50+ Amazing Grunge Wallpapers To Beautify Your Desktop

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Grunge style is now becoming popular because of the unique design it has: crooked, stained, grubby, broken. But designers are still using this style on fontsbrushes and interface design and still it is making its mark on the designing community.

You may ask why do you have to consider grunge style for your design since they are branded as “dirty type” of design. What does it make on a design?

  1. It makes a design unique.
  2. Grunge designs are unique because it stands out on the rest with the dirty and irregularity look it has.

  3. It makes a design look creative.
  4. I never thought that dirty can also be beautiful until I discovered grunge designs! I find it amazing how designers put different kinds of elements in one design, and still maintains the creative look of the design.

  5. It catches the attention of viewers.

One way to capture a viewer’s attention is to use grunge style. You may agree with me or not but I think most people notice dirty things more than with the clean ones. For grunge style, dirty is positive and that makes it attractive.

And now, to add up on our collection of grunge style, I will be presenting to you 50+  grunge wallpapers that you can use as an inspiration in making one.

1. Super Mario Wallpaper by: Desidus

I know Super Mario is cool. But he became  cooler when I saw this grunge design of him. It rocks!


1920 x 1200

2. Vectors and grunge wallpaper by: Dennyshopgirl

Vectors make this design awesome. But the grunge style on this design makes it more awesome.


1680 x 1050

3. Grunge Silhouette Wallpaper by: Vahron

I find this design very sexy because of the lady silhouette and grunge style it has. The colors and shapes used work well together.


1680 x 1050

4. Grunge Wallpaper by: dwarrior

This one is very beautiful! The grunge style makes the rose stand out and it really suits the grunges it has.


1024 x 768

5. Apple goes grunge by: Nikola Lazarevic

Yes! Apple goes grunge and I love this design. Very nice texture and colors!

Apple goes grunge

1024 x 640

6. MY GRUNGE WALLPAPER by: verticality

The elements fit well together to come up with an awesome grunge design. Very nice concept.


1024 x 768

7. Feudal by: Vectortrance

If you would like to put more creativity on your picture, use grunge style. And one good example is this one.


1100 x 790

8. Tree Island by: Lukezz

I find this grunge design simple and cute. The fonts and trees are nicely placed and the crumpled effect on the background makes the whole design lively.


1680 x 1050

9. Grunge_Garden by: gulfsprite

The brushes used in grunge style gives texture on the whole design.


1024 x 640

10. Create – Wallpaper by: Jacob White

Nice choice of colors. If this design has no grunge style I think it will not be as good as I see it now. And that’s one of the purposes of grunge style, to make designs look better.


1024 x 640

11. Sleepy Hollow by: Jesse Gardner

This one is another example on giving more texture on your photos. Very nice!

Sleepy hallow

1280 x 854

12. Old is Gold I by: ankilien

Very great concept in combining simple elements to create a wonderful design like this.

Old is gold

640 x 512

13. Grunge by: Dingi

A grunge wallpaper design that is made with many kinds of brushes. Very creative!


1024 x 768

14. Inliners Grunge Wallpaper by: Raxby

I think vectors and grunges work well together to produce one creative design. The person turned silhouette in this image is nicely done.


1280 x 1024

15. Beauty of Grunge by: Evelyn Arthur Richman

The name says it, this image reflects how grunge style makes a design beautiful.

Beauty of Grunge

1024 x 700

16. Some Grunge by: Solea-ru

The grunge style is very simple yet it fits on the mysterious lady with the swirls on her. Very nice design!

Some grunge

1280 x 960

17. My Golden Grunge Flower by: moosebite

A simple flower that is combined with a great grunge style. It looks so beautiful. I love the grunge effect this design has.

My golden grunge flower

640 x 428

18. Grunge tunnel wallpaper by: crackster

This grunge design is very scary. Maybe that is how the photo is really conceptualized. It is like the saying that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.


1280 x 1024

19. Rebel! Wallpaper by: Felipe Tofani

I think one idea for an invitation to be unique is to put some grunge style on it. This design can be one example.

1024 x 768

20. Grunge Love Wallpaper by: cristy0505

I love how all elements are combined and placed to come up with a cool and pretty design.

Grunge love wallpaper

640 x 480

21. Joshue tree grunge sunset by: Glenn Mills

Very beautiful texture! Nice colors and I like the way the glow effect is used to put some grunge onto it.

Joshua tree grunge sunset

1024 x 682

22. Grunge Wallpaper by: ZipADeeDooZeppelin

This one is really grunge, putting several things to create wonderful wallpaper design. The color is simple yet worked well on the whole design.


1280 x 1024

23. Grunge frame with tree sillhoutte by: sassy_cupcakes

The colors and the whole design is just simple but it made me glance and click the thumbnail to look on the whole image. The grunge effect of it makes it attractive.

Grunge frame with tree sillhoutte

1024 x 756

24. Cloud 9 by: fudgegraphics

Another example that vectors and grunge style look good together. The vectors are nice and the colors of the rainbow too.


1440 x 900

25. Design Is..Grunge by: Stuart Thursby

Notice the grunge effects of the word, Grunge. It’s so cool. I will choose this as one of my top ten grunge designs.

Design is grunge

1024 x 768

26. playing w cs4 wallpaper by: WishfulHamadryad

Nice work of grunge design. The colors makes it more dirty and the brushes used too. Very nice.


1680 x 1050

27. Beatles Song – Wallpaper by: villanitadesign

A simple but cute design with grunge style. A paper with stained effects on it makes the heart with wings stand out. Very nice desktop wallpaper, isn’t?


1282 x 960

28. Crow Wallpaper by: Tiger-tyger

Nice concept with the crow in a shadow like effect with some wordings and orbs on the background. It’s so classic.


1280 x 800

29. Wallpaper-Grunge by: Heldrik

can compare this with the walls we see on the street where some put spray paints on the walls. This how dirty can look beautiful.


640 x 480

30. wallpaper – white as snow 02+ by: stuntarts

Nice use of vectors and grunge design. I like how the wordings became grungy and the colors are nice too.


1680 x 1050

31. Abstract grunge wallpaper by: The-proffesional

This one is really abstract. I would love to have this as a painting on my wall.


1920 x 1080

32. Winter Line Teaser Wallpaper by: BleedingStarClothing

A good example where pink becomes grungy. Awesome work! Nice use of brushes and fonts.


1600 x 1200

33. Chicago grunge by: MPow

Good concept to use vector as sun rays. The cityscape is very nice, it makes the whole design more grungy in look.


1280 x 1024

34. Grunge by: black-requiem

Good choice of colors and concept on how to make the design look grungy.


992 x 667

35. This World by: deadstarx

The colors are attractive and the grunge style too. I think I’m gonna make this one as my desktop background, it’s so cool.

1280 x 1024

36. Grunge by: KenyT

The yellow and the flowers makes it very cute and dirty. Very nice!

1024 x 768

37. I regret nothing by: Bl4ck-and-wh1te

I like the brushes and arrows use by the creator. I also like the cloud black effect, it makes the design look very grungy.

2560 x 1600

38. There will be grunge by: Tom-Mosack

Nice fonts and irregularity of the design. It’s so cool and grungy.

1280 x 800

39. Expression by: DigitalPhenom

A simple yet creative grunge design. I like how the fonts and other elements were placed together.


40. Grunge Agony by: Maciej Gowin

The bright colors and grunge effect stand out. Cool design, isn’t?

640 x 480

41. The Typographic Grid by: arnoKath

Cool concept to mix fonts and place it together like this design. This is one technique we can use when creating our own grunge wallpaper.

1920 x 1200

42. pittsburgh Pirates grunge wallpaper by: bbairhalter

I like how the cityscape on the background was made grungy. Very nice!

640 x 480

43. City by Lumir by: Istvan Benedek

This one is grungy and youthful. It really represents grunge style, putting different kinds of elements into one design.

1600 x 1200

44. Grunge Wallpaper – Mk 1 by: Seb Cooper

I like the Chinese fonts and different kinds of brushes used on this design to make it a grunge one.

1280 x 1024

45. Retro Grunge by: ReaperXXIV

This is a good example in putting elements together to make it retro and grunge as well.

1440 x 1024

46. Gas Mask Grunge Wallpaper by: Synthro

I find this very cool in such a way that different kinds of metals are placed to form a gas mask and grunge effect too.

1600 x 1200

47. Grunge by: xSaria

Nice grunge and colorful texture. I can imagine paints that are spilled and a design was formed on this.

1280 x 800

48. HD Grunge Skull Wallpaper v.3 by: BeserkRodent

I got scared when I saw this wallpaper. I think the scary feeling is because of the grunge style and colors of the whole design.

1920 x 1080

49. Parting Ways: Wallpaper by: Franz Jeitz

I find this grunge wallpaper simple and abstract. Even white stands out, it still looks grungy.

1024 x 640

50. Wallpaper 2 by: Tom Miatke

Grunge style can also be applied with texts, and this one is a good example.

1024 x 704

Bonus: Tutorials in Making your Own Grunge style Wallpapers

Bonus! Here are some good sources of tutorials, so that you can make your own grunge-style wallpapers.

Design an Extreme Grunge Wallpaper

by: Alvaro Guzman

A tutorial that teaches on how to create a wallpaper in a grunge style with the use of layer masks, custom brushes and the clone tool.


Creating an Urban-Style Piece of Artwork

by: Markus

This tutorial will show you how to create an urban and grunge style combined into one design. You will also learn here how to extract complex shapes to come up with a very nice design.

Urban final

Design a Grungy Floating Island

by: Tom

This tutorial will teach you how to create a floating island with a grungy effect. It also offers how you can blend and combine layers to create a nice effect.


Arctic Monkeys Photoshop Wallpaper Tutorial

by: SignatureStop

A tutorial that can help you put more creativity on group or solo pictures.


How To Create a Retro Grunge Apple Wallpaper in 5 Easy Steps in Photoshop

by: Nikola Lazarevic

Learn how to give retro and grunge style on your design with this tutorial.

Apple goes grunge


by: Stewart Michael Bruce

A tutorial that helps you create a photomontage with the use of Photoshop’s filter feature.

Stress City

The Dark Knight Grunge Wallpaper

by: photoshopstar

Put a grunge style on your wallpapers with this tutorial.


Grunge Mercedes Wallpaper

by: ART-D

This tutorial can give you tips and techniques to create a grunge design on your own.

Grunge mercedes

Create an Intensely Grungy Wallpaper

by: PSDFAN.com

Learn how to transform your photos from the original to a grunge photo like this one. Read, learn and believe.


Dark Grunge Photo Effect

by: pshero

A tutorial that creates a neat with grungy effect on your photos with the use of Photoshop’s Image Adjustments and Filter features.


And that is my collections of grunge wallpapers, I hope you got inspired to create your own. Don’t forget to share with us your thoughts regarding this article.

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    For me i like wallpaper design no. 21..What about you charina?

  • Charina Torres

    Thursday, December 30th, 2010 10:55


    Wow, great choice. The wallpaper I like the most is no. 16. Actually, it’s my desktop background. It’s so beautiful, and very mysterious lady right? :)

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    These are great wallpapers! Thank you.

  • Brett Widmann

    Thursday, April 7th, 2011 04:06


    These are great wallpapers! Thank you.

  • Charina Torres

    Thursday, December 30th, 2010 10:55


    Wow, great choice. The wallpaper I like the most is no. 16. Actually, it’s my desktop background. It’s so beautiful, and very mysterious lady right? :)

  • Rahul

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    For me i like wallpaper design no. 21..What about you charina?


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