40+ Beautiful Flat Web Designs for Your Inspiration

For the last couple of months, flat web design has been really a huge topic on the Web. Up to now, it is steadily dominating the Web. From UI, to the latest portfolio update, icons and even the top web design blogs are now using flat web design, not to mention Microsoft, Android and just recently Apple is going flat too!

So why are so many designers using this style?

Flat design makes things free from distractions, eliminating heavy background images, swirls, grunge that makes everything cluttered. It’s very easy to navigate, since there are no more gradients, drop shadows, glows and bevels. It puts more focus on the text, making everything readable from big screens down to mobile.

Oh, and besides if you want something more than inspiration we have nice flat countdown timer video tutorial created specially for you!

Okay, enough talking. Time to check our collection of flat web design for your inspiration!

Build Flat Responsive Website from Scratch – Complete Course





















Winds Phone









Adam Rudzki




Evan Richards


Daniel Pertrarolo




Mint Themes


Redbull Studios


Tree House

Square Space

Chilicon Graphic



How inspired are you? Tell us!

Michael John Burns

Michael is a Web & Graphic designer based in Philippines. He started designing during his teenage years and most of his skills and knowledge are self taught. He's dating with Photoshop for about 4 years now and been flirting with HTML & CSS from 2011 to present. See his works at burnstudio. Other than that he loves Coffee and his Girl.

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  1. Fahad says

    i am very new to web designing…i have designed few sites
    i mostly design industrial or u may say manufacturing companies sites
    but im always having problem while designing and choosing the color combination
    and im running out of ideas i really need help

  2. Harmeen says

    Well, it takes lot of time to choose theme for blog. Thanks for sharing 40 best theme. Now i can easily select theme for my blog. Much Luv

  3. Kshitij Jain says

    Hi Michael,

    It’s really a great collection and beautiful too, I am thinking to use one of these, what you will suggest me? Thanks for posting these on your website. Definitely a great collection.

    Kshitij Jain

  4. Karan says

    I personally like Madebyfibb and Sumall, but all of the above are beautiful. I am happy and congrats you for creating such article that shows 40 designs for website designing inspiration. Thanks a lot once again.

  5. says

    Hello Michael,

    I must say, wow really a great collection, Definitely I am going to use one of these. These are really beautiful. Thanks for telling us about these.

    Maheshdeep Singh

  6. Darren Foreman says

    Flat web design works for me. And any website homepage which can incorporate the word FREE with a call-to-action button is a winner, in my opinion. ‘Dunked’ does this well.

  7. jessica parker says

    Nice ideas, thank you for sharing. I have got a blogsite too!! Please if you can then give me some hints to improve my blog.Thanx a lot!! :)

  8. says

    Some really nice designs featured, its a really interesting time in the web industry right now with some many people raising the game in design and functionality not to mention the great new technologies at our disposal.

  9. says

    Minimalism/flat designs are so beautiful!! I used to think they are unique but there are so many sites out there using the same template. Great collection though!

  10. Romain says

    wow, i am loving all what i am seeing. i wish i have the knowledge to design all that.
    am just a rookie and hope i get to that level in the coming years

  11. says

    I love the flat web design. That is why at SharkReader I think this has inspired me. Makes reading so much easier without all that flashy stuff in the way.

  12. Brian Hermelijn says

    While I do like Minimalism/Flat Design, I feel like it’s starting to get over rated now. But I at least give a thumbs up to those that do incorporate flats with other elements, such as almost flat or flat + depth. Great collection nonetheless.

  13. says

    I often think that “flat” design could have just as easily been coined “clean” design.

    Some really nice examples here.

  14. Tanveer says

    Really all great. Have never been to such sites ever. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. says

    All above collections are amazing design. Personally like Sumall.com.

    @Micheal Which Plugin used to present these images in above post format. This will be big help for me. I use NextGen Gallery on my blog. But seems to be something wrong with it. Which plugin is better for image website. Like my blog.

  16. says

    Flat design focuses solely on the content and minimalism is a big part of this design idea. It should be used when it’s appropriate for the client or the website.

  17. Joshua Canfield says

    Very nice collection. The ‘flat design’ trend had a really nice feel to it on responsive websites although I would have to say not on an operating system– eg. iOS7. This is a very good collection and I really appreciated the grouping of sites. I’d love to see more categories of ‘flat design’ such as Restaurant sites and Medical, etc.

    Thanks again.