? It’s still under construction, but … – lovedesigncafe.com.
    Do you like it?

  4. Derek Land says

    I really think you should included Starbucks. Their site is pretty nice looking – it’s a miracle of content structure and path direction.

  5. Rahul says

    i need a cup of coffee right Now !!! hah , great list ( loved the designs of the sites really :)) ) and loved the list , thank you for sharing it

  6. Jill says

    Haven’t tried the brands/shops but I like the ads for Cafe’ Rouge, Quills, Gorilla and Cilantro. Not necessarily in that order.