45 Stunning Examples of Moleskine Artwork

The Moleskine notebooks/sketchbooks have become more and more popular over the last years. In a world where more and more art is digital, these books stand out as a more basic, yet traditional and creative media. We’ve handpicked a nice collection of sketches that various artists have done in their Moleskine.

In today’s world of art, we’ve seen pretty much everything up to several times already, especially when talking about digital pieces. So this time we’ve decided to make a nice collection of Moleskine sketches. These show the great creativity and skills of several artists and can be very inspirational to have a look at.

Let’s have a look!

1. Unicorns

2. Moleskine of Roger Haus

03. “Moleskin 01″

04. “Moleskin 04″

05. “And old house in Gradac”

06. “Sarangkot, Nepal”

07. “Microbus”

08. “Moleskin 02″

09. “Cruisin’ car”

10. “My souvenir”

11. “Newari house”

12. “Moleskine sample 8″

13. “Moore’s law”

14. “Moleskine”

15. “Moleskine 1″

16. “Untitled”

17. “Trevor Henry’s sketchbook”

18. “Woman on the bus to Dumre”

19. “First sketch”

20. “Moleskine X”

21. “First Person Shooter”

22. “Sketch 64″

23. ” The living room”

24. “The African campaign”

25. “Summer of 2010″

26. “Summer of 2010 (2)”

27. “Plague of buzzards”

28. “Ariel”

29. “Dragon lady”

30. “Towneater”

31. “Home”

32. “Moleskine practica 07″

33. “Moscow”

34. “Moscow (2) “

35. “Moleskine 1″

36. “Quest 38″

37. “Jaguar Toad”

38. “12 horse powers”

39. “Moleskine 4″

40. “Brussels”

41. “First love”

42. “Moleskine practica 13″

43. “Kobe Suma Beach”

44. “Preparing for the big race”

45. “Power tools”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection!

We’d love to hear your comments, and if you have a picture of your own Moleskine somewhere – leave the link!

Thanks for reading.

Hilde Torbjornsen

A girl with passion for design, photography, business planning, freelancing, inspirational art and Photoshop/Illustrator. She runs the website Designer77 and you can follow her on twitter here: @Hildy77

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  1. sanjeev says

    great collection! really great…just liked it …..thanks for this collection…

    • Kate says

      I agree Moses, the houses on donkeys is brilliant. That painter has obviously a lot of talent and experience!

  2. says

    I have healthy envy. These artists have something special is his way of shaping their world. Great every one of the drawings.

  3. says

    Very nice collection. I have a Moleskine with gridded paper which is fantastic for web and logo design. But soon I will buy a plain A4 Moleskine for recording my thoughts and feelings in a visual way. Like a journal without words.

    • Hilde Torbjornsen says

      Yeah! I just bought one of my own. Its a great way to get inspired and do something other than just being all “digital” 24/7.

    • Hilde Torbjornsen says

      Thanks for the feedback James!
      I agree. With all the possibilities in web design these days, these can definitely inspire. And art of this kind is surely something that can be included in web design somehow :)