41 Inspiring Email Newsletter Designs


An email newsletter is an imperative tool for developing a graphic design business. It is one of most valuable ways to share what type of work you are doing and seeking. Email newsletters are amazing marketing as well as communication tools with multipurpose functions and benefits that expand your reach into a user inbox. With the help of an email newsletter, you can make an additional connection with your viewers beyond the website, and in this way you can keep them in the loop with the latest news and happening to look out for.

Email newsletters, while building a relationship with your visitors or customers, can keep them coming back to your website. This will ultimately result in increased sales. So, without any further ado let us get a load of exceptional ideas to create appealing and engaging graphic email newsletter designs for your new campaign.

1. Elizabeth Davis

This newsletter design plays tremendously well with the color usage that makes this newsletter design visually alluring and attractive. Furthermore, the newsletter starts with a catchy tagline.

Elizabeth Davis

2. eMag

This newsletter design brings somewhat bright color into play with the amalgamation of black color to give it an attention grabbing look. You can easily notice how the call-to-action buttons are placed.


3. Heroes Over Europe

One of the most outstanding newsletter designs in this collection which sets itself apart from the other ordinary designs.

Heroes Over Europe

4. Nature Baby

This newsletter design brings beautiful typography and soothing color combination into play to create a compelling and persuasive newsletter design.

Nature Baby

5. Percept Brand Design

This creative newsletter has been designed by keeping the target audience in mind and this is the reason why it successfully grabs the attention of the potential customers.

Percept Brand Design

6. Michael Kors

Michael Kors makes use of spanking new and refreshing color and an interesting approach to differentiate the newsletter from others.

Michael Kors

7. Limes Farm

The designer of this newsletter design has successfully kept this design simple and unfussy while giving it a very striking and appealing look.

Limes Farm

8. Disney Pixar

With this newsletter design, they tend to dazzle those who love animated movies. Apart from the design, the message of the newsletter is loud and clear.

9. ScrapBlog

This newsletter apart from being visually appealing also fulfills the main purpose of a newsletter and that is informing its audience about the subject of the newsletter.


10. eMAG Newsletter

In this newsletter, you will see extremely high contrast colors along with top notch quality of graphics that looks simply stunning and grabs the attention of onlookers.

eMAG Newsletter

11. Icon Inc

This newsletter design goes well with their tagline “Your Creative Partner”. Further it brings a very innovative approach towards newsletter designs.

Icon Inc

12. Dress Up Diana

This newsletter design perfectly defines the nature of this collage like newsletter design, and this newsletter fits well on the adage ‘A picture worth thousands words’.

Dress Up Diana

13. Sephora

This is a magnificently designed newsletter for advertising beauty products. The use of excellent graphics and color contrast helps in making this newsletter more appealing and stylish.


14. Paul Frank Industries

Here you will notice excellent use of graphics that will grab the attention to their flat rate shipping.

Paul Frank Industries

15. IrelandHotels

With a magnificent look at Ireland accompanied by the essential details on going, there is adequate creativity in this newsletter to attract potential tourists to look into the hotel for their next trip for sure.


16. Pizza

This newsletter design showcases a yummy and delicious pizza on the plain background which is sufficient enough to fascinate the onlookers.


17. Apple

This newsletter brings imaginative use of beautiful graphics into play along with many iPhones that are placed in the shape of a heart in order to embody the love that we all have for the device.


18. Bing

This newsletter demonstrates what Bing has introduced in the world of the internet. This newsletter invites its users to discover what is popular on Bing.


19. Miche Bag

This is a well suited template deign for a newsletter that offers exciting deals through newsletter

Miche Bag

20. MapMyRide.com

The tempting graphics and captivating tagline are the important components of this newsletter design that mainly focuses on the excitement of cycling.


21. Splinter Cell

Here the newsletter design is slightly more stylish as compared to other ordinary newsletter designs. The use of black and white colors is quite interesting and makes a distinction between different segments.

Splinter Cell

22. East London Design Show

The color theme of this newsletter is really comforting and delicate. The whole newsletter design has been given a very natural and well accepted look,

East London Design Show

23. Glasshouse

Yet another great example of using black or dark colors to create a strong impression and grab the attention of the audience.


24. Nike

We can define this newsletter template as being simple, un-cluttered and fresh newsletter design with delicate and nice color combination.


25. Cafe Diario

Tremendously simple and fresh design for a newsletter without too much graphical components being overstuffed in the design. The content of this newsletter is presented against the plain background giving it a very professional look.

Cafe Diario

26. Steve and Co

The designer effectively has created a very natural and lovely newsletter design for Steve and Co that not only gives you a revitalizing feeling but also is pleasing to eyes.

Steve and Co

27. One is enough

No more added graphical elements are used in this newsletter design rather the designer only takes advantage of nice typography to draw the difference between different elements.

One is enough

28. Look Hear

This creative newsletter design plays tremendously fine with the color handling that makes this newsletter design visually tempting and appealing.

Look Hear

29. District Dining

District Dining newsletter design is simple, uncomplicated and has been designed with the concept of minimalism.

District Dining

30. The Beast Magazine

Yet another excellent example of employing soft and delicate colors while making a strong notion.

The Beast Magazine

31. Appstrakt

Rather unique color contrast you will notice in this newsletter design. The designer has blended grey, yellow, black and white extremely well in a single design.


32. Webfit

This innovative newsletter design has been created by keeping the target audience and their expectations in mind and this is the reason why it effectively grabs the attention of the potential customers.


33. MarketSpace

Another beautiful example of the combination of creativity and skills that can be seen in this newsletter design that sets itself apart from others.


34. Big Cartel

Big Cartel design is comparatively different and unique from other newsletter designs as it has been designed with an extreme creative mind. The concept of this design

Big Cartel

35. Sprowt’s

This creatively designed newsletter template is one of those templates that grabs the onlooker’s attention at the first glance and inform them about the subject of the newsletter in a very concise and engaging manner.


36. Chris Assaad

Chris Assaad makes use of fresh and energizing colors to distinguish the design of their newsletter from the others and creating a powerful first impression.

Chris Assaad

37. Hard Rock

Another best example of the black newsletter design that looks simply stunning, eye-catching and highly appealing.

Stampin Up

38. Unica

This design is somewhat simple and designed on the concept of minimalism. A beautifully designed and neat design.

39. Namesco

This interesting newsletter design is an excellent example of acquiring loads of information into a small space concurrently keeping the whole thing de-cluttered as well as user-friendly.


40. Sioux Chief Patriot

This particular template plays quite well with the eye catching color combination that makes this newsletter design visually appealing and soothing.

Sioux Chief Patriot

41. Lands End, Email Marketing

In this newsletter design, you will see how the designer has used a very simple concept in an extremely creative and innovative way.




  1. Joan M

    I have a B2B background, but to me the bulk of these, while graphically/visually appealing, aren’t really newsletters. They are email ads. I view newsletters as information vehicles that provide tidbits and/or valuable information. Then they lead readers into shopping mode.

    Just my 10 cents.

  2. Fabio Montone

    I like to do this kind of work and have some in my portfolio. Nice references. Of course work on It’s techinical side is borring, but the art is so cool. Nice works!

  3. Hareesh Soorya

    I recently read an article “How Google Search Plus Your World Will Impact SEO” in which the importance of email promotions has been said and your designs for email marketing are pretty good and will be gaining more importance soon

  4. There is a little doubt that newsletters are important tool for any serious business – but, boy, are they pain in the … to make! You are forced to use tables, inline css… all the relics from the dark ages of the internet

    • I couldn’t agree more with you Dusan! They really are a huge pain in the &*^%$. Using tables? For gods sake it is 2012 people! When will they ever get those email clients up to date?