10 Portfolio Websites that Will Make You Say Wow

Why is it necessary to have a portfolio website? Is it a requisite for all designers? Here are 10 portfolio websites that can lead you to the answers.

Why haven’t I thought of that?”

Well, those were the first words I uttered when I saw this collection of websites that will make you say wow. I thought it would be great if I will be able to share these to you.

The answers to the questions above are very simple. It is necessary for a designer to have a portfolio website because it showcases your talent and provides your future clients with an idea of how good you are. If a prospect client wants to hire you, he will of course want to know what your previous projects are and how efficient you were on doing it. They will conduct research (Everybody does. Who wants to throw off their precious bucks for people who can’t deliver, right?) to have an idea about your professionalism, efficiency, speed and talent. If you don’t have a portfolio, where will your clients look?

So, why don’t we begin looking at these and in the end, just be awed and say Wow!

The Toke


Viewing the projects in this one is as simple as viewing them in a photo browser. With minimal audio and keyboard shortcuts, this portfolio website is professional looking and sleek.

Alex Abramov


The designer used the big background photo to serve as map-like design where points in the city were made to represent the page you will be viewing.



This doodle-looking portfolio looks both cute and magnificent. Using Parallax to enable horizontal scrolling, this portfolio simply amazes me.



Talk about being creative and interactive! This website rocks. With the cool background music and the transitions, it proves to be one amazing portfolio.

M-1 Design


Mouse-responsive motion, this website eats it like a piece of cake. Using clever and surreal designs with great transitions, you’d want something like this.

IE Studio


Simplicity is the main reason behind this website’s beauty. Nothing beats the minimalist. Check out the artistic use of images both of which are photographic and computer generated.



Some things are more beautiful when naked. This website is a great manifestation of it. It is the simplest form of  being simple. No flashy effects, just the off-white colors blended with the occasional red will surely equal to an amazing portfolio website.



This mixed the simplistic and minimalistic designs with great effects. Eyegasmic, this site is easy to understand and navigate.

Guided Creative


This one amped up retro designs with the flat design trends creating a bright blue beauty.

R Leonardi


Love interaction? This one interacts with you like a video game. With its clever use of animation and transitions, you’ll find yourself browsing to the last page just to see how it finishes.


Portfolio websites like these serve as inspirations for web designers to continue to hone their talents. Having a great portfolio website is almost tantamount to a great work. Of course, if you are able to design projects which are eye-popping, it is both necessary and obvious that you should have a great portfolio to hold them off.

WOW! Right? What do you think?

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Rudolph Musngi

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  1. Stefan says

    Three sites rely solely on Flash (won’t show in iOS devices, I personally have Flash deactivated by default due to the security issues), another one doesn’t respect the browser back button… they won’t make me say “wow”, but “oooooh dear”…

  2. Tim says

    I should say that The Toke takes an incredibly long time to load. I left before even seeing anything.

    • mos says

      I’m pretty sure these people’s target audience aren’t people who do business on mobile phones or tablets. I mean, who conducts serious business on a smartphone? :)

      • Ilyass says

        I’m afraid to tell you mos my friend , that’s not a answer for that comment , because many manager’s don’t have time now to use their laptop to see those protfolios , which means that those protfolios maybe have a chance to be visited using their mobile , so in that case it will be a “mess” A web designer doesn’t have a responsive designer offfffffffff this is really BAAAAAAD

        But they are very good desktop protoflios .

        • says

          I’m not sure how I feel about that… on one hand, I wouldn’t want to waste MY time with a business/client that “didnt have time to pull out a laptop” because that would tell me they’re not really serious about me. A portfolio is a great way to show off and go above and beyond with some bleeding edge techniques that we might not use on a client site – just to show what we’re made of.

          However, on the other hand – if we can go all out AND be responsive, that would be even better – because I do a lot of official business through my phone, so I’m sure others do too! :)

    • Tim says

      I think responsive portfolio sites are a terrible idea. Looking at artwork on a phone-sized screen is dumb. You need at least a tablet to see anything well. Tablets display full websites perfectly. We DO NOT need tablet sized websites. I have no idea who came up with the idea to make this interim size web layout, but they were just trying to make their name known to the world. It is not necessary and just takes more time to develop. Phone sized designs are great – for certain websites and target markets.