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Part of web working is being a part of social networking sites. Let’s face it, some days these sites are just a pain in the neck to keep up with. Sure you may have a great conversation going on Twitter or Google+, but what about that landing page you should be creating for your eagerly waiting (and paying) client? can help you manage your social networking conversations more efficiently so you can mix some pleasure into your business.

How can make you more productive

The most basic reason you will be more productive using is, you won’t need to hop all over the web from sites to site answering a tweet here or reply to a comment on a blog thread there. Everything is done from a single inbox.

Being that you aren’t going off to the site to reply to messages, you are less likely to get distracted by what other people are doing. Think of it like looking at your email while offline. You can see what you need to attend to, but you can’t get any new messages to distract your flow.

Setting up

You will need to make an account. The process is pretty easy, you need to pick a username, enter in an email address and a password. Once you are in, you need to grant access to all of the sites you have accounts for.

The most popular sites are available.

Using to manage your messages and replies

Like I mentioned earlier, is kind of like an email program. Most likely, you will spend a good chunk of your time in the Inbox. The Inbox is really no different than your Gmail inbox. You can see all of your recent messages and can reply to the messages. See how this is less distracting already?

When you open your your inbox you will see unread messages just like your email inbox. If you grow tired of a thread, you can mute the particular thread or even the site. When you mute something, the data is still collected but does’t show up unless  you unmute the site or comment thread.

Other parts if

There are other parts of this web-app you may spend some time looking through. First off is your Contacts list. This contact list is a little different than what you may be used to. It isn’t a list you just add in everyone you want to talk to. This contacts list is only people you engage with.

This may seem a bit strange to some. But really, do you honestly need to import all of your Facebook friends, Twitter followers and everyone in all of the Linkedin Groups you belong to? Nope, you just need to manage the conversations you are currently involved in. That’s why you have limited contacts. If you want to add more people to your contacts list, you need to talk to more people.

If you are on, how can you tell quickly who you are talking to the most? You really can’t accurately tell can you? The Dashboard will be able to see that. The dashboard is kind of an analytics for your engagement. When you are looking around here you will see how many times you talked to your contacts and the top sites you comment on.

One of the coolest features of the Dashboard is how you can see where your contacts are commenting and their comments. You will also see a list of their top sites. If you find that someone who is an acquaintance who you want to know better is commenting frequently on a site, you can also comment there more. Being in the same places more often will liken the chance they will open an email you send them.

Pros and Cons of Using


  • The most popular social networks are included.
  • Everything you need to manage existing conversations is all in one place.
  • Comments are searchable and can be shared.
  • It’s easy to see who you communicate with the most and where else they are commenting.


  • You are limited to a single account per social network.
  • There is no option to start a new conversation with an existing contact.

Final thoughts

When you are using an application to manage your social networking messages versus managing your profiles there are differences that may seem like you aren’t doing much. Let me ask you this question. If you shut off the television and read a book, do you feel like you should be doing something else too? Just because there isn’t the constant bombardment of information doesn’t mean you aren’t spending your time well.

How do you manage all of the conversations on your social networking sites?



  1. Roberth

    Másmore social networking buttons to adorn our website but put it slower. But finally, are a good source of visitors, so although it is good to try.

  2.’s simplicity has led me to put it in front of a few of my clients who generate the majority of their traffic via social networks, all of whom have saved valuable hours over the course of a working week.

  3. Todd

    I like the UI and layout of Engagio, but if you only get to use one single profile – it’s that kind of a striking limitation when you compare it to something as robust and mature as Hootsuite? There isn’t anything “must have” that would make me even want to try using it (when compared to Hootsuite). Wouldn’t that be their #1 competitor?

    • William Mougayar

      Actually, we’re not in competition with HootSuite. Engagio’s focus is online/social engagement and commenting. Only when there’s a reply or a mention of you, will you see a message in your Inbox. If you are more interested in focusing on the top tier of your interactions, then Engagio is for you. Also, Engagio reveals the people behind these conversations, which HootSuite doesn’t.

  4. Norman

    I have actually been using for a time now, and I love it! I get a lot of messages on the diffent sites, and it just makes it easier :)