24 Impressive Flash Portfolios for Your Inspiration

A professionally made portfolio website is the basis of an artist’s successful career. It should demonstrate his creativity, express his uniqueness and, at the same time, it should be user-friendly and visually attractive for visitors. As for me, Flash works perfectly for portfolio websites, as it opens so many opportunities for the people of art: you can create amazing unusual galleries, include appropriate music accompaniment, use wonderful, even shocking graphics, interactive elements, and many more… In your Flash portfolio you can implement the most crazy and unbelievable your ideas. In this article, I have prepared an inspirational roundup for you having 24 impressive flash portfolios which will blow your mind.

1. Yellowinc

This original, easy-to use portfolio of a creative agency that specializes in web design, logos and marketing.

2. Mimmo Jodice

The portfolio of Mimmo Jodice, an Italian photographer and artist. Made as a black and white slideshow, it looks amazing.

3. Ericapresas

The portfolio of Erica Presas, an artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Rich colors, easy navigation and, of course, the great works of a talented person make this flash website very attractive.

4. Scarpati

“I really wanted to be a painter. I really wanted to be a rockstar.” – that is what John Scarpati, the owner of Scarpati Studio, tells about himself. But his career ended up allowing him to be neither of these things – and both… He’s become a photographer. A very good photographer. And his stylish and user-friendly flash website is a good example of how the portfolio of a talented person should look like – it’s clear, simple, but very stylish.

5. Monikakulinska

The flash website of Monika Kulinska, a Polish photographer. The left side scrolling panel of the gallery pops up while you mouse over it. A very user-friendly solution.

6. Trinity Sposi

Miriam Barbara, a Polish wedding designer’s portfolio.  Every wedding dress, every accessory he creates is a masterpiece. And every page, every element of his light-colored flash website is a great delight.

7. Andre da Silva Camacho

The portfolio of Filipe Andre da Silva Camacho, a graphic designer. Although, there is no English version of the website, everything is clear. The conception of the gallery is very good, as for me.

8. Phoenixwave

The portfolio of Lucas Tetrault, a 28 year old web and graphic designer. An easy to use scrolling gallery and black and grey background make the website simple, functional and attractive.

9. Iondrimbafilho

The flash portfolio of Ion Drimba Filho, a 27 year old web developer and designer. The gallery is created in the form of a cube, and while you mouse over it, the elements that are dark become bright. An unusual and interesting solution.

10. Sam Broadbent

Sam Broadbent, an experienced industrial designer’s portfolio. An easy, but very original concept.

11. Desperado

The portfolio flash website of a music band Desperado.  An attractive background, convenient photo and music galleries and fast downloading make a very good impression.

12. Meta + Maniera

An unusual concept of the web/graphic design group Meta + Maniera’s flash portfolio makes the website remarkable.  A white background, flying interactive elements and an easy to use scrolling gallery look very original.

13. Psicotelias

The flash portfolio of a Brazilian web/graphic designer Thiago Elias. The simplicity of the website navigation, attractive backgrounds and great works of the designer are worth to be seen.

14. Maria Filo

The portfolio of Maria Filo, a Brazilian designer, is full of interactivity, bright colors and interesting ideas. A great place to get inspired.

15. Camboya

The flash portfolio of the design agency Camboya Digital Media based in Argentina. An unusual background and flowing interactive gallery panel are the most impressive elements of this website.

16. Zeebee

The flash web portfolio of a design group Zeebee. An unusual original interactive gallery in the form of a circle is a very attractive element of the website.

17. X3studios

The flash website of X3studios group that creates amazing wallpapers. A good concept, a user friendly gallery and very attractive backgrounds create a good mood.

18. Francesco Russotto

Francesco Russotto is a graphic designer and animator, and his flash web portfolio reflects the uniqueness of the artist.  A little bit scary!

19. Babekuhl

The boutique creative design agency Babekuhl was established by a group of friends with their ears to the ground and their heads in the clouds. Here is their portfolio website with an original interactive gallery.

20. Guapo

The flash website of an Argentinean web design group Guapo. They use a convenient cross scrolling gallery for presenting their works.

21. Tomasz Ghiorzo

The flash website of a photographer Tomasz Ghiorzo is very simple, but that simplicity is a big plus of the portfolio. All the photos may be viewed in detail, and it is one of the main purposes of a portfolio, isn’t it?

22. Paramisa

Paramisa that is the name of an extravagant designer that creates alternative clothing. Her flash web portfolio, made as a slide show, is full of bright colors, creative ideas and expresses the individuality of the designer.

23. DeZane

The flash web portfolio of Thomas Tibitanzi, a self-taught graphic designer/digital artist from Prague, is full of great graphics and interactive features. A good solution for a designer’s portfolio.

24. Antiestatico

The portfolio of a dynamic design studio Antiestatico working for global brands, advertising agencies and SME.  That is a very good example how the professionally made flash website looks like.

Which one you liked the most? Don’t forget to share your feedback with us.:)

Tina Zennand

Tina Zennand is a copywriter, content manager and blogger. Interested in and write about web/graphic design, flash, photography, SEO, internet marketing and many more. Works for MotoCMS.com - an innovative Flash CMS provider that helps to create a professional Flash website. Follow her on @Twitter.

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  1. Larry says

    Thanks for so much discussion on Flash and also making this an opportunity to view some good designs which will help the work.It is a powerful tool to d design lovely beautiful pages provided you know the art of making it.

  2. Zach says

    I love these, but the problem with flash portfolios is that they’re difficult and ineffective with search engines. In other words, people aren’t going to find your site through Google and Yahoo!

  3. says

    There is some quality stuff here. As a flash developer it’s always good to look an other people’s sites for inspiration. Thanks for creating this round up.

  4. Tina Zennand says

    Thank you for the comments, guys! This is my first post on 1stwebdesigner, and I appreciate all your responses.

    • Saad Bassi says

      Don’t you know? Flash is not supported on Apple’s Products like iPhone and iPad and iPod :)

  5. says

    I still trying to understand Ericapresas image and really love DeZane. Great work from a self-taught graphic designer as I myself is a self-taught theme designer. This blog and other Smashing Magazine network blogs just help me to learn things in really simple manner and see I able to manage my first WordPress theme and also designed my own theme.

  6. says

    Do you think that jquery will one day reach the level of Flash?
    I wish it would!!!

    Btw I loved these flash site… very innovative

  7. says

    I really like nr. 16: Zeebee! Because of the very smooth and cool navigation!
    And i looks a bit like my portfolio website…