35 Really Unusual And Desirable Bookshelf Designs

Unusual and Desirable Bookshelves DesignsDesign is everywhere, all the buildings, cars, planes, clothes and even bookshelves are designed by the designers. Such different visual design is  good inspiration source for web and graphic designers because it’s totally different creative  field somehow related of course.

This collection will help you to feed your imagination with fresh and creative ideas from furniture design range. Some of the listed examples are very creative and you’ll be surprised that bookshelf could look so impressive and be functional in the same time.



2.  “Krea” bookcase

"Krea" bookcase

3.  Saba Italia

Saba Italia

4. Twin Shelves

Twin Shelves

5. The Swollen Wall

The Swollen Wall

6. WisdomTree


7. Cardboard Bookshelf

Cardboard Bookshelf

8. Digitally Fabricated Bookshelf

Digitally Fabricated Bookshelf

9. Toboga Bookcase

Toboga Bookcase

10. Domino Expo

Domino Expo

11. The Laica Bookshelf

The Laica Bookshelf

12. Bibliotheque Tree

Bibliotheque Tree

13. MYDNA Twist Bookcase

MYDNA Twist Bookcase

14. Books on the wall

Books on the wall

15. Curly bookshelf

Curly bookshelf

16. Circle


17. Elfa desk

Elfa desk

18. “M40″ wardrobe and bookcase

"M40" wardrobe and bookcase

19. Yellow


20. Bookshelf


21. Ideas for the office

Ideas for the office

22. TOTO


23. MDAY bookcase

MDAY bookcase

24. “Krea” bookcase

"Krea" bookcase

25. Sfuggenti scaffali

Sfuggenti scaffali

26. Libraryland


27. Celebrity Equinox: Library

Celebrity Equinox: Library

28. A bookshelf designed by Ron Arad

A bookshelf designed by Ron Arad

29. Wall of books

Wall of books

30. OBA


31. Max


32. Circle


33. Sinapsi


34. Cebunext


35. Bookcase


Tomas Laurinavicius

Tomas Laurinavicius is a web designer, developer and blogger from Lithuania. Currently studying in Aarhus, Denmark. You can follow him on Twitter. Get in touch with him if you have interesting projects you want to collaborate on.

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  1. krik0s says

    Having over 3000 books I think that Nos 22, 23, 26, 27 and 30 are the most suitable for me… Although the others were brilliant as well …

  2. Jules says

    But most of them are more decoration than … about the BOOKS! It’s the books that make the room, not the shelving; or it should be.

    I do find it inspiring though. It will get me thinking, my way. Thank you.

  3. nick says

    I think #32 is the coolest and should have a cushion inside the circle that you can lie on and read the book you choose.

  4. als says

    as usual (with ‘modern’ designs), it’s more form than function…
    my favourite: #10 (‘domino expo’); i had a similar one myself

  5. Helena Mikulová says

    soo coool, awesome, incredible, what can human mind create. no. 8 is great, where can i buy it?

  6. kropped says

    Great collection, I like the Toboga Bookcase, I tried something simliar myself. It took ages to work out but was definately worth it.

    It’s great to see articles branching out into all aspects of design.