How To Create Great Typographic Wallpaper In Photoshop


This tutorial will teach you how to create a really interesting and unique typographic wallpaper in few easy steps. Even a beginner will be able to recreate this effect, and add their own style and thought in it; I am sure you will enjoy and learn a lot from this tutorial! You will learn how to create good looking background, add lightning effects and work with fonts, sizes, colors to make the necessary places stand out! Let’s get started!

Step 1 – Creating background

First, open a blank document with size 1920×1200 pixels. Fill the background with color #242424. Duplicate the background layer and name it Film grain. Then go to Filter – Artistic – Film Grain. Apply settings shown below.


Set layer opacity to 50%. So far your wallpaper should look like this.


Step 2 – Lightning

Create a new layer and name it Lighting. Then select the Radial Gradient Tool with black and white color.


Draw the gradient as shown below.


Set layer to Overlay and opacity to 55%. You should have something like this.


Step 3 – Adding Brushes

Download Adys grunge brushes, create new layer and brush around a little bit. Set layer opacity to 15%. Download Concrete texture, place it in your document and set it to Overlay and opacity to 10%.


Step 4 – Creating Main Text

Download BEBAS font, create a new layer and type your text. I chose 350 pt size with smooth mode. Color really doesn’t matter. Name layer PEACE.


Step 5 – Add Background Text – Important Step

Lower your text opacity to around 15%. Create a new group (Layer – New – Group) and name it Words. Create new type layers in this group and start typing. Try to use different fonts and sizes. Try to avoid large spaces between words. The fonts I used:






Step 6 – Creating effect

When you’re done duplicate your Words group (Layer – Duplicate Group) and merge it (Ctrl+E). Make invisible your unmerged Words group. Find your large text layer (in my case it’s PEACE), hold CTRL (Command on mac) and click on layers thumbnail. That should load it’s selection.


Then click on your merged words layer and press Ctrl+J. If you make invisible your merged Words layer (and unmerged Words group is still invisible) you should get something like this.


Step 7 – Create Background Text Effect

Make merged Words layer visible again and apply following layer style.


Set layers opacity to 30%.


Then duplicate merged Words layer and place it under merged Words layer. Then go to Filter – Blur – Motion Blur and apply following settings.


Set layer opacity to 15%.


Add text under your title if you want.


Step 8 – Final touches

Locate your PEACE text layer and lower its opacity to 4%.


Create new layer, go to Image – Apply Image, then go to Filter – Render – Lightning Effects and apply following settings.


Set layers opacity to 30%, and we’re done. I also added a gradient map to one of the letter layers. Here’s final result. Click to enlarge.


Download wallpaper (various sizes):

You can download *.psd version as well here! Enjoy!



  1. nandan

    one word – AWESOME!! thanks a lot! its so simple… used it to make a t-shirt design.. came out really well.. thanks a lot!

  2. Alexsh09

    Supeer wonderful tutorials !!
    At first, it’s very hard for me to understand the step 6, but after a million times, I already realize that the problem is my common sense ! hahaha THANK YOU !! :D

  3. Joseph

    Thank you for this! I did not do it on Photoshop but I wrote out in sharp bubble letters with eraseable pen, wrote in the inside of the lines then erased the lines! WaaLaa!! I have typography on paper via pen :D

  4. Erick

    I just want to thank you for the tutorial. It has helped me a lot.

    Thanks! You are the best!

  5. in_awe

    As a complete beginner, I tried all the logical places to change the background color but all failed to do so. I have been unable to find instruction on the web that allow me to change the background color in CS5 without creating layers or running scripts, etc. Why is it so difficult to do?

  6. Hey this is going to sound stupid. But when i try the third step my gradient is too big for the piece. When i try the linear it looks alot similar to the example but still way to big.


  7. Jamie

    I don’t understand this bit:

    “When you’re done duplicate your words group (Layer – Duplicate Group) and merge it (Ctrl+E). Make invisible your unmerged words group. Find your large text layer (in my case it’s PEACE), hold CTRL (Command on mac) and click on layers thumbnail. That should load it’s selection.”

    When I click Ctrl and then the large text layer I don’t get the selection around it.

    • Ah, I’m no expert, but if you’ll notice the very little thumbnail beside the layer, that’s what you’d have to click. CTRL+ click on the little thumbnail of the layer, it should select the whole selection of the image of that layer.

    • Trishia Rivas

      I did not understand it at first either, so what I did was create a new Group and move all my words by dragging them into the group folder (I’m sure there’s an easier way). Then I double clicked and duplicated the group and moved them around with my cursor. Hope that helped.

    • Amber

      When you figure it out let me know. I dont understand the Duplicate..and layer thumbnail step….help help

  8. Ben

    Awesome! Finally, I know now how it is done. It’s pretty simple for a fantastic design, really. Thanks for sharing this!

  9. Nick

    When I press Control J it just duplicates the layer. It doesnt look like the picture. Please help

    • mark

      have you made your words layer invisible? (u can do that by pressing that eye button located left of the layer)

  10. Jerry

    I’m an instructor at a local college and one of my students used the technique above to create a very beautiful piece… The piece was so spectacular that it was entered into a contest and won “best of show.” My question is, if my student used this technique to create his own design, and it looks similar to the one used in this tutorial, would that be considered a “copyright breach?”

    • Hi, I am not an expert when it comes to copyright, but I believe it would not an issue. Although it would be good if your student add a little tweak on it, since there are lots of tutorials that teaches people design techniques, it won’t hurt to merge two or more. Again, I don’t see any problem with it when it comes to copyright..nobody owns it anyway.

  11. Martin

    Tip: To make it go fast, type alot of words first, then use the marquee tool to cut out one word at a time, then, once a word is marked press and hold CTRL/CMD and move the marked word to where you want it and continue like this with all words! :)

  12. Farrah

    I am having a problem with this step. Once I press Ctrl + J and then make B and C invisible only the large text layer with no small text is showing in my letters. I am using a MAC and Photoshop CS3.

  13. I Loved the tutorial. I tried to do but yours it’s better so far. Well, I’m a beginner, but someday I’ll do something like this. Congratulations, it’s awesome. Kisses from Brasil ;*

  14. Rosie Curtis

    Heya I tried this and it went really well so thanks a lottt!
    However at the end when you added text underneath what font did you use?

  15. Roland

    Like Tea, I’m stuck at the step: Then click on your merged words layer and press Ctrl+J. If you make invisible your merged words layer (and unmerged words group is still invisible) you should get something like this.
    If I click Ctrl+J I get a new layer… but the next step doesn’t look like the picture.

    PS: I have a MAc so instead of Ctrl I use CMD.

    • Daniel

      So you have your big text layer -A
      You have group with all small text layers in it – B
      You have merged duplicate of this group – C
      CMD+ Click on A
      Click on C
      Press CTRL+J
      Make invisible B and C
      You should have something like in picture.

      • Craig Hull

        This doesn’t work for me. In which order should the layers be? Or does that not matter?

  16. Felix

    This is just great! I love the effects applied on the text. I want it for my logo. Wow!

  17. I tried it, worked just fine. But I tried to change font-size to 300 and use more letters, that didn’t work well, as the letters are too small to be really filled be small words, only bits and pieces flying around. Font-sizes are key to the design of this background concept.

  18. Nick Walker

    Amazing Tutorial! I bookmarked this site after about a second of seeing it. Bloody brilliant!

    You, mate, are awesome! Thankyou!

  19. Sam Davis

    DUDE. Amazing tutorial!!! i love it, probably the best one i have EVER done! and this is the first comment i have ever posted on a tutorial! so i’d feel pretty special if i were you haha! TY

  20. Luis Lopez

    Great tutorial, I think is a really awesome the way you use to create the main word.

  21. Really nice tutorial, I would recommend adding some depth to the plain though. The text just seems blunt off the bat.

    Adding some lighting and depth could produce a warm and comfy outcome.

    Keep up the good work none the less.


  22. I’ve always wanted to create a type-based design such as this, but never had the time or chance. Great inspiration! I will be creating something like this the moment I get a chance. Thanks! :)

  23. Christina

    It realy great, Danels! You’re good! Love your post and waiting other! Thanks a lot!!! Good luck! :)