Get Naturally Inspired: 55 Gorgeous Green Websites

Web design showcases seem to keep good popularity amongst a lot of designers out there. This time we’re showing you a number of gorgeous green web designs that will hopefully inspire you either when making your own web designs, or in your other designs.

The color green has had many meanings throughout the years. It’s usual to associate the color to plants, nature, eco friendliness, money, energy and more.

These websites will show you some examples of most of the mentioned associations, along with both traditional and more creative and alternative design.


1. Sylvain Toulouse

2. Frexy

3. Talk to Gary

4. Easy Peasee

5. dConstruct 2010

6. The squad

7. Josh Sullivan

8. Springhouse solicitors

9. A modern eden

10. Emotions

11. Zendesk

12. Tolingo

13. Tori’s eye

14. Objectified

15. Hungry for change?

16. 3 sided cube

17. Duplos

18. Go glamping

19. Forrst

20. Verdeo

21. Camp firebelly

22. charity: water

23. Plain green

24. Green planet solutions

25. BEN

26. Mustard monkey

27. Pixel to Xhtml

28. Jack Jaselli & the great vibes foundation

29. Evernote

30. Anthony Nolan

31. Min Tran

32. Naturetrek

33. GreenXtreme

34. Myddfai

35. Design jam

36. Greene Hill school

37. Pixelbaecker


39. Web://contact

40. VideoTeaching

41. Websmultimedia

42. Sunrise design

43. Turbomilk

44. Biology

45. Cutcaster

46. Cullpa solutions

47. Systima technology

48. Freshmail

49. Shorthand

50. Lifetree creative

51. The forbidden corner

52. Mocapoke

53. Mint

54. FrogWatch

55. Breeze

That was 55 green web designs. We’d love to hear what you think. Maybe you have a favorite that isn’t included here or a green website of your own?

Thanks for reading, we hope to see you in the comments!

Hilde Torbjornsen

A girl with passion for design, photography, business planning, freelancing, inspirational art and Photoshop/Illustrator. She runs the website Designer77 and you can follow her on twitter here: @Hildy77

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  1. Dan says

    Amazing collections! There might be others still undiscovered.
    Hi Hilde, just a question to ask, is this your portfolio? How did you collect those sites?

  2. Kris Pashek says

    Great collection :)
    Every time I go to your website I’m finding something inspirational and informative.
    How do you this that almost every day you post new and fantastic stuff?



  3. Shrikrishna Meena says

    Well, few of them at starting were really great…
    Nice compilation….

  4. Adie says

    Great collection of sites.

    I’m currently using greens on a new landscaping site I’m designing however I’m always wary of how much green to use though, and what the shade is going to look like on other monitors. For this reason I tend to use it minimally and use it with whites like a lot of these sites have.

    • Hilde Torbjornsen says

      Thanks for the feedback Adie :)
      I agree with you that using this with whites can be a somewhat safe choice and at the same time get a colorful feel to it.
      Good luck!

  5. says

    Great line-up. These are great inspiration, not only for green designs, but any one color heavy design. We recently did a green design too. Greener Postures Yoga is a website we recently did for a start-up studio in Portland,ME. They’ve had tremendous success with it so far, and we hope it continues. This was a great project to work on because we were involved from the very begining to create their brand, site, and marketing.