How To Manage Your Time Like A Pro: Tools For Web Designers


#EspressoMonday Episode Nr.18

How Do You Manage Your Time Like a Pro?

One of the most common struggles not only of web designers, but also of freelance professionals, is time management. This becomes even more complicated and difficult when you are working with a team. How do you manage all these projects along with communicating with your clients and teammates?

Before we tackle some of the most helpful productivity tools, let’s get some espresso down our throats and take a dive into our topic.

As the workplace becomes more unconventional because of the new developments in technology, freelancers and web design professionals have more opportunities to find work from anywhere in the world as well as flexible working hours. While this gives you more time to pursue things other than work, it has also become a scourge for time management. Suddenly, a lot of web design professionals have difficulty handling the new freedom of not having a boss and the flexibility of time. Therefore, stress isn’t eliminated because the same problems and new ones arise.

Helpful Productivity Tools for Web Designers

As a web design professional, you don’t have to undergo such torture and stress when there are apps and tools which can help you become more productive and more efficient. Here, we have gathered some of the best around the web and you can choose one or more to implement in your practice.


Balsamiq (

1. Balsamiq

This is a rapid wire framing tool which lets you to create mock-ups allowing you to remove which are unnecessary and bad in your design.


Marvel (

2. Marvel

Similar to Balsamiq, Marvel allows you to create web and mobile prototypes without having to code.


Usersnap (

3. Usersnap

Usersnap is a visual bug tracker which does not only track bugs, but also tests your browser and allows you to collaborate with clients and colleagues.


Concept inbox (

4. Concept inbox

Concept inbox allows visual collaboration among creatives and their clients. You can track your changes and prototypes as well as discuss designs using this tool.

proto (

5. lets you create high fidelity prototypes that are fully interactive. Like Marvel, you don’t have to code to use this.


Framebench (

6. Framebench

Framebench allows remote teams to collaborate, communicate, and give feedback in real time.


Prevue (

7. Prevue

Prevue allows designers to easily share their designs with their clients.

TrackDuck (

8. TrackDuck

TrackDuck is a feedback app which allows you to receive feedback from your clients easily.


UsersThink (


UsersThink is a great tool to get feedback from real users. Most of all, it allows you how to have higher conversions on your landing pages.


daPulse (

10. daPulse

It’s a collaboration app which allows you and your team manage and track projects and deadlines.


uiFaces (

11. uiFaces

uiFaces allows you to search and generate sample avatars for user interfaces.


Random Thing Generator (

12. Random Thing Generator

This is the tool if you are looking for random things, places, and names.


You can try some of these different productivity tools to improve you and your teams workflow. You can also communicate with your clients. Most of them have a free trial so you can try them before making a commitment.

Have a happy #EspressoMonday.



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    Great tools!
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