30 iOS Apps You Should Have This Year


As a designer, developer or a freelancer, we always look for those tools that can make our work easier. No doubt these kinds of tools are installed in our laptops and desktops, but what will you do when you are on-the-go and want to edit a couple of lines to the code? Or you saw an idea that you want to capture instantaneously?

This is the time when an iOS device comes in handy you. iOS, as we all know, is an operating system manufactured by Apple Inc. used in mobile devices. Although iOS apps have to face a lot of competition with the free Android apps, still, iPhone is considered the first choice for designers.

Why iOs is the preferred system:

  • It’s about the whole design
  • Think about the functionality

It doesn’t matter if you want to sketch on the move, or you are looking for a perfect app to help you out in your daily routine. You can use iOS apps to manage your projects, time and money for you.

To make your search easy, we have collected 30 iOS apps that you shouldn’t miss out as a designer, developer or freelancer.

1. Layers


It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced iPhone artist or a creative user that loves to sketch, this app is all you need.

  • This is a natural media painting app designed for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • It has everything you need to be creative on-the-go.
  • The app is available for US$4.99.

2. Cellica Database for iPad (Database Viewer Plus)


This is a very powerful and easy app that allows you to view and update your Windows-based database such as tables, views, queries and the likes.

  • It has the ability to sync with complex database software like Oracle, SQL server, etc.
  • The app is free to download.

3. Photochop – Chop Up and Distort Your Photos


With this app, you can break-up your photos into tiles then nudge, scale, rotate and delete the tiles to create an artistic photo collages.

  • You can also change faces through its wrap mode feature.
  • Save your files and share them with everyone.
  • The app can be downloaded in US$0.99.

4. Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas

Replace your pen and paper with a huge virtual canvas, customizable brushes, and pressure sensitive stylus support.

  • It allows you to draw free-form vector illustrations from anywhere.
  • This is a free app for your iOS devices.

5. Picerty


With Picerty, you can create amazing compositions from your phone.

  • Select images, and combine them in a 3×3 grid of squares or even circles with a range of filters and images editing options.
  • Once finished, you can share you work on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.
  • The app can be freely downloaded from the iTunes.

6. Utility Network for iOS

Utility Network

This is a very useful app for your server needs.

  • It allows you to quickly find information regarding your network.
  • You can see information about internal and external IP, network name, gateway address, subnet mask and DNS addresses.
  • You can easily ping your website server from anywhere.
  • The app is free to download.

7. TapNotes Free – Meeting Recorder


This is a very handy tool for everyone who is using iOS.

  • TapNotes allows you to quickly record audio and take notes right away.
  • There is no need to play back hours of audio to find important points.
  • You can simply tag recordings on the go.
  • The app is available to download for free through iTunes.

8. FTP On The Go

FTP On The Go

With FTP On The Go, you can fix your website and view all the files on your FTP server from any location.

  • Don’t worry if you are not in office and have to edit a file, or have to view a document on the server. Use FTP app to it for you.
  • The app is available to download in US$2.99.

9. 30/30


This is a free app to manage your daily tasks.

  • Just set-up a list of tasks, and the length of time for each task.
  • Once you start the timer, it will tell you when to move on the next task.
  • You can control the task with simple and natural gestures.

10. Quicklytics – Google Analytics App


This app offers you the simplest and fastest way to check your Google Analytics account.

  • You can check the visits of your websites in a simple dashboard style in a matter of seconds.
  • It can support unlimited Google Analytics accounts and unlimited sites per account.
  • This app can be purchased for US$7.99.

11. Evernote


Evernote is a very handy app for everyone. With this free app, you can remember everything across all your devices.

  • You can stay save your ideas, deadline times, important lines, etc.
  • It allows you to take notes, and capture photos or even record voice reminders for your important projects.

12. GoDaddy GoMobile

GoDaddy GoMobile

This free app allows you to build a mobile-friendly website from your iPhone in few minutes. It has a very easy way of creating a website, simply:

  • Choose a design from the catalogue.
  • Customize your website
  • Rely on responsive design
  • Help customers contact you with its built-in tools
  • Add social sharing buttons.
  • Create a brand-new domain name or use existing one
  • Build and preview your site

The whole process is totally free until you are ready to go live.

13. Skype for iPhone


Skype is a free app for your iPhone. It is one of the most used apps in freelancing.

  • You can voice or video call on Skype with your partners around the country or even the world.
  • You can also perform video conferences and chatting with your friends, colleagues and clients.

14. Designers HQ

Designers HQ

Designers HQ is a resource website that provides resources from different blogging websites around the Internet.

  • You can find tutorials, tips, tricks, and more free stuff through this app.
  • From a web designer to a developer, everyone can get some ideas through this app.
  • It is free to download from iTunes.

15. Palettes


Plattes is a very powerful and free app for creating and maintaining color palettes.

  • You can create color schemes anywhere at any time.
  • You can grab colors from any photograph, website, or add colors to them using built-in color models.

16. LiveView


LiveView is a remote screen viewing app designed to help designers creating graphics mobile applications.

  • It is also very useful for creating quick and dirty simulations, demos, and experience prototypes.
  • Whether you are a visual designer, an interaction designer, this app is for you.
  • You can download the app for free.

17. WhatTheFont


This app has some great features to share. If you see a font style on a magazine ad, poster, or on the website and want to know which font is it, use WhatTheFont.

  • It has the ability to identify that font in seconds for you.
  • The app is free to download.

18. Blux Camera Pro

Blux Camera

This app has just about every feature that a photographer or a designer needs. It has many features, including:

  • PEAR technology
  • Customizable Photographic tools
  • Real-time Photo Adjustment
  • Detailed Photographic Information
  • Imaginative User Interference

The app is available to download for USD $0.99.

19. MyPrice


MyPrice is a must app for freelancers.

  • It helps you to calculate how much to charge per worked hour or by project according to the characteristics your job will have.
  • You can also calculate your costs according to your professional background experience.
  • You can purchase the app for US$1.99.

20. iBillTo


This is a very useful app to track your clients, their billing rates, and the hours which you worked on any particular project. Many of its features include:

  • Create multiple Clients, Projects, Rates and Expenses
  • Run real-time reports on your entries
  • Edit any entry right from reporting screen

The app can be purchased for US$0.99.

21. Developer’s Tool Kit

Developer's Tool Kit

This app is for all the start-up developers, and programmers.

  • It helps you to make your calculations in an easy way.
  • Find a color, and have access to exotic characters for your ROFLcopter artwork and for your work web development.
  • This app can be purchased from the iTunes in US$2.99.

22. Webr


This is a free app that lets you create, publish and edit dynamic websites from your iPhone.

  • It is perfect for creating your business websites, writing blogs or simply sharing your photos.
  • It is very simple and easy to use and requires no special skills of coding..

23. CoffeeScript At Once

CoffeeScript At Once

This app provides you a simple web development environment straight to your iPhone.

  • It makes JavaScript very easy to use.
  • You can also use external library like jQuery and Processing.
  • You can edit HTML, CSS, and JS (only one file per project).

The app can be downloaded for free.

24. Ruler


Now turn your iPhone to an accurate ruler in a single touch.

  • Measure any object by placing it on your device screen or simply put next to it.
  • Moving each line limiter one after another will give you the most accurate measurement of that object.
  • You can download the app for free.

25. The Typography Manual

The Typography Manual

This app is a pocket resource for designers who work with type characters.

  • It provides you all the essentials of a book reference on your iOS device.
  • It includes all the information that you require about type and how to properly set text and special characters.
  • The app can be purchased in US$3.99.

26. Concept Maker

Concept Maker

This is one of the most advanced tools for creativity that you will find in App Store.

  • It has been designed to assist you in your creative processes.
  • Whenever you need ideas or concepts for advertising or any other creative industry, use Concept Maker.
  • The app is available to download for US$1.99.

27. iFreelancer


This is a free app for all the freelancers. You can search for jobs from anywhere you like. You can choose what job category you want to see. Many of its features include:

  • Check for projects from Elance, Odesk, Freelancer, etc.
  • Send push notification to you about any available job
  • Bookmark favorite projects

28. iDesign


With iDesign, you can make professional quality designs, illustrations and technical drawings on-the-go.

  • You can draw accurately without your fingers blocking the view.
  • It is a complete precise 2D vector drawing and design for your iOS device.
  • It is available on iTunes for US$7.99

29. WordPress


This app makes it very easy to manage your WordPress blog or site directly from your iOS device.

  • You can moderate comments, create or edit posts and pages, view stats, and even add images or videos.
  • It is completely free to download.

30. Twitter


Who doesn’t know about Twitter? With this app, you can connect with people, express your work, and discover more about designing through following top designers and developers. Get inspired. Be social.

  • You can also send private messages to your friends.
  • This is free app that you can download from iTunes.

Wrapping it up

This was my list for the 30 iOS apps that you shouldn’t miss. When it comes to work, there is nothing better than laptops and desktops. But when it comes to working on-the-go, these  iOS apps will help you out.

Do you have any app that you use for working but I have missed here? Or there is any app that shouldn’t be in the list? Please share your thoughts about it in the below comment section. I would love to hear it!