60 Mind-Blowing Hand Drawn Website Designs For Your Inspiration

Although digital arts is much appreciated and renowned in the world wide web, it’s undeniable that hand drawn sketches are equally impressive and delightful. Using hand drawn designs as webpage backgrounds, designer portfolios and illustrator portfolios, is getting popular these days. It has that artistic and personal touch that awes people, and not to mention it surprises the viewers too. It attracts artsy people from digital, animation/cartoon, sketch, and other art fields unmentioned.

Though it may be rather challenging at first, it helps when you get inspired by masters. So in this article, I collected a bunch of very impressive and edgy hand drawn websites that would inspire you. Here goes…


2. Richard Stelmach

3. Lotie

4. Kinetic Singapore

5. Sawyer Hollenshead

6. Draw & Fold Over

7. Dawghouse Design Studio

8. College Prowler

9. Hello Sour Sally

10. It Looks Good

11. Talessimon

12. Bowtie

13. Elan Snowboards

14. Neighborhood Homework House

15. Jcbsong

16. Get Ready to Rox

17. Sarah Hyland

18. Wing Cheng

19. Leonite Internet Ventures

20. Tennessee Education

21. Denise Chandler

22. Idiotic Adventures Of Philippe And Pierre

23. Monkeehub.com

24. DoodlePad

25. Look Designs

26. Legwork Studio

27.  So Interactive

28. Kitty Attack

29. Biola

30. Xixinobanho

31. Kutztown University

32. Casio

33. Mobious

34. Bootb

35. Mikimottes

36. Heather Sloane

37. Lucuma

38. Mel Kadel

39. Mariska


41. Multi Account Twitter Tweeter – MATT

42. Kev Adamson

43. Christian Sparrow

44. Leo Burnett

45. Jesse Willmon

46. Dann Whittaker Creative

47. Project 365

48. Giant Ant Media

49. Draw For Joy Blog

50. Robbin Ingvarsson and Waldemar Wegelin

51. Deborah Cavenaugh Illustrator and Painter

52. Mixtel Gonzalez Zabalo

53. Nela Dunato and Chatte Noire

54. Schlafman Illustrations and Drawings

55. Studio Racket

56. FatHeads Creative Studio

57. Swiths Site With Style

58. Low Morale Design

59. Agami Creative

60. WEFAIL Design

* Hand drawn images are really edgy and funky. It makes your page very personalized and it catches so much attention that it would make you want to do more. I hope you enjoyed this list & inspired you as well. I salute to those people capable of such imaginative & creative pieces. Kudos!

Sheena Cavazos

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  1. Ale says

    casioexilimlab is fail link :( For the rest I see more link very nice. Good examples of graphic. Thanks for sharing. I need to inspiration…every day. “Biola” and “fatheads creative” are my preferite.

  2. Marion says

    Thanks for this great collection. I love hand drawn design and it seems to be out of fashion the past couple of years. I think it gives a warm, friendly feeling to a website.

  3. Rodney says

    Some really nice examples here. Great work. I like the hand drawn technique in web design.

  4. Keroy King says

    Thanks for the great read and post, I am just loving your blog, Just added your post on delicious and facebook for future comeback.

  5. says

    i am thrilled to see these designs. i must admit that i have never seen such designs in my life. thanks for sharing this precious knowledge with us.

  6. Shrikrishna Meena says

    Excellent designs, great work done on them…. Got an Inspiration to design my own portfolio…. Awesome Collection.

  7. Debbie says

    This time you really blew me away. What is so exciting is the rejuvenation of raw talent in a surprising medium for trend setting sites.