70 Unique Examples Of 404 Error Pages For Your Inspiration

What does 404 error page mean? It’s just a page that shows up when user tries to browse the page that doesn’t seems to exist anymore – link may be  broken, moved, or even it has never existed and never will. Popular and good looking pages will always have good 404 error pages both from creative and functional point of view. Why? – if user hits such error page, it should do the best to help reader find what he is searching for, otherwise he will go away and may never come back.

Let’s check some really well done error pages to get inspiration for our own creative 404 page?

1. Gog.com

2. Css-tricks.com

3. Blizzard.com

4. Bluedaniel.com

5. Chelmsfordlibrary.org

6. Henrikhedegaard.com

7. Livadaru.net

8. Southparkstudios.com

9. Mailchimp.com

10. Propeller.com

11. Mixx.com

12. Surfingonstatic.com

13. Wulffmorgenthaler.com

14. Spongebob.nick.com

15. Tinsanity.net

16. Douh.com

17. Orangecoat.com

18. Apartmenthomeliving.com

19. Slonky.com

20. Patterntap.com

21. Acromediainc.com

22. Carsonified.com

23. Huwshimi.com

24. Jhuskisson.com

25. Sinisterbunny.com

26. Deviantart.com

27. Eternalmoon.com

28. Cssremix.com

29. Agens.no

30. Abduzeedo.com

31. Hootsuite.com

32. Chrisjennings.com

33. Robo.to

34. Shelfworthy.com

35. Thewebmotel.com

36. Youcastr.com

37. Clubpenguin.com

38. Fryewiles.com

39. Twurn.com

40. Unitinteractive.com

41. Gnolia.com

42. Leapanywhere.com

43. Project-euh.com

44. Beta.Mnet.co.za

45. Dawdle.com

46. Cubeecraft.com

47. 24-7media.de

48. Habrahabr.ru

49. Twingly.com

50. Mutacao.com.br

51. Kidmondo.com

52. Springload.co.nz

53. Getdropbox.com

54. Dazeofourlives.com

55. Redtag.com

56. Wufoo.com

57. Dundeeliving.co.uk

58. Berganblue.com.au

59. Lookitsme.co.uk

60. Kochatelier-berlin.de

61. Craigslist.org – ASCII

62. Limpfish.com

63. Homestarrunner.com

64. Beanstalkapp.com

65. Bol.com

66. D20srd.org

67. Odopod.com

68. Trubru.co.uk

69. Rareview.com

70. Jayelgibson.com

Valters Bergspics

Valters is 17 years old freelancer from Latvia. His experience in web-building is about 3 years - PHP, xHTML, CSS. He enjoys web-building with different languages. You can follow him on Twitter.

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  1. jeff szuc says

    Some of these are great. I’ve just recently moved my blog address and decided to do something more creative with all the broken links this has created.
    That being said, my use is a little different as my whole site’s one big 404 now.

  2. otto says

    It’s great to see how much effort is put into 404 pages.
    Graphics and design are important for the creative side of a page, but the user should get some helpful info too.

    Not everyone knows what a 404 means.

  3. Andrew says

    Thanks for sharing the nice collections.
    I thought of sharing my simple page, too.

  4. says

    Really great post. I love your site and all inspiration examples you give for us, web designers. I wish to share this beauty example of 404 pages, with all your users:
    All the best and keep with your inspiration.

  5. JC Johnston says

    Great collections. I have seen some of these before, but Jayelgibson one and several the others are new ones I haven’t seen before.

  6. Dalibor Vasiljevic says

    Great post guys :) You managed to find some very interesting pages. Take a look at ;) Thanks ;)

  7. Tim says

    I have to say that however clever some of these may be, it is better to set up redirects for pages that no longer exist.
    I would also say that some of these people can get into a lot of trouble by using licensed character art on their websites (ie, Homer Simpson, Plankton, etc) unless they have a licensing agreement with the respective production companies. I highly doubt they do, and even if they did, those licensors need to approve any artwork before it would be used in the intended manner. So, just a heads up for anyone thinking about doing something like that…you could get a lawsuit slapped on you, in particular if your website produces income for you.
    On top of that, simply plopping an image of Homer Simpson on a 404 page doesn’t make it creative.
    I also do not understand why web designers continue to put the text “404” on a 404 page? The average web user has no idea what any web error codes mean, or that that even is a web error code. It is completely unnecessary.

  8. Dagny Taggart says

    How many times have we seen this post around the design circles?

    And I love how the two 404 pages with Homer Simpson are right next to each other in the “Unique” 404 pages post.

    Cool designs, sad excuse for an article.

    • says

      of course you have a point, with such huge competition it’s really hard to offer something fresh, unseen and original! We try our best though and hope you still recognize many good examples making this post valuable.

    • says

      Nice, clean, and simple. I like it.

      A suggestion though, if I may.. Rather than letting defunct links hit your 404 page, and linking from there to the old version of your site, you would probably be better off setting up 301s to redirect to the new working url.

  9. Joe Fitzsimmons says

    I can’t remember the site, but they had a great 404 page that had a picture of a cat being attacked by servers. If someone remembers, let me know.

  10. Amby says

    I’ve found Nokia’s 404 recently, which is not a great design, but a nice example for connecting from an 404 error to some marketing msg: http://www.nokia.com/404

    It must be quite new, as free navigation is something that was announced recently.

    • says

      My site runs a search automatically on the keywords in the url or from your google/yahoo/etc search that led to landing on a non-working page. It also includes the search box, so you could enter in a different search term.

      It will also auto-redirect to a working page, if the auto search that runs on a 404 error only returns a single result.

      Of course it’s mostly useless at the moment since my site as it exists currently has virtually no content, but when I eventually get around to blogging it will be useful. :)

  11. says

    There are some really creative examples there. Thanks for the post! Really inspiring!



  12. Ari Suardiyanti says

    Great list of 404 pages ;),
    though I’ve seen most of the pages already :p

  13. says

    I love these. Many I have seen already, but a few are new. Good list overall. I employed a little humor in some block pages here at my day job. A little creativity and wit goes a long way in what could normally be considered boring pages.