Revolutionize The Way You Manage Multiple WordPress Sites With ManageWP


Ever wondered how people manage multiple WordPress sites and still get things done at the end of the day? I know people who have over five WordPress blogs, one with even more than twenty! Imagine the pain of logging in and out of every site,  just to update plugins, write posts or approve comments. That, my friend, is hell on Earth.

Keep reading, as we are going to show you how to manage and maintain one hundred or more WordPress websites without breaking a sweat.

In this post:

  • Manage your WordPress blogs from a central dashboard
  • Leverage ManageWP to earn more money as a designer or developer
  • Receive a 30% lifetime discount for ManageWP
  • A Special Deal just for our loyal readers

So, What’s ManageWP?

ManageWP is a service that provides access to several WordPress sites from one dashboard, eliminating the need to log in to each site to update plugins, themes, add new users, write posts, or anything else you normally do on a single WordPress installation.

Below is the screenshot of the central dashboard where you can add up to 10 websites for free.

Plugin and Theme Management

Look above and suppose you have ten websites to manage on a daily basis. Heaven on Earth, you get to maintain all of them with just one click! I have only added one website, and as you can see above there’s an “Update All” button that you can click to update every website you have added.


You can schedule your backups and have them saved directly to Dropbox, Amazon S3, or your very own server with just a few clicks.

Installing and Cloning 

ManageWP also helps users to install new WordPress installations, or even clone ones, with just a “woosh” and done. So easy to create iterations of your favorite client designs!

Bulk Posting

Bulk posting? Yes, bulk posting! Posting content to several websites, be it for announcement or something else, will prove to be a daunting task without ManageWP, right? With the bulk posting feature you can select websites you want to post your great content onto.


Since you will be trusting several of your websites (with admin control, mind you) to ManageWP, security is a TOP priority.

ManageWP is well-integrated with that helps fix and scan for malware and other harmful elements that may be inflicted on your website. ManageWP also prides itself with a state-of-the-art security system that will definitely give you peace of mind, knowing that your security is handled with great importance.

SEO Analysis and Keyword Ranking

There are a lot of great SEO plugins out there and Keyword tools, and it would be great if something similar is on ManageWP. Actually, there is, and you will trouble yourself no longer with paid SEO analysis tools and keyword tools. ManageWP has all of this.

See How ManageWP Works [35 minute video]

This is a step-by-step video review, so if you are serious about ManageWP then I highly suggest finding time to watch it.

Have an Idea Brewing Inside of You?

Here’s an Interview with Vladimir Prelovac, CEO and founder of ManageWP

Q: Could you share some of your tips/business principles for others out there willing to make a successful startup?

There are a couple of principles that I believe will make any startup’s journey easier:

First is that you need to have a cool product, one that you strongly believe in and you will want to use on your own. This also makes it so much easier to justify putting most, if not all, of your own time, money, and heart into it. You have to realize that there will be many hurdles along the way, as with all things in life, so you better have an idea of what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Second is to launch the beta as soon as possible. This allows you to start listening to your users and getting feedback. They will give great ideas on how to improve your product… for free!

Third is to not create a startup that relies on external funding to succeed. We are completely bootstrapped, which most likely forced us to create a significantly better product than we might have if we were basking in investment money. It motivates you to perform.

Fourth is the speed — making efforts to optimize your application and interface like crazy. Users have never been as impatient as they are today. Also, intuitiveness: the less the users needs to think, the better. You really need to watch other people use your product. You will be surprised by what you will discover.

Do the above things, and people will be drawn to your efforts and will help you to succeed.

December, 2011

Okay, it is a given that 99% of WordPress website owners will try ManageWP.

Warning, Special Offer: But let’s make it even more interesting, shall we?

  • What if we were able to provide you with two turnkey WordPress sites that had the themes of your choice, all custom plugins installed and setup, and sample data.Hosted and ready to use?
  • What if those were connected to ManageWP at a lifetime discount of 30% over retail?
  • What if we included an eleven video detailed course on how to create animated videos for your clients, as well as the latest three e-books about responsive design, HTML5, and web trends?

If you had this package, and we showed you how to earn 10x the cost of this package…would you be interested?

We have created this amazing new site called LabZip where our mission is to “Stop Designer Poverty”.  We are extremely passionate about helping designers to build and monetize WordPress sites for themselves or their clients, without having to expend the time or resources to locate all the components or expertise. Instead,  we provide you with everything you need, in one place, hosted and ready to use. Themes, Plugins, Custom Code, Accessories, Tutorial Videos, and Support. You will now be able to launch features and functionality that were never before easy or accessible for a designer. Imagine how you can expand your client business by offering E-commerce, Support Forums, Social Networking, CMS, and much much more… while still delivering your own gorgeous designs and artistic vision!

Here’s how it works, using the points Vladimir Prelovac outlined:

  1. You already have that idea growing inside you, and deep down you know that your product(s) is cool, that the world needs to see it as soon as possible, but you might fear the hurdles of venturing away from your daily routine, right? Our promise is that you won’t need to totally change your routine just to make that dream of yours come true. Why? Because we’ll take care of it.
  2. Launch the beta as soon as possible. A lot of people takes this very seriously, because once that desire to actually do something different is stalled, the passion might wane and it might never see the light of day for a long time. Just as I have told you a minute ago, you can start it right now with our help.
  3. Getting started with that cool idea won’t cost you $50 with our help. I am dead serious.
  4. With our library of gorgeous themes and ultra cool plugins, you can build almost anything that you want from an ecommerce site up to a social networking website and many more.

Want to Earn More?

We invite you to take advantage of all that we have to offer at For our 1stwebdesigner readers, we have put together an incredible bundle with ManageWP that provides you the keys to success. Please do not miss this opportunity. Click the button below to see how you can change your light (literally) overnight and monetize your designer talent.



  1. Bharat Chowdary

    At present I’m using manageWP in trial mode, will buy a subscription soon. It just an awesome service to manage all your blogs at one place.

  2. What’s the benefit of ManageWP over WordPressMU? Can ManageWP run in a WordPress network? What’s the cost of ManageWP and is it a yearly license?

    • Hi David,
      I believe ManageWP is no longer in active development. To compare, ManageWP will surely have better support that even the average joe can use it. Plugin and themes management, scheduled backups, and a lot more.

      You can purchase subscription either monthly or yearly, and like anything else you’d get a much better deal with the yearly subscription.

      ManageWP works for multisite networks.