Inspirational Showcase of 50 Great Celebrity Caricatures

There are many awesome artists out there and there work is really worth watching. Here is a showcase of 50 of the greatest celebrity caricatures found over at deviantART. I hope you will smile, be inspired, be amazed and maybe even go over to the deviantART community to have a closer look at some of the artists behind these amazing drawings.

This is just a fun stuff for you to relieve from daily workflow – enjoy it!

Caricatures have been around for hundreds of years. A caricature is a portrait where the person being drawn or painted gets his distinct features exaggerated in order to make an entertaining visual likeness.

Click on the images to see the full versions at the artists deviantART-pages.

1. Will smith by ~mrpeculiar

2. Harry Potter by ~manohead

3. Jacko Caricature by ~karsaprada

4. LEON by *JaumeCullell

5. Clint Eastwood caricature by ~chngch

6. Caricature Albert Einstein by ~crazedude

7. Kanye West Caricature by ~VictorGatmaitan

8. John Locke by ~AnthonyGeoffroy

9. Mr_OBM by *toniart57

10. Bill Clinton caricature by ~clapano

11. Bushie the kid by ~tomfluharty

12. Steven Seagal by ~Parpa

13. Louis Armstrong by ~Parpa

14. Thom Yorke by ~manohead

15. Tiger Woods Caricature by ~jonesmac2006

16. DE NIRO by ~AnthonyGeoffroy

17. Bond by ~bangalore-monkey

18. Jack by *ElectroNic0

19. Rolling Stones caricature by ~MichelAchard

20. Bean by ~Hikari151

21. TRINITY_CARICATURE by ~crisdelara04

22. Snoop Dogg by ~AnthonyGeoffroy

23. Jim Painting by ~infernovball

24. Jack Bauer by ~AnthonyGeoffroy

25. Ugly Betty by ~AnthonyGeoffroy

26. Amy Winehouse by ~AnthonyGeoffroy

27. Adam Sandler Caricature 2 by ~drawmyface

28. JD by ~AnthonyGeoffroy

29. Springsteen by ~jasonseiler

30. Janis Joplin by ~zizi529

31. Uma Thurman Caricature by ~Rancez

32. Alfred Hitchcock caricature by =HammersonHoek

33. Michael Stipe Caricature by *YngveMartinussen

34. Indiana Jones Caricature by ~hcnoel

35. Napoleon Dynamite by ~jasonseiler

36. Caricature of Brad Pitt by *grobles63

37. Travolta by ~Nico4blood

38. Blade Caricature by ~jonesmac2006

39. Adrian Brody caricature by ~fillengroovy

40. Caricature of David Suchet by ~alex-ek

41. Spielberg caricature by ~dugazm

42. Meryl Streep by ~AndreaGerstmann

43. Robert Pattinson Caricature by ~yorkey-sa

44. Caricature I WIP by `mynti

45. Dexter caricature by ~CASTELLO

46. Bruce Lee caricature by ~yohan2

47. Samuel Jackson caricature… by ~sophiyaster

48. Borat caricature by *Steveroberts

49. Marilyn Monroe Caricature by ~manohead

50. House M.D. Caricature by ~hrod-rich

I hope you enjoyed this collection.

Which caricature was your favorite?
The comments section below is open for your much appreciated feedback! :)

Hilde Torbjornsen

A girl with passion for design, photography, business planning, freelancing, inspirational art and Photoshop/Illustrator. She runs the website Designer77 and you can follow her on twitter here: @Hildy77

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  1. Jack says

    Wow! these are amazing! It’s quite daunting to see all these celebrity caricatures when I do them myself. But they inspire me to better mine!

    I particularly love the rolling stones caricatures! And the Jack Nicholson one!

  2. ishaan says

    Cool post ! Really enjoyed checking out the Caricatures and love the design and style of each one.

  3. Jay Karsandas says

    Wow! Stunning drawings.

    The John Lock has to be my favorite. Looks wicked!

  4. Roberto Mora says

    I really enjoyed -with very few exceptions- this amazing collection. All reflect very well the public perception personality of the subjects. No. 5 (Clint Eastwood by chngch); No. 22 (Snoop Dogg by AnthonyGeoffroy); No. 42 (Meryl Streep by AndreaGerstmann) and No. 50 (Dr. House by hrod-rich) been the best…

  5. Steve Roberts says

    I just wanted to thank you for featuring my Borat Caricature in your list. I’m privilaged to be showcased with so many great artists. Thank you.

  6. Shekar says

    Awesome contribution to the creative world of cartooning.
    A great collection.
    Every piece is a treasure.

    Thank you

  7. says

    Thank you for featuring my Indiana Jones Caricature (#34) on your article! So many amazing artists on your list-I’m honored to be featured with them! :)

    • Hilde says

      Thank you! :)
      Great to hear you enjoyed this collection that I put together :)

  8. Web Risorsa says

    Celebrity Caricatures examples looks funny and impress me with the way they design them..

    • Hilde says

      Thank you! :)
      Happy to hear you enjoyed the collection I put together.
      I think the Will Smith one is cute and funny too xD

  9. Franco says

    amazing stuff! My favs are Will Smith and Napoleon. Congrats to all the authors

    • Hilde says

      Hi Franco!
      thanks for your comment :D
      Happy to hear you enjoyed the caricatures!

  10. Annelies says

    Number 42: Meryl Streep; it’s done absolutely beatifull !!! Also the expression in her eyes, the way she holds her glasses, the nose…. perfect!!!

    My personal favorite (because I like the show) if House M.D. ;-)

    Nice work to all of you!

    • Hilde says

      Hi Annelies!
      And thanks for the comment :)
      I really like the way the Meryl Streep one is done aswell. A lot of good pieces here yes :)
      Maybe I should watch an episode of House as I actually never have! The piece is pretty cool though ;)