The Secret Of Learning Web Design And Getting Paid While Doing So


Are you a Web Designer or a person who wants to learn Web Design?

I would like to know why you want to learn Web Design!

Some people like to create great designs and become popular while others will choose it as their career and method of income.

What is yours?

Now I am going to tell you something that will make you popular, make you earn money online, and learn web design at the same time.  A 3-in-1 method. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

You must be expecting me to talk about some web design techniques in this article. But I’ll be talking about something completely different which is not a common technique of learning web design.

Do you have any clue about it?

Writing is the 3-in-1 method that I was talking about. I can guarantee that most readers will lose interest just after I said writing. Few unique personalities will take the challenge and turn this opportunity into a career in web design that anyone can dream of.

10 Quality Words Equals 1 Dollar

Keep reading and by the end of this article you will have all it needs to learn web design and earn online at the same time.

Why Are People so Afraid of Writing

Most people will consider writing as a very boring job. Others might be afraid about the language barrier since not much non-native English speaking designers are fluent in English.

If you choose the right path, you will quickly figure out that it’s one of the more exciting jobs being a writer about web design. If language is your problem, keep reading popular web sites and you will definitely improve your English.

Do You Need Web Design Knowledge to Write?

I would say yes and no.

On one hand you should have basic knowledge of at least HTML and CSS (check our free ultimate training course) to write something, and on the other hand you can start by writing the problems you face as a startup designer in learning.

Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.
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So get things moving by writing on the problems you faced in learning web design. Readers will provide similar experiences and experts will guide you to get started on web design.

Choose a topic which interests you most and read as many articles, tutorials, books on the topic as you can. Figure out the missing aspects of the topic in those tutorials and create an article discussing and explaining those aspects.

When you take stuff from one writer it’s plagiarism; but when you take it from many writers, it’s research.
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So Am I asking you to copy other peoples content?

Definitely No. Don’t steal.

Instead, do proper research, pick up the least explained areas, mix it with something new and practical to create a unique tutorial.

The secret of good writing is to say an old thing in a new way or to say a new thing in an old way
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Now you know how to get started on writing. Next I’ll explain how to learn web design, then I will show you how to mix the two.

How to Learn Web Design and Keep Improving

There are thousands of free tutorials to learn web design online. Read and understand the concepts by following the practical examples.

Do You Have the Skill to Learn Quickly?

Most people underestimate themselves. You always have more capabilities than you think you have. Practice helps improve your skills in anything. So put the things you learn into practice by creating various types of designs.

Writing Makes You a Better Learner and Designer

You might be wondering how writing relates to improving your web design skills. It certainly improves your skills at great pace.

Most of you will read a book, article, watch a video or take classes and follow instructions as the method of learning.

Hence we only get to know what the person who teach knows or what we require to complete our project. We never learn the whole concept.

In writing, we can’t just focus on a specific portion of a design topic. We should have a clear understanding and confidence about the topic we are writing. Otherwise we won’t be able to answer the queries by the readers. Hence, we tend to do lots of research before writing on any topic.

So More Research = More Experience = More Knowledge

I can guarantee the results of writing as a web designer since I didn’t have much of a design knowledge when I started. Now I have sound knowledge in the latest web design trends and I’m confident about creating designs using latest technologies and writing about them.

Writing About Web Design can Change Your Life

Now knowing the importance of learning web design and writing, you can combine both to become a successful designer.

People who have very good skills in both web design and writing are very hard to find. Hence others in similar positions will see you as the experts of their profession standing out from the rest.

If you have web development skills to go with both design and writing, it becomes unique and highly noted in your profession.

How to Find Web Design Topics to Write

You can find it everywhere online. Read as many articles as you can and the topics will keep coming to your head. Here are some of the methods I use for finding article ideas.

  • Twitter
    Search for people who share links to quality and unique articles and follow them. All web design blogs have good Twitter profiles. You can follow 1stWebdesigner on Twitter as well, which is one of the most active profiles I follow.
    1stWebDesigner Twitter Profile
  • Stackoverflow
    Find the latest questions in any specific area to create new articles.
    Stackoverflow Latest Questions
  • Google Trends
    Select a specific keyword related to web design topic and find the trending keywords for that topic. Create articles based on trending keywords to improve your SEO.
    Google Trends Keyword Research

Can You Earn Money Online? How Much?

It depends on the effort and time spent on writing and creating designs. There is no fixed income in writing. It can be considered as both advantage and disadvantage. On one hand your earnings increases as your writing improves. On the other hand, you cannot always write same number of articles every month since you have to depend upon approvals of editors and scheduling of articles.

Earlier I used “10 Quality Words Equals 1 Dollar”. What does it mean?

In tutorial writing on web design, normally there is no pay per word method. It depends on quality, time, and importance of the topic.

Copywriting Infographic - How Much Should an Online Article Cost?

Like this infographic? Get more online marketing tips from Expand2Web.

Considering the experience I have, we can earn 1 USD per 10 words on average. A 1,500 word article gives you 150 USD. Given that your learning curve for new topics is very short, it is possible to write 6-7 tutorials per month while just working part time.

1,000 USD Per Month While Learning

Ok now this figure might not impress everyone. Just remember this is the start. Once you make a name online by improving your reputation, the income increases leaps and bounds. Take a look at this opportunity provided by one of the biggest network of sites.

Writing on Web Design

Once you have chosen a topic and completed your research you will be tempted to write about the theories you just learned. Never write something that you haven’t practiced.

Instead, think about a practical application of the theory and write about it. You don’t need to know everything about the topic to write such article. Let’s assume you just learned about CSS animations. Create a cool CSS animation and write a tutorial on how to create such animations.

Once you practice the concept and get enough experience, move on to writing theoretical aspects of CSS animations.

Additional Benefits of Writing on Web Design

In the beginning you get to learn web design and earn very good income. Is that All?

This is just the start.

There are much more amazing things coming your way. I have heard of many additional benefits of writing. But I’ll share what I have personally experienced in my writing career.

  • Freelancing Opportunities. Writing helps you increase your reputation as a web designer. Millions of people will be reading your articles. So there is every chance you might get freelancing design projects if you can create awesome design tutorials.
  • Writing Opportunities. When you write for popular blogs, everyone will consider you as an expert of the field. So there will be lot of potential clients who are willing to pay you to write for their websites or company blogs. Never think about the amount paid for an article. You will get higher rates with experience.

    An advantage of this kind of writing is that you can decide the payment rate instead of writing on a fixed rate.
  • Marketing Yourself for Free. It’s difficult for new blogs to get high traffic. Even if you have great content and great products, no one will probably notice. But if you write on popular blogs, people will find you and visit your website through your author profile. So, you can market your site for free and sell your own products since you have a good reputation. Selling themes is the most productive method as a designer.
  • Writing Books. E-books are very popular and you can make lots of money out of them. Once you have enough experience, you can write e-books on design-related concepts. Also, book publishers will contact you to write even printed books if you have good reputation and writing skills.

These are some of the benefits I have got writing online. there are plenty of other opportunities you can create as a Web Designer + Writer.

You have reached this far, spending your valuable time reading this article and willing to start as a writer on web design. When you started, you didn’t have any clue about what you will get at the end.

You will definitely have lots of questions. So feel free to clear your concerns by asking me using the comments section.

Best of luck for the next generation of awesome writers on web design.



  1. Arwa

    Learning first thought came in my mind to make web designing my career and came across this article
    Reading and understand don’t know how and where to start form


  2. The technique that you have suggested to learn web design is unique and I think it’s a great way of staying up to date with the latest design tools and resources. Although I know that not many web designers would enjoy writing, it will motivate them to read and research on the subject.

    • Hi Ronald

      Thank you very much for your interest in my article.

      Writing is definitely a good technique to stay upto date with latest technologies as most popular blogs looks for articles on latest and innovative technologies.

      So are you a web designer who is willing to take on writing ?

  3. Afton Haley


    I am Afton, a webmaster by profession just like you. I came across your blog
    while looking for some material for my site. I must say, you have done exemplary work on your blog. I would like to make you a business offer.
    I am principally interested in buying a number blogposts on your blog.
    Let me know if you would like to hear more of this.

    Warm regards,

    • Welcome Afton, thank you for kind comment! And I am not interested in selling any blog posts on my own blog. Your money will be better spent by hiring writer and creating content yourself, first time hearing anybody wants to buy already published content :)

  4. tom delay

    This one is so good post ! i really like it ! but i dont know the starting, where to write ?

    • Yeah I think that’s the one thing that is missing. I’d say you’d probably want to start up your own blog somewhere and just start writing. After you’ve got some posts under your belt, perhaps venture out and look at guest blogging opportunities on other sites.

      • Hi Jake

        Thanks for taking time to comment and providing answer for Tom’s question.

        The process you explained should be the one to follow for any beginner in writing. I would like to know whether you have experience on in writing on web design?

    • Hi Tom

      Thanks for your interest and taking time to comment.

      First task is to create your own blog. There you have the freedom to write anything you want. Never think you dont have experience. Just write whatever you feel as accurate as possible. If someone says your article contents are not accurate, then change the article according to the correct guidelines.

      Once you have enough experience you can move into righting on popular blogs. Let me know further questions.

  5. I was looking from your blog and i found here a lot of great articles, but this is more than inspirational.
    Thanks for the ideeas presented, but at the first look of the title, i was expecting to find a tutorial about how to combine great colors and how to add nice shapes and cool drawings or pictures to a website, but this is bigger…maybe it’s about that old “think big” thing?
    Great work!

    • Hello Adrian

      Thank you very much for your interest in my article.

      As you mentioned its not something directly on designing. Ideas is bigger than that. I have been writing for almost 2 years. But I understood the real power of writing few months back when i started writing for 1stwebdesigner.

      It changed my life as a designer, developer and a writer. I am glad that you understood the whole concept and hope you can be successful with these techniques too.

      Let us know what you would like to see more on 1stwebdesigner.

  6. Nice blog post! The key to web design and development is to remain a sponge in this continuously changing industry, learn as much as possible, and optimize, optimize, optimize. Writing definitely goes hand in hand with web development. It’s important to write unique and relative content as much as possible but it does not service if your website does not work in harmony. There are so many aspects of a website that need to work together to achieve success. The fact is that 86% of consumers are searching for local business online. This is a significant amount of people.

    • Hello Adam

      Thank you very much for you interest and great suggestions.

      As an experienced person, what do think we need to be creating here in 1stwebdesigner in order to provide more value to readers?

      Let me know.

  7. Great Article, it inspired me very well. With over 8 years of experience in HTML5,CSS3, EXTJS and javascript, I didn’t realize writing is useful in these many ways. Liked this article. Will try to write well researched articles on some of the technologies i know. Thanks for this article.

    • Hi Sanjeeva

      I am glad you enjoyed my article. Writing is certainly something most developers are not interested in doing. But I can guarantee that its worth writing articles not only for getting paid, also for learning purposes.

      Having such experience you can easily create quality articles. Let us know I might be able to help you get started on writing.

    • Hello Andy

      Good to know that you liked the article. Thanks for sharing the article on twitter.

      Let me know what do you expect to see from 1stwebdesigner in the upcoming tutorials.


  8. auto

    PHP and Javascript is definitely something worth learning even as designers to provide custom functionality. You can make money with HTML and CSs only. But its better to work on Javascript to improve your designs so that you can make more money by creating quality tutorials.

    Let me know if you have more concerns.


  9. Kashif Siddiqui

    Hi Rakhita

    As usual, Today I strated reading and seraching for best tutorials and articles for my girlfriend (i.e. web design and development), and read your article on my favourate learning point (, I entitled myself as “Knowledge in All But Expert in None”, :-) but still on a right career path. I simply “Salute” you for this mind opening article that guides web newbies to find their right learning target with earning income opportunities, I want you to share some ‘step by step’ guideline like where to start blog and what is ‘traffic getting” topics and your own experience.Thanks again.
    Kashif Siddiqui

    • Hi Kashif

      Thanks for your interest in my article.

      I would definitely consider your requests on future posts since readers are the most important people to us. 1stwebdesigner is focused on providing quality content for the beginners of web design at the moment.

      So what do you want to see related to web design topics?

  10. Abdul Rahman

    Hello Rakhita Nimesh,
    I agree with your points, its a great idea to start writing about web design and earn money through the learning phase but I guess in the initial phases it would be a good idea to start a personal blog and share our writings and experiences there, once our knowledge matures we can start writing for some big magazines and design websites converting our writings into money as well as attracting potential clients through our articles.

    • Hello Abdul

      Thanks for your suggestions.

      Good point you made and I definitely agree with you on the suggestions. It’s always good to write on your own blog and get more experience. But the problem is most people wants to earn the money in the easy way by trying to write for money from beginning. Unless they have previous experience they want be successful in trying to write for popular blogs.

      As you mentioned we can get more opportunities for paid writing and potential clients if can transfer the experience in our own blog to those popular sites.

      So are you designer or writer? we would like to hear about your experiences in this fields. Let us know.

  11. Paula

    Hi Rakhitha,
    Your article caught my attention and gave me confidence that I’m not wasting my time learning web design. I’m starting a new life and, hopefully, a new career at 52. I already know enough HTML and CSS to create a simple brochure website, but in the next few months I’m going to become an expert. My initial goal, inspired by Spence’s article “The Business of Freelance Design Using WordPress” was to understand WordPress’ inner workings, be able to make custom modifications, and maybe even design my own themes. You opened my eyes to other possibilities. I have a few questions. I’m quite a good writer, slow, but I believe I’ll get much faster with experience. I think I have a good taste and good sense of what looks right. I’m not artistic, however, and know nothing about Photoshop. The most I can do is some image modification and editing in Firefox. Should I learn Photoshop? Should I learn any programming language such as PHP or JavaScript? Can I make any money as a writer or web designer just with HTML and CSS?

    • Hello Paula

      Definitely age is not a barrier to learning and writing. I wish you success.

      WordPress is definitely going to play a vital part in future web design. Skills in wordpress enables us to creating complete web sites for clients without depending on developers or designers. So you are heading in the right direction.

      You might be experience in writing. So can you share few posts you have written so we can know more about your writing.

      Learning photoshop is something you should decide. It is not mandatory for web design. Personally I dont have any knowledge in photoshop. I focus on design and development stuff. Its good if you have time for that.

      PHP and Javascript is definitely something worth learning even as designers to provide custom functionality. You can make money with HTML and CSs only. But its better to work on Javascript to improve your designs so that you can make more money by creating quality tutorials.

      Let me know if you have more concerns.


    • Abdul-Rafay Shaikh

      hello Rakhita nimesh,
      first of all great post i am following You from now on :D but the reason i am replying as i may say commenting here is because of Paula if she see’s this reply i am going to share something as she said in her reply she knows HTML and CSS i would like to tell her about Microsoft virtual academy specially relating to the new windows 8 app development using HTML 5 and CSS3 and javascript and they are also offering free certification u can still use it to refresh your HTML and CSS i am gonna copy paste the rest

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      How to get Free Microsoft HTML5 with Java Script and CSS3 (70-480) Certification:

      • Click below link to visit Prometric registration page:
      • Select : Pakistan —> Client : Microsoft —> Program : Microsoft(070,071,074,….)
      • Then select 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 at a testing center near you.
      • Use the voucher code HTMLMPN or HTMLJMP to get the free exam. Pass, and you’ll be well on your way to joining the community of elite MCSD developers.

      i have enrolled already my test is due on 9th feb :D hope i helped and best of luck

  12. All the designs here you shared with us are good, I have designed a range of print media like brochures, business cards, booklets, posters and more for a range of clients. I am making an update with my graphic design.

  13. Marimuthukumar

    I read your article, found it very interesting and useful. I have two years of experience in web development. But I am interested to become a freelance writer on writing articles about web design and development. Now I have many questions on my mind. How can I start it? Where can I write articles and how can I keep my writings getting popular and getting paid for it?

    • Hello Marimuthukumar

      Great to know that you liked my article.

      First task is to create your own blog and write some posts. You can choose a free blogging service. Then write on something which you love most. After getting experience you can move onto paid writing on popular sites.

      Just start with some blog posts and let me know so that I can guide you to become a writer with high pay rates.


  14. Great post ! After learning how to use WordPress from writing about i am going to try this with web design to see if i get the same results as i know that this method is a good way to learn stuff such as web design in fun way :)
    Thanks for the share.

    • Hello Phil

      Thank you very much for the complement.

      Since you already have success in this method you should have some tips to share with our readers. Your site is impressive and I think you will get success in web design as well.

      Any tips for beginners?

  15. Christian

    I read this article til the end, and as I read “Selling themes is the most productive method as a designer” I felt like I was doing the right thing. (Before reading this article I wasn’t sure wheter to continue developing my own theme or not :)
    Here’s a screenshot, of an very early build of my responsive, HTML5 WP theme (High5)
    I would love to hear from you if you like it and if you could give me some secret pro-tips :)
    Keep it up,
    ~ Christian

    • Hello Chiristian

      Thank you for the comment.

      Your site looks good for a start. I would like to see completed version before suggesting anything. Developing your own theme is necessary for every designer and also you can convert it to making good money as well.

  16. Susan

    Hello Rakhitha,

    Your Ariticle’ve inspired me a lot. Thank you for all the tips and ideas you share with us. Is there any simple way for a beginner like me who know nothing about HTML and CSS? cause I want to practise the idea of writing on webdesign quickly. Meanwhile, will it be useful if I use this idea in non-English speaking country particularly, like China?
    Thank you for all your support.

    • Hello Susan

      Thank you very much for your interest. I like your attitude.

      I think you should at least get knowledge of HTML and CSS for writing on webdesign. Also you can write on latest design trends, latest technologies as a collection articles by doing some research.

      But the thing is it will not improve your knowledge. So I think you should look for the hard way if you are planning to be a good writer.

      I haven’t written any non-english posts. so I cant provide much of an advice. I have heard that china uses their language for most of the things. So it might be worth trying.

      If you are writing non-english articles, you should definitely have to target specific audience since you cant go globally without English.

      Let me know if you have more questions.

  17. femi

    i sincerely appreciate this article. I think I will start writing on anything from now no matter how boring it is.

  18. santosh

    Hello Nimesh,

    Good article,I am a beginner of web designing, Please let me know how to learn web designing???

    • Hello Santosh

      Thank you very much for your interest in my article.

      As a beginner you should learn Html and CSS first. I think reading a book will be the easiest way. Then we can guide you through rest of the process.

      Also make sure to check 1stwebdesigner regularly since we are planning to create a guide with lot of resources for beginners.

  19. Roach

    As been a freelance writer myself I know the true demand for articles. Everyone wants to buy them (even if they are for a small price) and you can earn a nice bit of extra pocket money from this sort of idea. I personally do not know how to design but I know that the design tutorials that I have seen have been very popular and is therefore worth getting into. Selling them sort of articles can fetch a lot of money in the long run. As long as you have experience from either guest writing or something else then you can sell new articles based on designing for a lot of money.

    • Hello Roach

      Thank you very much for your ideas and its great to know someone with similar experience in writing.

      As you mentioned there is huge demand for quality articles and not many writers to write such articles. Hope this will people to get started.

      What do you write on?

      • Roach

        I write full time for free on the website link from my name for experience. Otherwise I sell my gigs across any micro job site or forum I can like DigitalPoint, Fiverr, Top Admin and more.

          • May micro job sites allow you to sell your gigs (article writing services) for money so yes. I suggest you try out things like Fiverr to seel articles.

  20. Nicholas

    Hi Rakhita,

    I am web developer with designing skill and spent nearly 10 years in this profession. And these days i am also thinking of writing articles on webdesign and the knowledge i have but i always have this confusion where to start and what to write… i think this this is highest time for me to start writing it. If possible do support me …


    • Hi Nicholas

      As a web developer you have an added advantage over other. Certainly you can be successful at writing.

      First you should write few articles for your own blog. Topic can be whatever you love. Then I can help you with writing on more popular sites.

      Let me know how it goes.

  21. Writing and web design are two things I’d love to do. As the old saying goes “You wouldn’t have to work for the rest of your life if you found your passion,” and this article inspire me to keep on learning and aiming for my goal.

    Thank you for this inspiring post. I definitely have to spring it (springpad) and keep it in my “inspirational posts” notebook.

    • Hello Punrun

      I am glad that you enjoyed my article and added to your inspirational posts list.

      Are you a web designer ? Planning to write ?

      Let me know so that we can share our experiences

  22. nishant

    great article… but here’s a little confusion for me..i know design part but my intrest is to do just HTML and CSS.. and i don’t know exactly from where i shud start.
    Give me suggestion if u can.
    Thanku :)

  23. emulation

    Outsourcing software service will save the time and stress of hiring a new person to your staff, and obviously also save a few time and money that can go to lowering your cost or increasing the wages of the staff you already employ. After the boom that was seen in companies that were outsourcing software servicing really took hold, the fabric of how the world economy is going to work when it comes to software development really changed for the better.

  24. Wilson

    I was thinking of writing about something but, didn’t even know what. Since I’m always reading webdesign articles and practice what I read; I think this is a great way to start writing.


    Thanks a lot.

  25. Nice, you wrote an article about writing – I love it!
    Jokes a side, this informed me a bit more on the perks and possibilities of writing. I’ve browsed a few writers websites and noticed some pricey blog posts were offered.


    • Hello Aadil

      Thanks for your interest in my article.

      There are various websites with different pay rates for articles and tutorials. First we have to make good writing profile before contacting those sites.

      So are you planning to get started on writing ?

  26. Certainly good and very long article. I think everybody should find own way in web design learning. The curve is very long and there is always space for improvement. I personally started more than a decade ago and since than, a lot of things have changed in web design, however I used to have good background in graphic design and animation already.

    • Hello Carl

      Its great to know that experienced web designers like you are reading these article.
      Are you writing about web design ?
      What kind of article do you like to see on 1stwebdesigner ?

      Thank you very much.

  27. too good site and brilliant content, it is nothing hard to learn about web design after reading your tutorials. I think newbies can start like studying in school from this place. I appreciate your great contribution to web design to make the learning easier. I really like this place and much impressed from articles here.

    • Hello

      Thank you very much for the compliment.

      We are always looking forward to provide great articles for the beginners. So what do you expect to see more on 1stWebdesigner ?

  28. Hello Rakhitha,
    First of all Id’ like to give you my congratulations on your article. I´m not a web designer, I´m only a young Spanish entrepreneur that started with a little online store five months ago, but this blog is helping me so much to understand the web design and to improve (bit by bit) my store.
    Your initiative is excellent.
    Best regards,

    • Hello Miguel

      Thank you very much for your interest in my article.

      Great hear that people other than web designers and developers are reading 1stwebdesigner as well. I think if you can keep following 1stwd articles and tutorials, you will soon become a web designer.

      So what topics do you like to be published on 1stwebdesigner ?

    • Hello Miguel

      Thank you very much for your interest in my article.

      What was the motivation for learning web design ?

      Are these articles on 1stwebdesigner helping you in your learning ? Let us know so that we can provide more improvements in the future.

      • Hi Rakhitha,

        I have a lot of interest in web design because I am software developer. My objective is to have 2 or 3 online stores and ocasionally develop webpages for other people.

        Most of the articles in 1stwebdesigner helped me in my learning, for example after this article I started to play google trends (I didn’t know this tool) and I’ll rewrite part of my webpage incorporating new keywords in descriptions who will help customers to find my store. Also the method you talked about can be applicable to my store “if my content is original and if I can show that I’m an expert in my products, my store will be better rated”.
        Also I liked an article about ways of promoting webpages.

  29. I write a lot on different topics, usually for the websites of my clients. One things that I have learned so far is that writing does increase your knowledge. Its like the same old saying that if you need to memories something instantly, write it, and you’ll never forget it for at least a few days :)

    • Hello Shoaib

      It definitely is one of the most easiest ways to lean something.

      So where do you write ? I would like to know the type of topics you are interested in learning or teaching.

      Thank you very much

  30. Thank for this post, i don’t get bored when i’m reading your articles, lots of good information you have shared. I am a new blogger, struggling in writing quality content. I do more research in terms of SEO.

    • Hello Reymund

      Thank you very much for the compliment. All your ideas and suggestions really motivates me to writing more quality articles.

      So what do you blog about ?

      SEO is essential part of writing. there may be lots of other strategies to improve SEO apart from the things I mentioned. What do you like to learn form 1stwebdesigner ?

  31. Luiz Santos

    I really enjoyed this article. Thanks for never failing to inspire people, I feel really optimistic about this career. As I’m a web developer for a semiconductor company. Writing about a web designer’s experience in such environment or any different field will be quite interesting and a challenge for me. Thanks again. :)

    • Hello Luiz

      Thank you very much.

      Writing is something you definitely need to try as a developer. As a developer you can find hundreds of topics to write about.

      So are you planning to start writing ? Let me know, maybe I can help you on that.

      • Luiz

        Yeah, im really determined to start writing. Thank you so much for your response. What can I start with as a beginner?

        • Hi Luiz

          I would suggest you to write a tutorial of creating something with HTML and CSS. Write a tutorial that explains designing of a complete web page from scratch with latest design techniques or something that combines a javascript library to provide unique effect.

          You can read my other tutorials to get an idea about how i started writing.

          Let me know if you have further questions.


  32. That, s greate article i am getting confidence from this article. Beginner lable webdesigner should to knowledge about CSS& HTML. I have already do that anybody can fllow my webblog.

    • Hello Shakir

      It interesting that you blog name starts with 1stwebdesigner too :).

      Are you familiar with writing articles and tutorials on webdesign ?
      What do you like to learn from 1stwebdesigner as a established designer ?

      Thank you very much

  33. Hello Enquilo

    I am trying to find your E-book with no success up to now. :(

    Podcasts and watching films are another great ways of improving English. Something I have missed to mention in my article.

    Thanks for suggesting those strategies.

  34. Martin

    I have been offered the opportunity to write for a very famous webdesignersblog (name starts with a w and ends with pot :-)) but I am a bit uncertain as to the payment. I mean I can write good, comprehensive articles, but they offer to pay me $.10 per word rounded to $25.

    This sounds very low to me. Any comments on this?

    • Hello Martin

      The offer you have got is very low compared to the opportunities I had. But if you don’t have previous experience in writing on popular websites, I would suggest you start writing even at this low rate.

      First you have to show you skills to the world. Best way is to write on popular blogs with huge traffic. I have done writing for free at the beginning. Once you build your reputation, you can write for better websites with higher rates.
      Once you have experience you can even work on your own rates.

      Let me know if you have more concerns


      • Martin

        Hello Rakhita,

        You’re probably right. I’ll gain some experience in writing articles in English (I have only written in Dutch and German) and I also get my name out there. In the long run I can always discuss new prices. For now, I will leave it where it is and just enjoy the opportunity I am given :-).

        Thanks for the advice!

        • Hi Martin

          You are welcome and I am glad that I was able to guide someone in the right direction.

          I think you should grab that opportunity and enjoy writing. With time you will get better in English and clients will follow you asking you to write on their websites :)

          Let me know about the success of your writing in the future.

  35. Yeah! i am having a hard time working on my grammar since english isn’t my first language otherwise i get paid high because of my SEO optimised articles that ranks
    i am into learning desing to make some nice infographics & that is why i am here

  36. Vijay

    Its educative and interesting! Thanks for giving out such wonderful tips. Good to read such an article on the day start.

    I have few question. More than web design, am comfortable in writing on personal finance. I can spend around 10-15 hours per week. Now, to establish myself as a good content writer, how long its good to keep writing freely? In total how much time it may take to earn 1000USD per month?

    • Hello Vijay

      Thank you very much for your interest in my article. It really helps me motivate to write more.

      We can earn good money by writing on web design and development techniques. Personally I don’t know how writers are get paid for topics like personal finance and whether paid sites are available for such topics.

      In the beginning it will take at least 40 hours per week to make 1000 USD given that you have great skills in writing. With experience you can definitely reduce the time needed to earn 1000 USD.

      I hope it helps. Please let me know if you have further concerns.

      • Vijay

        Hello Nimesh,
        Thanks for the quick reply. Am a guy from commerce background. I dont know ABC of coding/web development. Still, will it be a good idea to venture into web design? If yes, from where to start? how many hours it may take to gain a moderate level of knowledge on an average learning curve?

        • Hi Vijay

          If you really love to become a web designer I think you can give it a try. You dont need previous knowledge. But as someone who dont have the basic knowledge it will take considerable time to learn web design.

          First you have to find some HTML and CSS tutorials and get started. Number of hours cannot be estimated since it depends on your skills of learning something new.

          Try basics of HTML and see how it goes. Then I might be able to help you with the right direction.

  37. saif

    Great Article. Bro Can you tell how to learn advanced English because I want to write a good article

    • Hello Saif

      I am not a big fan of learning theories. Instead I prefer learning something by doing it my self using practical examples. So I cannot recommend a way to learn advanced English. I am learning advanced English just by reading articles with advanced English.

      Feel free to ask if you have more questions.


  38. leemidi

    Rakhitha – nicely composed piece of prose…
    Great guide & tips for new or just beginning bloggers.
    I like the clean style & format you chose for display
    as well. Overall, I’d give this article a 9+ on a scale
    of 1 to 10. I’d like to include it (with a link-back to you)
    on a blog on Website Design Help I’m putting together.
    I’ll send you a link to the post & if it’s cool – publish it.
    thanks so much – great job keep it up! -leemidi

    • Hello Leemidi

      Thank you very much for your interest in my article. 9+ out of 10 is awesome :)

      I didnt get you regarding the publishing post with a back link. Can you please explain ?

  39. Hello verpixelt

    Thank you very much for taking time to share your experiences.

    I had the same problem as you did. I am not a native English speaker or writer. Best way to learn English is by reading. I subscribed to 20-25 Design and development blogs and read all the articles and tutorials. Now English is not a very big problem in writing. I suggest you to do the same.

    I have read lots of books on design and development but not in writing. Following are the blogs I used to improve my writing. I hope you find it helpful.

    Let me know if you have more questions.

  40. Really enjoyed this article, even someone who is English can struggle with writing just because they may not be so familiar with putting down their thoughts on paper… I think if you keep writing you develop better writing skills.

    • Hello Jake

      Very good suggestion.

      Even I have seen experts in web design struggle to put their thoughts in meaningful order when it comes to writing.

      We can do great designs. But we should also have great skills in writing to teach how to do such designs in step by step manner.

      Thats something I didn’t talk much in this article. Maybe I’ll talk more in an article on writing.

      As you mentioned definitely we are going to improve in writing with experience.

      Thanks for your ideas.

  41. Harry

    Thats my first read of 1stwebdesigner discussion. All discussed stuff makes lots of sense and is not found usually in other blogs and websites. You WRITE well. I wanna give 1stwebdesigner a go with their seemed to be useful tips and will surely comeback after commiting ‘em all.

    • Hello Harry

      Thank you very much for taking your valuable time to visit 1stwebdesigner and read my article.

      I have been a fan of 1stwebdesigner for almost 2 years and I can guarantee that they provide unique and trending content.

      I hope you become a regular reader of 1stwebdesigner articles and tutorials.


  42. rwood

    Fantastic article! I never would have put the two things together, but it does make sense. I am more excited to try this out, especially as I am finishing up my first blog page. Thanks!

    • Hello rwood

      Thank you very much for the interest in my article.

      Writing + Design is defnitely something unique which leads you to rapid success. You definitely try this out if you are interested in writing.

      By the way What do you write on ? Are you a Web Designer ?

      • rwood

        I am a beginning web designer as I recently graduated with a BS in Graphic Design. I plan on writing about things that I learn , interesting articles and tuorials I may find- and as you suggested creating tutorials of my own with skills I have mastered. What I have written about has just been things for friends/family in the beginning but I am finishing up the design and layout of my blog page and will soon be live :)

  43. “Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.”

    I can really relate to this phrase. Because when I learned about how to make money online, I discovered blogging from nothing and eventually learn the concepts and skills as I do it everyday. I became a blogging addict. And though I am not good at native English writing, I still keep reading and time passed by that my grammar keeps on improving everyday.

    I am glad that I decided to study web design and other related stuffs. Thanks to Team Treehouse 2-Year Scholarship. I got the chance to learn these stuffs and soon, I will be writing about it.

    – Felix Albutra

  44. This is an excellent article! It’s definitely we as a web designer needs to take into consideration. Since it will introduce new opportunities.

      • Well when it comes to writing I have only written one small free ebook related to HTML/CSS for beginners (29 pages). But I do plan to write more ebooks. Regarding to that I would need to work on my grammar since I still lack in that area and having a good grammar would attract more peoples as well.

        But it’s really something that I will definitely delve more in to.

        • Hi Enquilo

          Writing E-books is a great way to improve your skills. Is your ebook available to read or download for free ?

          Definitely improving the grammar and words you use will make a huge impact to the final outcome.

          Let us know how you are planning to improve your writing skills.


          • Hello Rakhitha,

            Yes, I do have the ebook available for free on deviant art. Which can be found in my tutorial section. As far when it comes to improving my grammar I plan to do it by reading books, listening to podcasts, movies, news, blogs.

            A website that I started to dedicate my time on to is englishleap. I was also considering starting with Rosetta Stone but I do not have the finance to go to such extent yet.

            Although if there is any other advisable media’s to learn English grammar than that would be great as well.

  45. “Nobody likes that” – meaning 5$ articles in your infographics – well, hundreds of writers raking thousands in sales at Fiverr beg to differ. Thought, I personally haven’t seen quotes calculated in words, only in symbols/letters so far. Average Fiverr article is 5$ per 400-600 letters (including punctuation). And it’s extremely heavy to start earning anything even for that price…
    Also, it’s interesting to note that in non-English copy-write market 5$ per 500 letters is an unreachable highly price. I worked in an international travel agency’s branch in Russia – their parent company has over 10,000 employees worldwide – they needed copy for their website and were willing to pay 1,2$ for 1000 letters NOT including punctuation and spaces.

    • Hello EL

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

      Most of the writers get paid very low amounts. You have mentioned that 5$ per 400-600 letter article. I believe thats definitely on the lower range. If we are willing to spend time and do proper research , we can definitely earn upto 1Dollar per 10 words.

  46. kimoas

    This is a great article, hopefully this article can make people more creative and useful for many people.

    • Hello Kimoas

      I am also hoping that this article helps people to learn web design through writing and provide better articles to the beginners in web design.

      Thank you very much.

  47. All the tips are really useful. In a very busy schedule, i took some time to write new and helpful articles for my reader. It helps me to choose a trendy topic to write. Thanks.

    • Hello Yogendra

      You have a very good blog with lot of interesting topics. I am adding it to my feed reader. Keep up the good work.

      Feel free to share your own experiences in writing and making money through web design.

      Thank you.

  48. First of all thank you for this article. I’ve started writing a few weeks ago on my personal blog For me as German its a challenge to write in good english. So my question is could you recommend any book/e-book to increase my knowledge in writing?
    Cheers and keep the good things up!

    • Find an English grammar text book from a college. All the basics are covered there, plus some more advanced concepts. If you go to Amazon or Google it you can even find them for a 1/3 of the cost. Not to mention any of these “learn English writing” books are only mostly fluff with a “how to” stuck in them. ;)

      *chuckles* Thankfully German and English (especially American English) are closely related in a lot of ways, with a lot of similar words. :) I’m trying to learn German myself! Best of Luck!

    • Hello verpixelt

      Thank you very much for taking time to share your experiences.

      I had the same problem as you did. I am not a native English speaker or writer. Best way to learn English is by reading. I subscribed to 20-25 Design and development blogs and read all the articles and tutorials. Now English is not a very big problem in writing. I suggest you to do the same.

      I have read lots of books on design and development but not in writing. Following are the blogs I used to improve my writing. I hope you find it helpful.

      Let me know if you have more questions.