45 Mobile Web Designs To Show You One Of Future Trends

Even if now not many visitors come to the website through his mobile phone, but be sure it’s the future, where people will use their smart phones everywhere to access their favorite websites when they are on the road and want to fill their free time with useful reading.

We are designers and we need to think how to create more usable sites for such needs and today we showcased 45 great mobile webdesigns to get you inspired!

If you do not know you can check other website designs here – this is iPhone simulator, but there are plenty of other ones to check on Android,Windows Mobile etc. –   just input there website you want to check and hit enter. Also thing to remember, if site has mobile design version and you don’t get it automatically, you can access it by putting “m” before website address –  “m.example.com” –  from smartphones and iPhones you need to use this mobile address as well to access it.

1. Victoria’s Secret Pink


2. Alex Buga


3. Vondi


4. University of Alabama


5. Virgin Blue


6. Toy Soldier


7. Wegmans


8. Design Quest


9. iWeathr


10. Marina Yachting


11. Dolce & Gabbana


12. Vimeo


13. WVU Today


14. Burger King


15. Sony


16. YellowPages


17. Singlehop


18. McDonald’s


19. AOL Money & Finance


20. Nclud


21. Procab Studio


22. Marcel Muller


23. Pixanimal Studio


24. Android and Me


25. Erskine


26. Mashable


27. Productive Dreams


28. Far From Fearless


29. Twitter


30. Just Creative Design


31. Nike Lab


32. Print Fancy


33. Ammy Stoddard


34. Plaveb


35. Coosh


36. HTC


37. Lexus IS F


38. CWTV


39. Deviant Art


40. MySpace


41. Smashing Magazine


42. Wacom Bamboo


43. Flickr


44. Digg


45. Mobilize Media


Daniels Mekšs

Works at 1stwebdesigner, studies photography at ISSPand seeks to enjoy life. You can check out his photography blog and follow him on twitter.

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  1. Viv says

    There are some good looking mobile sites out there… not sure I’d ever go on McDonald’s or Burger King’s from a desktop, let-alone a mobile personally!!

  2. Remodeler says

    Burger King has a mobile site. Haha. You don’t get to the door before close and the only thing to eat is your phone. Just do not get to McDonalds site by mistake – you’d poison yourself :)

  3. Vinecy says

    Really enjoyed the design of the university of Alabama and Victoria’s Secret. A university having a mobile website would be EXTREMELY useful for the students. Having a mobile website is terrific for your blog as it makes it easier for your readers. Also, if you have a business that is online or a physical business setup at a store, a mobile website is the best thing you can have because people are ALWAYS searching for nearby stores from their phones when they shop. If they come across a mobile website that has been well designed and represents your business clearly (eg no need to zoom in), they will visit your store and hopefully increase your sales!

  4. jack dowson says

    Such a great blog list about mobile web designs. Didn’t know about the few blogs on this list, It’s helpful in getting new ideas…I follow a few of them regularly and check them regularly for new updates.

  5. Jamie Osbourne says

    This one of a futuristic style has been a start for mobile to take a large step on being an independent source of information like PC’s.. Technology grows fast as well as the innovation in our world.

  6. Baris says

    “University of Alabama” doesn’t have its own icon set bt still in the “FUTURE TREND” list :)

  7. Patt says

    I like the ones that look like part of the phone’s OS but I think they may annoy more technically minded users. It almost feels like they are trying to “trick” people.

  8. Patt says

    I like the sites that look like part of the phone’s OS but I don’t know whether they would annoy more technically minded users. It almost feels like those pages are trying to “trick” people.

  9. Joes Stereo says

    Its great to see technology take off so fast. I remember when it took around 20 minutes to just get onto the internet and now I’ve got it on my phone. Insane!

  10. Aaron Dicks says

    We’re developing out website for mobile content right now and this was an invaluable resource, thank you!

  11. Vincent Malatrait says

    Design for the mobile web will just keep getting better. Th artisitic or graphic aspects always lag the technology. Remember how awful the first sites on the looked?

    Be sure to SEO your mobile sites for the mobile web and submit your mobile websites to directories and search engines built around mobility.

  12. says

    Great round up! Thank you
    I bet Testiphone is the best tool to see mobile websites in action
    I tried to find other solutions, but some of them were not free and the others were too complicated.

  13. Scott Corgan says

    OH yes, mobile web. I forgot that there just might some beautiful websites there. Rare, but apparently there are ate least 45…

  14. Daniel says

    Thanks for sharing this great collection of mobile web design. There are some interesting things to take away from the good and bad on most of these sites!

  15. Adie says

    Some amazing mobile designs here. You can see that a lot of them have been done with the iPhone in mind.

  16. says

    I think the mobile industry is really going to take off in 2010 – so many apps available, allowing you to do almost all of your PC task (except the resource intensive ones) on your phone! Quite amazing, considering that just 25 years back we were still looking at mono color screens ;)