Learn How To Master Your Typing Skills: 9 Resources


title-learn This article is not really design related, but if Your job demands You to work with computer, then I am sure You will evaluate this information and sites. I listed all of the resources in order to let You check You typing speed, read the basics and then get Your hands dirty ( well just literally) through many exercises, lessons and different typing games. Just don’t give up, train regularly to get results. You can even compete with other typers to find out how good are You comparing to others! Good luck!

1.See how fast You can type!

At first just check Your skills – test Your typing speed just typing the text in the list. You can see my results, with 5 typing mistakes, 70,5 words per minute and 295,8 characters per minute. Check out how good are You!


2. A Guide To Typing Basics

Now I found this great article to get the basics and recommendations, how to type faster. Check this out before starting.


3. MyTypeSpeed

At this place You can learn how to type faster – starting from beginning – you learn how to position your hands on the keyboard and using the first five keys that a typer should learn: A,S,D, and F, and backspace until very advanced techniques – 8 lessons together. Also You can participate later in typing challenges with other users like You!


4. TypingWeb

Just signup – and You can train Your skills there completely for free. Only software You’ll ever need to learn to type fast and accurately – and this is one of the places where You can learn it!  Choose different skill levels and even content You write while practicing is engaging to keep things interested.


5. Keybr

Good looking typing software, unfortunately to get chart, custom text or text from website/blog, You must purchase premium account for 7$. Anyway as designer myself I loved this clean and light design an how letters are going black or red giving You clear overview about Your speed, errors and gives satisfaction. I surely recommend this one!


6. Fingerjig Typing Game

Fingerjig is a 6 minute game that tests your typing ability. Words are randomly chosen from a dictionary of over 70,000. You must try to type the words as quickly and accurately as you can! This game gives strange satisfaction feeling with cute design, based on flash with nice animation effects while typing.


7. Speedtest

Check out how many words and characters You can type per minute. Also scroll down and read the article learning how to decide for yourself which keyboard supports you typing the best.



8. QWERTY warriors

If You want to get more fun out of learning process, You can try this game – “shoot” the enemies typing their name, detonate them, get Your health back – I couldn’t stop playing this one for a while, game keeps forcing You to type faster and shoot more and more enemies! Fun and training – 2 in 1!


9. Typeracer

Huh, and maybe You know – I like to save the best resources to the end..:) Are You ready for competing online with other typers? I couldn’t stop playing this for an hour – I was so excited to get the first place and stay better writing real texts from movies, books, shows etc. and it’s really exciting. After the race check Your place, speed ( words per minute) and register to see all Your previous “races” and compare Your skill improvement. Return to this resource regularly and be master. My best race for now is 72 wpm and average speed is 64 wpm. Huh, sounds pretty exciting am I right? And how good are You? If this game is too hard for You then just go to previous resources and learn from the basics and don’t stop until You get master typing grade ( comparing to this game – You are megaracer if You type at least 55+ words per minute.



And now I cant wait to see Your results in the comments! This could be pretty interesting!!

Also if You know more cool games or resources to help us improve our typing skills – please share with us improving our community!



  1. Teresa Schultz

    I came across two free online typing speed test games on StumbleUpon the other day – they were great fun, and I see I’ve really slipped up on speed typing since my school days. It’s great that there are tips and games that can help one improve (or recapture) their typing speed nowadays – where were these things when I was younger?? :)

  2. Thanks for responses, my brother was obsessed with learning and improving his typing, so I took interest there too! :)

    @Kikolani :D sounds like fun, typeracer is something similar, yeah, but there is no time to look at cars – must be obsessed with writing :))

  3. hey there I just came across your list via technorati and I wanted to suggest an addition:

    The Keyboard Playground has over 10 original typing games to use as keyboarding practice, check it out for some more game options.

    Alexs last blog post : Falling Words